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Staff Council

Staff Council FY 2010

Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2010

Chair: Lisa Barr
Vice Chair: Miles Harrison
Secretary: Emily Krenek
Representatives at Large: Lawrence Nelson, Yvonne Garcia, Anna Celum

Attendees UHV: Emily Krenek, Lawrence Nelson, Miles Harrison, Lisa Barr, Robin Cadle, Anna Celum, Yvonne Garcia, Margaret Rice, Ruston Raybon, Deborah Westbrook, Melody Olsen, Denee Thomas, Chari Norgard

Attendees UHSSL: Vicki Causey, Stacy Severovich

Attendees UHCR: Delandra Hampton

The meeting was called to order by Lisa Barr, Chair, at 10:05 AM on March 11, 2010.

Guest Speaker Robin Cadle from the Office of University Advancement spoke of our goal to raise $250,000 by May 2010. She said $192,000 had currently been raised. Money raised would be in support of downward expansion and scholarships for incoming freshman. For more information, visit or contact Robin at

Guest Speaker Chari Norgard gave an update on how downward expansion was coming along from her office, Student Success and Enrollment Management. Once a month, Chari and her department work on and publish an update on downward expansion. A PDF archive can be found on the downward expansion website, as well as an interactive map of states and counties of where the new students are coming from. For more information on downward expansion, or to learn more about the Student Success and Enrollment Management department, please contact Chari Norgard at

Old Business
There was no old business to discuss at this time.

New Business
Nominating Committee: Lisa Barr asked members to be thinking about volunteering for the Nominating Committee this summer to help in the process of electing new officers. She would ask for volunteers at the next meeting.

No other new business was discussed at this time.

Jaguar Day will be held March 27, 2010 and will include campus tours and a baseball game. If anyone would like to participate or volunteer, they can contact Denee Thomas at ext 149.

Anna motioned to adjourn the meeting and Robin seconded the motion.