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Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Exercise 2


If a sentence below contains a pronoun error, cross out the pronoun and correct the sentence.

  1. The movie Daddy Day Care didn’t live up to their potential.
  2. When a person meets up with controversy, he may decide not to pursue his line of argument.
  3. The jury took a long time deciding what it wanted for lunch.
  4. When students register for college, you should always try to do it on the first day.
  5. Measles and mumps cause their most serious problems in children under 13.
  6. Everyone wants to take his or her time in finishing the test.
  7. The board continued to ask for details; they wanted to make certain they made the right decision.
  8. Each of the programs has their issues with funding.
  9. When a student has a financial crisis, they should not forget the financial aid department.
  10. Either the girls or the boy will retain their right to advance to the state finals.
  11. The painter put his paintings up for sale on the street because he couldn’t find a gallery to show his work.
  12. A painter is sure to improve his chances of success if he puts his work in a gallery.
  13. When a loss of that magnitude occurs, you just want to cry.
  14. The congregation decided to call its new pastor.
  15. Tom and Mary want to try out their new swimming pool tomorrow.
  16. Everyone should attend to his or her own needs.
  17. Either the manager or the union will win their appeal in the court.
  18. None of the children should let go of his or her flag.
  19. The fire and the flood contributed in its own way to the closing of the town.
  20. Someone should try to find out about their grade before we all die of suspense.

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