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Staff Council

Staff Council FY 2012
Meeting Minutes
Aprin 15, 2011

Chair: Miles Harrison
Vice Chair: Lawrence Nelson
Secretary: Jamie Lincke
Representatives at Large: Emily Seale, Matt Alexander, Angela Cowan, Rosemary McCusker
Past Chair: Lisa Barr

Attendees UHV: Miles Harrison, Lawrence Nelson, Elizabeth Corte, Eric Chacon, Melody Olsen

Attendees UHSSL: Angela Cowan

Attendees UHCR: Alanna Douglas, Rosie McCusker

The meeting was called to order by Miles Harrison, Chair, at 11:03am on April 15, 2011.

After review of the minutes, Vangie Kolesar motioned for the minutes to be approved and Cherlyn Hodge seconded the motion.

President’s Cabinet Update: Miles reported to the staff the specific dates and times that the Presidential candidates will be conducting on campus interviews. You can find them on our website, We will be conducting a survey where faculty and staff can go on and enter questions for the Staff Council officers to ask the candidates during the interview process. We are continuing to receive several freshmen applications and starting to prepare for summer registrations and orientations.

Old Business: Lawrence gave a quick update on the Food drive results, as well as a brief update on USSEC. USSEC has been working on making the system an employer of choice, there will not be a name change for UH-D, and there will not be any RIF’s for UH.

New Business: Miles reiterated the upcoming Presidential candidate visits, and to complete the survey for candidate questions. TRS had an incident where some private information was released. If you feel your information was released, please see HR for the phone number to call. There will be no changes to current staff scholarships for credit hour courses.


ABR Speaker Rolando Hinojosa-Smith, April 21st
All Sports Banquet, April 28th
1st Freshmen Award Ceremony, May 2nd
Annual School of Nursing Spring Nursing Forum, May 5th
Elections for Staff Council Officers 2011-2012, this summer
Outstanding Faculty, Staff and Student Reception, May 13th

Adjournment: Lawrence Nelson motioned to adjourn at 11:47am and Elizabeth Corte seconded the motion.