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Staff Council

Staff Council FY 2010
Meeting Minutes
June 10, 2010

Chair: Lisa Barr

Vice Chair: Miles Harrison

Secretary: Emily Seale

Representatives at Large: Lawrence Nelson, Yvonne Garcia, Anna Celum

Attendees UHV: Emily Seale, Lisa Barr, Mary Borden, Miles Harrison, Lawrence Nelson, Dr. Thomas Cox, Yvonne Garcia, Vangie Kolesar, Nancy Penry, Debbie Griffiths

Attendees UHSSL: none

Attendees UHCR: none

The meeting was called to order by Lisa Barr, Chair, at 2:10 PM on June 10, 2010.

Miles motioned for the April minutes to be approved, and Vangie seconded the motion.

President’s Cabinet Update: Lisa reported that there will not be any cabinet meetings for the month of June, and they will resume in July. Merit raises have been approved at 2.5%. We are reminded to only go on trips and sign up for memberships that are essential to our jobs that UHV is paying for. UHV is getting a full- sized regulation soccer field out by Ben Wilson Street. This will allow for at least 6 games played at UHV. Jaguar Hall is still on schedule for the fall semester’s new freshman and sophomores. Dr. Tart had a good turnout at the Nursing forum; about 75 people were in attendance. The School of Nursing continues to receive funding, and they will soon be offering the degree of Doctor of Nurse Practitioner. Laura Smith noted that Susan Nester, the UHV compensation consultant will be coming to UHV next month, July 15th. Currently, there are 240 new freshmen and sophomores that are positive they are coming to UHV, 41 are athletes and 39 are sophomores. 170 people have applied for housing. Joe Ferguson reminded everyone to make sure emails they sent out to recipients during the email virus mishap actually made it out to the intended receivers. Dr. Jill Fox will be joining the School of Education in the fall as Chair. The School of Business Administration is in need of an Associate Dean as well as an Assistant Dean. Campaign Victoria has raised $244,000 out of their goal of $250,000. The School of Arts and Sciences is working on getting an undergraduate degree in Spanish. Dr. Hudson is going to Spain.

University Update: none

Guest Speaker: Dr. Thomas Cox spoke of a new program in the School of Education and Human Development, a Master of Education in Adult and Higher Education. He spoke of who would enroll in the program, what classes would need to be taken, and that the internship required with the degree would be waived for all UHV employees. For more information on this new program and degree at UHV, please contact Dr. Cox at or 361-570-4214.

Old Business

*Vote to change the constitution: Article 5 was motioned by Yvonne and seconded by Mary to vote to accept the changes to include the addition of members on the Sugarland and Cinco Ranch campuses. The vote was unanimous “ye” of all those in attendance.

Parking spot donation will begin today and will run until June 25th. Tickets are $1 each or $5 for 6 tickets. There will be two parking spots up in the drawing, one at the west building, and one at the center building. The winners will be announced at the next meeting.

New Business

The nominating committee will begin taking nominations on June 10-25, and elections for next year’s officers will be held July 1-8 by electronic survey. If you have someone you would like to nominate for officer, please contact Stephen Kilgore.


USSEC meetings will be held July 8 and August 3.


Debbie motioned to adjourn the meeting and Lawrence seconded the motion.

*Proposed Changes to Current Staff Council Constitution


Article 5:

The Staff Council will have an Executive Board composed of (1) a Chair, (2) a Vice-Chair, (3) a Secretary, (4) the past chair of the Staff Council, (5) one at-large member from Exempt Staff, and (6) one at-large member from Non-Exempt staff (7) USSEC Member at large.

Proposed Change:

Article 5:

The Staff Council will have an Executive Board composed of (1) a Chair, (2) a Vice-Chair, (3) a Secretary, (4) the past chair of the Staff Council, (5) one at-large member from Exempt Staff, (6) one at-large member from Non-Exempt staff, (7) one Cinco Ranch at-large member, and (8) one Sugarland at-large member. When deemed appropriate (9) a USSEC Member at-large will join the Executive Board.

Note: USSEC member at-large position will be deemed appropriate in the event that a UHV staff council member/excutive officer, who is a member of USSEC, assumes a USSEC elected officer position but fails to get an elected position on the UHV Staff Council Executive Board.

Note: The Sugarland and Cinco Ranch at-large members must work at the respective locations. If no one is elected to these positions they may remain un-filled or be filled by the current Staff Council Chair.