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Staff Council

Staff Council FY 2010

Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2009


Chair: Lisa Barr

Vice Chair: Miles Harrison

Secretary: Emily Krenek

Representatives at Large: Lawrence Nelson, Yvonne Garcia, Anna Celum


Attendees UHV: Emily Krenek, Lawrence Nelson, Tracy Moore- Sweeney, Anna Celum, Miles Harrison, Yvonne Garcia, Lisa Barr, Patty Briones, Sunitha Subbaiah, Shirley Jung, Harry Bashaw, Jan Wendt, Randy Faulk, Margaret Rice, Linda Lassman, Nancy Penry, Vangie Kolesar, Denise Prescott, Marie Garcia, Karen Pantel, Ellamae Rodriguez, Mary Borden, Emily Harrison, Dianna O’Quinn, Sandy Hybner, JoAnn Spears, Eunice Mesa, Ashley Walyuchow, Robert Tonsul


Attendees UHSSL: Kristen Hennessey, Stacy Sevorvich, Vicki Causey


Attendees UHCR:  none


The meeting was called to order by Lisa Barr, Chair, at 2:00 PM on August 13, 2009.


Because of the quick transition between Cassandra Clark and Emily Krenek, minutes from the July meeting were not available, but would be presented at the September meeting.


Guest Speaker

            Dr. Margaret Rice , Chief of Staff, gave a presentation on downward expansion entitled “Making the Dream a Reality”  A copy of the presentation can be obtained by request from Dr. Rice.


Old Business
University Charitable Project Lisa hopes to have information on which time would be the best for each project to be worked on (Habitat for Humanity, Adopt-A-Pet, and Food Drive).  Another suggestion would be to raise money to cover the Victoria Transit bus stop that is in front of the UC building on Ben Jordan.  Emily did some quick research and found out the project would cost $4,350.  Lisa said we would look more into this project to see if it was reasonable.  Lisa also mentioned that we could see if we were able to add a Jaguar or other UHV logo on the bus stop to brand it as UHV’s.  Lisa mentioned the Habitat for Humanity project to Cabinet, and they thought it would be a good idea to participate also. 

            On-Campus Day Care Committee – Miles Harrison stated that he would continue to do research on the On Campus Day Care and if any new discoveries were made, he would bring them up at the appropriate Staff Council meeting.

            Work at Home Policy – Lawrence Nelson volunteered to chair the Work at Home Policy committee.  Randy Faulk volunteered to serve on the committee.  Lawrence had already done some reasearch on other Texas universities to see if they had a telecommuting policy in place.  One that offered much promise was the University of North Texas.  Lawrence said that if anyone lese was intersted in joining the committee, to please contact him.

            Birthdays – Lisa stated that the Birthday committee was going to do more in depth research, and have results at the September meeting.  No decisions on how this issue should proceed were made at this time.



New Business

            Meeting Times – Lisa stated that meeting times would now be once a month, the second Thursday of each month and the time would vary between morning and afternoon to accommodate for part-time staff members who may not work in the afternoons and vice versa.

            Vote to Change the Constitution – A motion was made by Ashley Walyuchow to move that the following changes be made to the Staff Council Constitution, and Denise Prescott seconded.  

-           to change Article 10A  to read meetings will meet “at a minimum” every other month

-          to change Article 5 by adding position #7, add the honarary member as part of the executive board for USSEC representative; now reads: “…(7)USSEC Member at large”.


The votes were casted and an anonymous vote of “yea” passed the motion by the members in attendance. 

            Appointment of USSEC Member –Lisa told the members that Anna Celum was the appointed USSEC member due to her nomination as Chair of the USSEC for the fiscal year 2010.  In the event that USSEC nominations are held before UHV nominations for Staff Council, and a member of UHV is voted in for a position, but not voted in the UHV Staff Council as a member of the executive board, then the honorary USSEC member at large would become part of the UHV Staff Council executive board.




            A statue was donated to UHV by a local artist.  A ceromony will be held to officially accept the statue, and a contest will start to name the jaguar. 

            Emily will update the Staff Council website with new information.

            Karen Pantel said training on the card recorders/reporters was going well.

            Lisa gave updates from the Cabinet meeting including: Chari Norgard stated that UHV was growing at 41% and is on track to double in the next 8 years. There are two new masters programs in the School of Education and Human Development, and there were 17 first-time graduates from the BSN program.  Also, there are 3 new Nursing faculty, and if anyone has ideas for commencement, please let Dr. Rice know.




            The meeting was motioned to adjourn by Patty Briones and seconded by Ashley Walyuchow.