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Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Exercise 3


In the exercise that follows, write an appropriate pronoun in the blanks provided in each sentence.

  1. The community must provide ________ citizens with an effective means to voice _________ concerns.
  2. Everyone must have the opportunity to give __________ opinion.
  3. Whenever Tillie and Onslo remember to close ___________ mouths, ______________ discover a whole new world of pleasing sounds.
  4. My sister and __________ husband just graduated from law school last week; _________ both left the school with __________ egos intact.
  5. Neither the coaches nor Billy believed __________ good luck in scoring the winning run on a passed ball.
  6. A police officer should be aware of ___________ power as an example: ____________ should always be conscious of ______________ conduct.
  7. Each of the three sisters decided _____________ must marry on __________ birthday.
  8. The old truck lost _________ bumper about three miles ago, about the same time the handle on the door fell off.
  9. Because my dad had to work on Saturday and my mother didn’t, ________ asked ___________ to mow the lawn.
  10. A student should take care of ____________ registration fees before the semester starts.

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