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Draft Your Introduction

Define Key Terms or Subjects

You may want to provide a definition of terms or subjects within your paper. Avoid dictionary definitions. Instead, provide an expanded or limited definition that works within the context of your paper. One situation where you may choose to use this technique is if you’re discussing abstract terms (i.e. joy, love, hope) or if you are using difficult terminology.

Friendship: something so obvious and common that we rarely give it thought. What exactly is this thing we call friendship? Aristotle, in Book VIII of his Nicomachean Ethics, defines a hierarchy of sorts for friendship. Aristotle says three kinds of friendship exist: friendships of utility; friendships of pleasure; and friendships that are perfect between individuals “who are good and alike in virtue.” By using Aristotle’s hierarchy, we can consider the theme of friendship in the Sumerian poem: The Epic of Gilgamesh.