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Comma Usage

Exercise 1


Correct the following sentences by using the rules discussed in the Comma Use handout.

  1. Alan announced his "wedding plans", but he didn't specify a date.
  2. His father, Don, wants to have the ring appraised.
  3. Donna my best friend should read that novel.
  4. That envelope needs more stamps because it's so large but I think the mail carrier will deliver it anyway.
  5. After I water the trees I'll check the flowers to see if bees are pollinating them.
  6. Nonetheless I think that she's well prepared for the interview.
  7. That recipe requires cherries apples and oranges.
  8. He approved the changes on October 12 1998.
  9. They removed the old paint, and found a beautiful texture.
  10. She should review her options such as, identifying the right picture or locating a new one.
  11. Ms. Chantz asked us to open the door which was cracked in the middle as we left her room.
  12. As soon as it rains we can cut the grass and fertilize it.
  13. Her flight leaves from Austin Texas and arrives in Colorado Springs Colorado.
  14. Prices seem to keep going up at that supermarket which is why we no longer shop there.
  15. Eloise called the hotline, and left a message.
  16. No one won the lottery last night and next week's jackpot ought to be worth about 20 million dollars.
  17. Short stories offer a way for us to review an author's work, and see if we like a particular writing style.
  18. Her concert is scheduled for April 11 1999.
  19. Ms. Davis the accountant's lawyer said she didn't have time to review outside material.
  20. Helen's dog, has a rash.
  21. We need to buy toothpaste facial tissue and cotton swabs.
  22. The soccer game took over two hours and our players got really tired in the last ten minutes.
  23. His list of accomplishments includes impressive publications such as, articles in psychology journals and three books published in England.
  24. The computer's hard drive, crashed during the thunderstorm.
  25. We wanted to attend the symposium, but couldn't.

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