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Exercise 1

Correct the following sentences by using the rules discussed.

  1. She saw the film Pulp fiction during the holidays.
  2. Two days ago, the Accountant reviewed the budget.
  3. Danny read matthew, luke, and john from the bible.
  4. We need to meet with professor Jones to discuss the final exam.
  5. Her donations to St. jude children's research have helped significantly.
  6. Her accent definitely indicates that she's from the south.
  7. Next year, the president will offer a new directive.
  8. That exit is three blocks East of the store.
  9. Tell dad that it's time to eat.
  10. We plan to travel during the memorial day weekend.
  11. He works as advisor to secretary of state.
  12. My english courses are not going as well as my studies in History.
  13. That river flows through the ozark mountains.
  14. I intend to sign up for a course in Communications next year.
  15. The koran discusses many issues related to the bible.
  16. Professor Davis' philosophy 4301 course will study 19th century philosophical thought.
  17. By the light of my father's smile, Alice Walker's most recent novel, discusses father/daughter relationships.
  18. We should be open on columbus day.
  19. My Mother will attend the fiesta on Friday.
  20. The American civil liberties union serves as a watchdog for injustices against human rights.
  21. Gwen won't attend professor Boykin's class on Friday because she is going out of town for the weekend.
  22. He grew up in the rocky mountains, but he soon migrated to the west.
  23. Place the sundial so that its shadow is facing East.
  24. Shakespeare in love should do well at the academy awards.
  25. He opposes any position that the national organization for women supports.

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