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Living and Learning Implementation Team:

Chairs:Jill Fox, Chair Senior Director Living and Learning
            Keith Akins, Director of First Year Experience
            David Summers, SOBA
            Joann Olson, SOEHD
            Ariel McGillis, Student
            Sharon Bailey, Director OIE
            Jay Lambert, AVP Student Affairs
            Ricardo Teixeira, SOA&S, Director Core Curriculum
            Amanda Breu, Outreach Librarian
            TBA, Faculty Senate Representative

Non-Voting Ex Officio Chairs: Jeffrey Cass, Provost
                                                   Uppinder Mehan, Associate Provost



  1. Wei-Chih Chiang – Business Faculty-SL
  2. Massoud Metghalchi – Business Faculty-SL
  3. Lawrence Nelson – IT Staff
  4. Ziyun (Calvin)Yang – Business Faculty-SL


  1. Sharon Bailey – Associate Director of Assessment (non-voting ex officio)
  2. Jill Fox – Director of Assessment (non-voting ex officio)
  3. Linda Hayes – Business Faculty-SL
  4. Donald Loffredo – Arts and Sciences Faculty


  1. Paula Cobler – Director Marketing
  2. Amy Hickner – Graduate Student
  3. Melody Vecera – Marketing Staff
  4. Mark Ward – Arts and Sciences Faculty
  5. Jena West – Student
  6. Moses Olukoya, – Student

Academic Learning Communities

  1. Justin Bell – Arts and Sciences Faculty
  2. Eugenia (Ginger) Blomstrom – Nursing Faculty-SL
  3. Teresa LeSage – Education Faculty
  4. Hsin-Hui Lin – Education Faculty-CR
  5. Fred Litton – Education Faculty
  6. Beverly Tomek – Arts and Sciences Faculty

Residential Learning Communities

  1. Amy Barnhill – Education Faculty-CR
  2. Dakota Doman – Student Life Staff
  3. Jay Lambert, – Assoc. VP, Student Affairs
  4. Joann Olson – Education Faculty

Academic Support and Research

  1. Lissette Barton – Nursing Faculty-SL
  2. Beverley Hoerig – Instructional Design Staff
  3. Rhonda Ladner – Graduate Student
  4. Tong-Ai Zhang – Institutional Research Staff

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