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Staff Council

Staff Council FY 2010

Meeting Minutes

08 April 2010

10:41 Call to Order

March Minutes Approved: 1st – Ruston Raybon; 2nd Shirley Jung

In attendance: James Garcia, Ruston Raybon, Bethany Bowman, Marci Wallace, Vangie Kolesar, Leslee Lee, Shirley Jung, Miles Harrison, Lawrence Nelson

Cabinet Update:

  • Soccer practice field – staked out field across from Center building
  • Windows 7 – in the works – coming soon
  • Freshman update – many incoming students on campus...please welcome them to the campus
  • Campaign Victoria – still working on $250k goal
  • School of Ed. And H.D. - Promoting Adult Education Plan
    • 2+2 plan promotion
  • Dorms –
    • roof repair 60 day project
    • 4 month repair process for building A
    • Dorm management company selected
  • School of Nursing – Received national recognition – Dr. Tart
  • SACS – 5 year process started
  • HR – updates on retirement program

Career Services:

  • Downward Expansion – Job Announcement: looking for 6 RA's for the dorms
  • Student Employment Center – On/Off campus job listings
  • Hosting information session for faculty and staff
  • Welcome Week – part time job pair for on/off campus work
  • Internship programs within all schools to get school credit as well as work expierence
  • If interested in student worker postings please visit with Eunice and/or Bethany

Old Business:

  • Nominating Committee members – 2 exempt and 2 non-exempt – to start next month

New Business

  • Summer Flex – May 19th – Aug 3rd
  • Childcare Survey – On site survey to find need to go out between April 9th - 19th
  • Incoming freshman will/should be included as well
  • Parking spot raffle on hold till next month.