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Paragraph and Sentence Strategy:
Moving From Known (Old) Information to Unknown (New) Information

Strategy 1—Using Pronouns to Refer to the Known


The Anytown Gazette, a local newspaper, is black and white, and it circulates daily. It reaches over 50,000 readers in three counties each day. Its advertising costs are relatively low, and its readers have above-average buying power.

Notice how the writer refers to the newspaper as “it” and “its” to link the reader’s thoughts back to the topic of the paragraph. He or she has made it clear in the beginning that the newspaper is what’s being discussed. Therefore, he or she can take advantage of the fact that this is now “known” information and move on to the “new” information about the paper’s circulation, its readers, its advertising costs, and its readers’ buying power without having to mention the newspaper’s name in every single sentence.


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