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Staff Council

Staff Council FY 2011
Meeting Minutes
November 18, 2010

Chair: Miles Harrison
Vice Chair: Lawrence Nelson
Secretary: Jamie Lincke
Representatives at Large: Emily Seale, Matt Alexander, Angela Cowan, Rosemary McCusker
Past Chair: Lisa Barr

Attendees UHV: Miles Harrison, Lawrence Nelson, Jamie Lincke, Mary Borden, Margaret Rice, Lisa Barr, Matt Alexander, Brenda Svetlik, Vangie Kolesar, Ryan Belcik, Harry Bashaw, Shirley Jung, Yvonne Garcia

Attendees UHSSL: Emily Seale, Vicki Causey

Attendees UHCR: Heather Kight

The meeting was called to order by Miles Harrison, Chair, at 10:06 AM on November 18, 2010.

After review of the minutes, Vangie motioned for the minutes to be approved and Brenda seconded the motion.

President’s Cabinet Update: Miles reported to the staff that Dr. Smith revised the smoking policy. There will be designated areas where smokers can smoke. There will be state cuts happening this coming year, consisting of 7-10% of the budget (Approx: $2.2 million/year with special items and $1.4 million/year without special items). However, we are still waiting on the Texas Legislature to begin its session in January to get a more definite decision on the dollar amounts that will be cut from higher education. There will be a lot of moves taking place within the next few months, such as departments and classes being moved to assist with the increased population. There are currently 252 beds in Jaguar Hall and there will be a new dorm built by August 2012. We have lost about 175 students since the beginning of classes, but we are receiving applications daily. There was a recap on staff job appraisals, which need to be done by December 17th.

University Update: Dr. Rice stated that the Marketing Department did a study and put together a presentation called the Freshmen Profile. It consists of percentages of the different demographics, regions, and classifications. 39% of the freshmen class stated that they heard about UHV through word of mouth and 32% were at a recruitment event. The freshmen were very satisfied with UHV after the tweaks were completed and all the furniture arrived. Dr. Rice also stated that VC has increased in enrollment this year as well. She thinks it is great that we are all succeeding in the area. This year is “count year” and she encouraged staff to invite any and everyone to continue their education, especially going back for a graduate degree.

Guest Speaker: No guest speaker.

Old Business: Miles gave a brief update on USSEC. Ron Klinger from UH-Clear Lake will become the Chair for fiscal year 2011 and Elliott from UH-Downtown will be Vice-Chair. UH-Main campus is currently going through a reduction of force and would like suggestions on how to increase the morale of their staff. UH-Downtown is going through a name change and once they have decided on a name it will be announced.

New Business: Lawrence Nelson spoke on conducting a quick Holiday food drive. He spoke to the food bank and they are in need of turkeys and hams.He suggested that each department donate money towards a turkey of ham. Officers can go around to different departments the first two weeks in December to collect monetary donations and donors can receive a turkey sticker.

Miles stated that it is time for the December Parking Donation Drive. Emily and Jamie added that there will be 2 parking spots; 1 for UC, and 1 for UW. The drive will be 11/29/10 through 12/17/10. The drawing will be held the afternoon on 12/17/10. Tickets will be $1.00 each or $5.00 for 6 tickets. If you buy $2.00 or more, then your donation can be considered part of the One For All campaign that goes towards the Staff Council Unit Excellence fund. Tickets will be printed and distributed by Jamie.


Staff Holidays: November 25th and 26th
Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving
Today Jaguar Hall is hosting a Thanksgiving Feast
Ad Placed for President Search
Master Planning Committee for Facilities 10 year Master Plan

Adjournment: Miles motioned to adjourn at 10:51 am and Brenda seconded the motion.