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Staff Council

Staff Council FY 2010

Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2009

Chair: Lisa Barr

Vice Chair: Miles Harrison

Secretary: Emily Krenek

Representatives at Large: Lawrence Nelson, Yvonne Garcia, Anna Celum

Attendees UHV: Lisa Barr, Miles Harrison, Yvonne Garcia, Chad Abston, Emily Krenek, Kristy Holly, Lawrence Nelson, Mary Borden, Dianna O’Quinn, Robert Tonsul, Bonnie Hermes, Krystal Murray, Lynn Silkey, Anna Celum, Denise Prescott, Rosemary Baker, Margaret Rice, Carolyn Fritz, Linda Parr, Marie Garcia, Connie Rodriguez, Aurora Robinson, Mary Jones, Mary Ann Rivera, Cheryl Robbins, Laura Smith, Shirley Jung

Attendees UHSSL: Vicki Causey, Darren Keesee, Alexis Brooks, Tamara Lair, Angela Cowan, Anette Phillips

Attendees UHCR: None

The meeting was called to order by Lisa Barr, Chair, at 10:05 AM on November 12, 2009.

Yvonne Garcia motioned the September 2009 minutes be approved with no changes, and Lawrence Nelson seconded the motion.

Guest Speakers

Ramona Hollan, Associate Director from the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent spoke about what the food bank would like to receive when Staff Council does their food drive in January 2010. She gave handouts on facts about the Food Bank, who they service, and what is done with the food that is donated. Handouts with this information can be found on the Staff Council website or by visiting

Old Business
Laura Smith, Director of Human Resources, came to speak about the raise process at UHV, and to answer any questions that staff may have. She tried to answer the questions as much as possible, but Human Resources are only 1 part of the solution. Questions and concerns that were sent to Lisa Barr and then to Human Resources were also sent to the budget committee for review. The Board of Regents must also approve all raises. The supervisors had a very short turnaround time before raises were given, and not all could communicate in a timely manner. She noted that she was planning a session, maybe in February 2010, for all interested about how raises are given. The session will be hosted by herself and the lady who does our market analysis, Susan Nester.

Birthdays have been approved and posted. Lisa said the next birthday will be Financial Aid & Business Services, then SBDC will host December's and School of Business will host January's party.

Margaret Rice, Chief of Staff, gave updates about what was going on at UHV. First she said thanks to Laura Smith for coming to talk to the staff and for always doing a good job. The annual report to the community was now available; commencement in Katy, TX will be December 12, 2009. There are 412 graduates; the largest number UHV has ever had at graduation. Also, freshman applications will be accepted starting November 16, and are available online. The housing location and details was still being worked on. The SACS report that was filed to notify them of downward expansion should get feedback before the end of the year.

New Business

Work at Home Policy is still being researched. If anyone would like to join the committee, please contact Lawrence Nelson.

Canned Food Drive Competition will be held January 19-February 2, 2010. Points are based upon percentages of the total number of employees in a department against the number of canned foods contributed from that department. To receive a point, the item must be on the list provided from the Food Bank of items they are in need of. A pack of diapers will be worth that many points; i.e. a pack of 24 diapers will be worth 24 points. Money donations should be made on January 29th at the Food Bank truck that will be on campus January 29, 2010. Rosemary Baker would look into getting a DJ out to UHV the day the public was invited to make donations. Lawrence Nelson will keep a tally for the two weeks of the drive and the winning department will be awarded with a small party hosted by the Staff Council Executive Board.

Fundraiser Opportunities will be discussed in December. Bring your ideas to the December meeting.


UHV will begin hosting an Air Force ROTC program through the School of Education and Human Development. Dr. Hudson will be blogging soon about what is going on at UHV (land issue) in terms of downward expansion and the possibility of a new campus on the Victoria Advocate and UHV websites. Evaluations are due before the Christmas holidays to Human Resources. All supervisors should make sure all employees are evaluated.


The meeting was motioned to adjourn by Yvonne Garcia and seconded by Carolyn Fritz at 11:40 am.