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Exercise 3


In the exercise that follows, underline the parallel structures and re-write the sentences correctly.

  1. Ireland’s mountains are lush, green, and people find them attractive.
  2. The coast has great seafood, clean air, and the beaches are really pretty.
  3. Trevor’s eyesight causes him to squint when he reads the paper, and he has to almost close his eyes when he looks at the clock.
  4. These novels were banned in Europe during the 1940’s and they were burned during the same period.
  5. That roller coaster goes fast in the beginning, but in the last twenty seconds it slows down.
  6. Her decision to move to New York reflected her new-found independence and she had a new perspective on life.
  7. I want to learn how to fly a plane, be a captain of a yacht, and how to speak Spanish.
  8. Her critique of the play seemed innovative and to challenge us.
  9. Oliver has great taste in wines and he knows which foods are really good, too.
  10. The resort has an excellent view of the lake for tourists, a landscaped track for joggers, and a luxurious yacht for people who like to snorkel.

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