UHV-SBA Internships

The SBA paid internship is designed to offer Undergraduate/ Graduate students opportunities in experiential learning. The internship allows students to apply academic learning, theories, and experiences in professional environments. Such forms of practical, on-the-job learning and training are intended to provide students at the graduate level the opportunity to work side by side with managers in business.


The SBA paid internship’s goal is to have students apply learning. The paid internship for which students typically do not receive academic credit involves on-the-job work experience. The following are the goals of such internships:

  1. Involving the intern in the discipline or major

  2. Providing interaction with diverse individuals, organizations, and systems

  3. Incorporating learning by giving it relevance and meaning

  4. Enabling the participant to adapt to change

  5. Contextualizing learning thus improving understanding and retention of concepts

  6. Enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  7. Embracing different learning styles and challenging participants to use new ways of learning and thinking

  8. Improving skills in research, and interpersonal communication

  9. Providing opportunities for networking and mentoring


A stipend is payment made to students for work completed. Stipends may be paid all in one sum or in equal installments throughout the work agreement. Internships may take place during the spring, summer or fall semesters, most last for the duration of the semester. They may be part-time or full-time positions.

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