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Global Revision


Revising a research paper globally involves looking at the “bigger picture.” It requires you to take a step back and look at the paper as a whole rather than look at the paper at the sentence level. When making global revisions, you should make sure that the paper includes a thesis statement. You must also check for cohesion among the paper’s different sections. There are some helpful strategies you can use when you are at this stage of the paper-writing process.

By using the techniques explained above, you should be successful at making global revisions to your work. At this stage, sentence-level issues should not be dwelled upon too much. Of course, if there are some recurring matters that may hinder readers’ ability to understand the paper’s meaning, then these matters should indeed be addressed as soon as possible. However, the most important thing for you to remember during global revising is that if the paper makes logical sense from afar, it may be ready for the next step in the revision process.


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