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Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Exercise 4


In the paragraphs below, the pronouns have been left out. Put the appropriate pronoun or pronouns in each blank.

When the Correll brothers, Jacob and Connor, were six and five years old respectively, _______ embarked on ______ illustrious careers in the entertainment industry: ______ made ______ first movie, Godzilla vs. Bull Monster. ______ were the screenwriters and the stars. Incredibly, Jacob played a double lead as the astronaut who finds suspicious blue cells in space and as the Bull Monster. ______ performance in both roles is a good indication of the level of _______ talent. Connor played the mad, one-armed scientist who converts the blue cells into a mysterious mixture that eventually becomes the monster. _______ then goes on to rival ______ brother’s performance in _______ brilliantly created role of Godzilla.

But perhaps _____ most impressive accomplishment was _______ collaboration on the script of the film. Alternately brainstorming and acting out potential scenes, ______ worked out the story line and created the storyboard for the film. ________ contained original sketches by the two bothers depicting the major scenes of the story line. ________ also worked out the settings of the scenes and the special effects during this process. _________ turned out to be a very valuable way to work. The two brothers say _______ have a number of storyboards created for future films, mostly in the science fiction and superhero genres.

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