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Exercise 2


Correct the following sentences by using the rules discussed in the Apostrophes handout.

  1. Vinnie left his dogs leash at home.
  2. Those carts' need to be moved to the front of the store.
  3. Empty the trash can before you put it's lid back on it.
  4. Gertrudes voice doesn't sound the same since her surgery.
  5. Vines' tend to grow over the fountain during May.
  6. Its important that you rake the leaves before you mow the yard.
  7. His mother-in-laws attitude towards him is great.
  8. Childrens' stories fascinate me.
  9. Womens' history tends to focus on their social achievements.
  10. Red leaves' are the most beautiful of the fall foliage.
  11. Jaspers car needs a tune-up.
  12. Its come to my attention that the exam is tough.
  13. Jalapenos' can burn your tongue if you're not used to the peppers taste.
  14. Closed doors' often make me nervous.
  15. I have seven years experience in manufacturing that product.
  16. Keep that childs' gloves attached to the coat.
  17. The color palettes' offered an array of colors.
  18. The doors lock needs some adjustment.
  19. His guitars strings should be tightened.
  20. The books cover enticed me to read the novel.
  21. Deception and lies' can often end a marriage.
  22. The concerts main singer will not be able to perform tonight.
  23. Checkers' is my favorite game.
  24. The employees cars need to be parked behind the store.
  25. This years benefit seems much more lavish than last years benefit.

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