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Subject /Verb Agreement

Exercise 2


Correct each of the following sentences by identifying its simple subject and determining whether the subject is singular or plural. To check whether you have made the correct verb choice, substitute it for singular subjects or they for plural subjects to check whether the core of the sentence agrees in number.

  1. The daredevil among the teenagers (scares, scare) most parents.
  2. The dragon or the king (wins, win) the battle.
  3. The many guidelines for the paper (causes, cause) confusion among students.
  4. One of the files (is, are) missing.
  5. The main concern of swimmers who like to snorkel and scuba dive in the islands (is, are) predatory fish.
  6. None of the protestors (was, were) arrested.
  7. The profit from owning your own car dealership and credit bureau (makes, make) you think twice before investing.
  8. Jewelers and retailers (sells, sell) the rings in January.
  9. The measles (cause, causes) high fevers in young children.
  10. There (has, have) always been a reason for doing it this way.
  11. Enthusiasm and hard work (results, result) in success.
  12. Either the wind or the waves (makes, make) that sound.
  13. The islands in the Caribbean (is, are) very busy during the height of the tourist season.
  14. The restaurants and the band (donates, donate) their services for the event.
  15. The preacher, in spite of his problems, (inspires, inspire) the congregation.
  16. There (is, are) many exhibits on display at the museum.
  17. The winds blew so strongly that parts of the home (was, were) blown away.
  18. Eleven boats in the marina (was, were) missing.
  19. Neither my garden nor my flowers (grows, grow) in December.
  20. Animals who live in that zoo (disappears, disappear) often.
  21. The walls and the window (needs, need) washing.
  22. Anyone traveling to Ireland (has, have) a long trip ahead.
  23. Each manager in the district (opens, open) the store at different hours.
  24. A copy of the documents (was, were) found in the desk.
  25. Enough of the evidence (was, were) shown to prove malice.

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