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Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Exercise 1


Correct the following sentences by using the rules discussed in the Pronoun-Antecedent handout.

  1. Teachers should provide plenty of visual stimulation for their students; you should also provide mental stimulation.
  2. Ellen or Jane ran their car into the ditch.
  3. Chase, Daniel, and Hunter purchased his tickets early.
  4. That skater almost broke their leg.
  5. Either Jamie or Joseph will sign their contract with the league.
  6. The members of the organization are going to drive his/her cars to the banquet.
  7. A nurse should have their stethoscope handy during routine calls.
  8. A psychologist should suggest that their client seek help for depression.
  9. Everyone has his best way of approaching a situation.
  10. Baby powder will stick to a child's bottom if he is not dry when you put it on him.
  11. That musician's interpretation of the tune shows their training in jazz.
  12. They are the parent who wants to contribute their money to the charity drive.
  13. The company will explain their benefits package tomorrow.
  14. A taxpayer should pay their taxes before the end of February.
  15. An engineer will study his books to find the correct theory.
  16. Each of the candidates discussed his values and perceptions.
  17. You should place the magnolia in a vase before they dry out.
  18. The elevator fell off their cables.
  19. Taking pictures of babies is fun if he's cooperative.
  20. She promised to have the flowers delivered on time because our company spent their entire budget at her store.
  21. The audience lowers their voices when the soprano arrives.
  22. The speakers wouldn't work after its wiring sparked.
  23. Each of the three men had their coat on backward.
  24. The organization filed for bankruptcy when their stock fell below ten dollars.
  25. A woman chooses to make a statement about their appearance through the clothes they choose to wear.

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