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Staff Council

Staff Council FY 2010
Meeting Minutes
July 15, 2010

Chair: Lisa Barr

Vice Chair: Miles Harrison

Secretary: Emily Seale

Representatives at Large: Lawrence Nelson, Yvonne Garcia, Anna Celum

Attendees UHV: Lawrence Nelson, Emily Seale, Aurora Robinson, Dina Boothe, Jamie Lincke, Jolynn Young, Anna Celum, Sherry Faulk, Randy Faulk, Mary Borden, Mary Gutierrez, June Nelson, Rhiannon Smith, Matthew Alexander, Leslee Lee, Linda Lassmann, Nancy Penry, Shirley Jung, Magen Besancon, Krystal Murray, Darlene Pullin, Stanley Lester, Eric Chacon, Miles Harrison, Melody Olsen, Mary Ann Rivera, Yvonne Garcia, Michael Guion, Margaret Rice, Laura Smith, Susan Nester (guest)

Attendees UHSSL: Vicki Causey, Alexis Brooks, Kristen Hennessey, Angela Cowan

Attendees UHCR: Rosie McCusker, Lisa Dorris

The meeting was called to order by Lisa Barr, Chair, at 10:10 PM on July 15, 2010.

After review of the minutes, Randy motioned for the minutes to be approved with changes and Yvonne seconded the motion. Under “President’s Cabinet Update”, the sentence: “Merit raises have been approved at 2.5% across the board” has been changed to “Merit raises have been approved at 2.5%.” and under “Old Business”, the first paragraph was changed to read:

Vote to change the constitution: Article 5 was motioned by Yvonne and seconded by Mary to vote to accept the changes to include the addition of members on the Sugarland and Cinco Ranch campuses. The vote was unanimous “ye” of all those in attendance.

Instead of:

Vote to change the constitution: Article 5 was motioned by Yvonne and seconded by Mary to vote to accept the changes to include the addition of officers on the Sugarland and Cinco Ranch campuses. The vote was unanimous "ye".

The change of the minutes has been posted to the Staff Council website.

President’s Cabinet Update: Lisa reported that the new soccer field would be ready by September 3, in time for the first home game. This year is a count year used for legislation. Victoria College will be enforcing a “no smoking” policy starting August 14. Smoking will be limited to the individual’s car. The President’s Cabinet wanted to know what the staff at UHV thought about the policy and if UHV should follow a similar policy. At this time, Lisa opened the floor to staff comments. It was suggested that Staff Council send out a survey to get feedback. The School of Nursing is working on getting a degree plan that would allow a student to get MBA and MSN degrees. Also, Dr. Tart said the DNP degree was approved. Currently there are 517 freshman and 157 sophomores that have been accepted to UHV. 180 of those students are enrolled. Dr. LaBreque stated that a system audit was being conducted from now until July 28.

University Update: Dr. Rice gave a quick update: the dorms are coming along although we are still on a tight timeline. Growth at UHV looks good budget-wise. And she gave a warm thanks to all those working at freshman orientation.

Guest Speaker: Our guest speakers this month were Laura Smith, Director of Human Resources, and Susan Nester, Compensation Consultant. Laura and Susan gave a presentation on the Staff Pay Plan Administration and the process for reviewing position for classification. The market study process/analysis was also discussed during the presentation. For more information, or to receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, please contact Laura at

Old Business

Lisa announced the winners of the parking spot drawing were Shawn Brett and Robin Cadle. Staff Council raised $166 and this money will be put toward the Unit of Excellence Fund which can be carried over year after year.

The newly elected staff council officers for the fiscal year 2011 will be: Miles Harrison- Chair, Lawrence Nelson-Vice Chair, Jamie Lincke- Secretary, Emily Seale- Non-exempt representative at large, Matthew Alexander-Representative at large, Rosie McCusker- Cinco Ranch representative, Angela Cowan- Sugarland representative, and Lisa Barr- Past chair.

The summer food drive will be held July 19-31. If you would like to volunteer, please sign up on the back table for a time.

New Business

Because of the time limit, new business will be discussed at the August meeting.


Sign up to volunteer July 31st at the H-E-B Plus! location for the food drive.


Anna motioned to adjourn the meeting and Randy seconded the motion.