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Exercise 1


Complete the following exercise to test your understanding of apostrophes.


1. The ships anchor began to drag across the ocean floor.
2. The candidates press release ignored the issue.
3. I refused to obey the professors warning.
4. The court ordered the four suspects release.
5. Im not able to assist with the groups project.
6. I woudnt do that if I were you.
7. They werent friends of mine.
8. The childrens school is being tested this week.
9. Todays lesson is over the bodys ability to fight infection.
10. Theyre debating this years budget.
11. The explosion of the space shuttle was this years first major crisis.
12. Its my right to speak freely.
13. Texas common law states that your actions are illegal.
14. James mother is the greatest woman Ive ever met.
15. Hot air balloons obstructed the geeses flight pattern.
16. Sandras dress is red.
17. The spies identities had been compromised.
18. The tree is losing its leaves.
19. Im a member of the class of 93.
20. The bear tried to steal the campers ice chest.


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