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Faulty Predication


Exercise 1


Correct the faulty predication in each of the following sentences by re-writing the sentences in the space provided. Note that there is usually more than one way to correct faulty predication.

  1. Reality television is where people who aren’t professional actors star in unscripted shows.
  2. Plastic toys don’t like to be placed in direct sunlight for too long.
  3. The graduate school said Matt’s essay was what earned Matt his fellowship.
  4. The paper said that communication between cultures is inevitable and should be fostered with concern for all parties involved.
  5. The reason I missed class yesterday is because I was involved in a car accident.
  6. A low-context culture is when its members are highly individualistic.
  7. An example of excellent cooking is the chef at the local Italian cafe.
  8. The GRE is where prospective graduate school students sit nervously and sweat for several hours.
  9. The reason I like The Beatles is because they were ahead of their time, both musically and attitudinally.
  10. The electric company cut our power off accidentally last night.

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