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Information Resources

Information Resources (Handouts)

The Student Success Center provides a number of instructional handouts that may assist you with both your academic and professional writing. The handouts are organized into various groups or "centers," including

Business and Professional Communication: This information resource center features handouts on issues encountered in practical business communication, especially written communication. It provides examples, explanations, and guidelines for writing messages to audiences inside and outside the organization. Additionally, this information resource center can help you conduct a successful job search. It contains information on presenting yourself in writing in the most effective way and convincing employers that you are the right person for the job. The handouts provide help with writing application letters and resumes. 

Documentation Style: If you are presenting research, this center can help you present it consistently and in a preferred style for your field of study. This information resource center contains quick guides for the two most commonly used documentation styles in academia: APA and MLA. It also includes advice about writing abstracts and using headings and content notes, among other things.

Grammar and Punctuation: If you are looking for concise, complete information about the most persistent and prevalent grammar and punctuation issues in written communication, this center can help. The handouts most often include definitions, examples, explanations, and practice exercises to allow you to check your understanding of the issues. In many cases, you can choose from a variety of practice exercises, all of which have answer keys and some of which are interactive.

English as a Foreign Language: This information resource center provides help with many of the most common English language problems encountered by non-native speakers of English. The handouts provide explanations, examples and a variety of self-check exercises.

Writing and Learning across the Curriculum: This center contains information on writing a variety of discipline-specific papers, from response papers to lab reports. Each handout details the process of preparation, provides steps in writing, explains the content and format, and offers an editing checklist for that particular kind of paper. It also contains handouts on study skills and taking essay exams.   

Writing Research Papers: The research paper information resource center walks you through the process of writing a research paper, from generating ideas to final proofreading. The handouts offer depth of explanation and attention to detail. For once, you can get concrete advice on ways to signal readers when you are using someone else’s material and when you are commenting on their material. This center can help you multiply your power and flexibility in writing the research paper.