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Subject /Verb Agreement

Exercise 1


In the following exercise, underline or circle the appropriate verb.

  1. The oranges in your orchard (is, are) large this year.
  2. John, Sam, and Tom (eat, eats) with me every Sunday.
  3. A brick house with many windows (is, are) what the family wants.
  4. Mrs. Brown and her husband (wants, want) to move back to Houston.
  5. Everyone in the high school band (marches, march) to the same beat.
  6. One of the cats (has, have) six toes.
  7. The group (agrees, agree) to take action.
  8. The jury (has, have) gone separate ways.
  9. Neither the instructors nor the student (has, have) a problem with the schedule.
  10. John, as well as the Smiths, (believe, believes) the animal control laws apply to the situation.

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