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Staff Council

Staff Council FY 2010

Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2009

Chair: Lisa Barr

Vice Chair: Miles Harrison

Secretary: Emily Krenek

Representatives at Large: Lawrence Nelson, Yvonne Garcia, Anna Celum

Attendees UHV: Lawrence Nelson, Eunice Mesa, Nancy Penry, Linda Lassmann, Anna Celum, Jamie Lincke, Yvonne Garcia, Larry Steen, Margaret Rice, Miles Harrison, Patty Briones, Lynn Silkey, Emily Krenek, Lisa Barr

Attendees UHSSL: none

Attendees UHCR: None

The meeting was called to order by Lisa Barr, Chair, at 2:10 PM on December 10, 2009.

Yvonne Garcia motioned the November 2009 minutes be approved with no changes, and Anna Celum seconded the motion.

Guest Speakers

Nancy Perry, from the office of Training and Continuing Education at UHV gave updates on our mandatory training. She said over 97% of UHV employees completed their training on time, and that was the highest percentage out of all the other UH System campuses. She also said that training hours and courses for the 2009 year was up and that the new training session calendar for 2010 would be available soon. Nancy also reminded everyone that Skillport e-Learning/E-Smart was back and free to all employees and students at UHV. Lastly, she handed out index cards and encouraged all present to write down trainings they would like to see in the future and/or email her when they got back to their office.

Lisa Barr asked about more details pertaining to E-Smart and Margaret Rice explained that it is a website for employees to use to read free books, and take self-paced courses over software and other computer applications. Larry Steen mentioned that the courses save your work so you can go back to them when you have the time.

Cabinet Update

The Athletics’ office will be holding a sale just in time for the holiday season. Keep an eye on your email for details.

If you have a group that would like to take pictures with the Corporate Cup trophy, please see Kathy Walton to make arrangements. They are not sure how much longer the trophy will be housed at UHV.

Faculty activity has increased 240% over the past year. A lot of faculty are doing research, writing papers, and doing other things to get UHV out there.

Dr. Tart is having “Coffee with the Dean”, a time where students are able to interact with her and she can get feedback from what the students want from the program. The school of Nursing will hold their pinning ceremony right after commencement in Katy with its first 7 graduates from the Master’s program.

185 freshman applications have been submitted to UHV, and the first 15 have been accepted. There is enough housing for 250 freshmen the first year at Jaguar Hall. Freshman applying for admissions are mostly outside the VC service area. For spring 2010, 2115 students have signed up for classes (not including freshman and sophomores) and at this time last year, UHV had only 1499.

Amy Mundy said at the President’s Cabinet meeting that Campaign Victoria only had $90,000 left to raise, and their goal is $500,000 to aid in downward expansion and scholarships. UHV is also encouraged to sign up as many alumni as possible. Alumni receive discounts in the Victoria area.

Construction on Jaguar Hall should begin in March. The building has conference rooms that should be available for small conferences for UHV departments to use.

If you have not gotten your employee ID badge, do so today, it is the last day for badges. If someone is absent, they can schedule a make-up date.

Dr. Hudson will be blogging on the Victoria Advocate about UHV and the land situation pertaining to a new campus.

Over 100 applications have been submitted for the coaching positions available at UHV.

Dr. Hudson would like to receive the list of students UH does not accept, so that UHV may be able to contact them and tell them about UHV as a college option.

Old Business

Birthdays SBDC will host December’s and School of Business will host January’s party. The approved list is posted on the UHV Staff Council website.

Food Bank volunteer sign-up sheet is in the back of the room for January 29, 2010. Sign up for 1 hour time slots. Brother Gary Moses will also make an announcement on the radio to the community about joining us for the community date.

New Business

Lisa would like us to look into career paths for staff. Emily volunteered to do some research with the assistance of Yvonne. Everyone present seemed to agree that a career path for their job position would be a good idea. Lisa explained it as a position could have a level 1, 2 and 3 and then manager/supervisor. This would allow for growth in staff in the future of UHV. It would also help retain employees and keep up moral. Employees like their jobs, but would like to know what their career holds for them. Also, so many employees go above and beyond, taking on more than their job requires, and it would easy to create different levels for additional employees. It takes a very long time to hire someone new for a position, and with people at a different level on the same career path, the parting of old employees and the hiring new employees would be much easier on those in that department. With the growth UHV is experiencing as such a fast rate; this is a perfect time to work on something like this. At this point, a committee was not formed, but if the need for one arose, a committee would be appointed.

Lisa asked for fundraisers ideas. She mentioned that a UHV brick would be a good fundraiser, but we are not sure who would want to buy a brick. Emily mentioned setting up a table at graduation to sell bricks. Lisa said that bake sales are a good idea. Emily also mentioned a fundraiser to sell flash drives. A goal to raise money would be to provide donations, scholarships, or supplies we would need. Lawrence mentioned raffling off a parking spot of the employee’s choice. He is going to look into the possibilities of having one parking spot reserved for a semester or year.


Reminder that the December birthday party will be at SBDC. Sign- up sheet will be in the back of the room for the food drive. Administration and Finance lunch is in the Multi-Purpose room on the 17th from 11:30 -1:00. Student Senate is selling t-shirts for $10. They have different styles available and can be purchased from any Student Senate member or found in the Student Solutions office.


The meeting was motioned to adjourn at 3:15 PM by Patty Briones and seconded by Yvonne Garcia.