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March 6, 2014

Members Present: Susan Cain, Phil Castille, Ron Hyde, Crystal King, Janet Leatherwood, Margery Loeb, Gene Moreno, Kathy Oehlke, Jan Scott, and Roger Welder

Absent: Dorothy Alcorn, Jean Herman, Jan Jacob, Lou Anne Kellman, Morgan Dunn O'Connor, Dakshesh-Kumar Parikh, Omar Rachid, Viola Saenz, John Shutt, Kay Kerr Walker, Richard Weber and Keith Williams

UHV Attendees: Wayne Beran, Jeffrey Cass, Paula Cobler, Jill Fox, Katherine Hewell, Faye Landry, Uppinder Mehan, Margaret Rice, Katy Walterscheidt, Kathy Walton and Ash Walyuchow

  1. Welcome

    Vice Chair Margery Loeb called the meeting to order and welcomed all Board members present.

  2. Organizational Business

    • Approval of Minutes - Janet Leatherwood moved that the minutes from the December 3, 2013, President's Regional Advisory Board meeting be approved as written and no second needed as minutes were approved as distributed.

      Motion Carried Unanimously

    • Discussion by Dr. Phil Castille in checking the PRAB By-laws whether this is an open meeting. This is not a government body, so this meeting is by invite only.

  3. Sugar Land Task Force

    • Vice Chair Marjorie Loeb led the group into the discussion of the Sugar Land Task Force. Two members were present from the Task Force to discuss the presentation - Regent Roger Welder and PRAB member Janet Leatherwood.

      Regent Roger Welder allowed a few minutes for the PRAB members to scan the Final Report (dated February 21, 2014) of the University of Houston Sugar Land Task Force. As reported, Chancellor Khator was a guest speaker at the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce luncheon on December 16th. At this luncheon, she stated she understood the ambition of the Fort Bend/Sugar Land leadership wanting to belong to the UH Tier 1 System. A news release followed where it was announced a task force would be developed to review the future of the UHSL campus. The Final Report of the UH Sugar Land Task Force made several recommendations. It was decided as of fall 2014, the UHS would begin implementing a plan that would make the UH campus the exclusive provider of baccalaureate and graduate programs at the UHSL campus. The UHS Board of Regents transferred campus administration to UH.

      We have opportunity to get some things that UHV needs to move forward. Chancellor will put together a team for implementation of a plan for Sugar Land on moving forward.

      Website will be available to address issues and concerns.

      Ms. Janet Leatherwood presented her thoughts on how the Sugar Land/Fort Bend mayor and judge view promises of the way in which the UH System would develop the Sugar Land campus. When the Nursing program was first developed, there was a different program leader who was not as effective as Dean Tart and Methodist stepped up to assist funding the lab for the UHSL campus. The desire is that the nursing program should be provided at the UHSL campus. The Task Force was asked how can the Nursing Program grow. UH System could grow the program further. If University of Houston doesn't take Nursing, there are a lot of other universities in the Houston area that would move in to offer a nursing program.

      Other comments made

      • Questions on whether the Nursing accreditation is transferable, SACS-approval will be required by these initiatives before being moved to the University of Houston.

      • Will the donors that have donated have the option to re-designate their donations?

      • UHV can soon recruit in the Victoria College service area, as our agreement will end this fall with Victoria College.

      • Takeover is strictly over the School of Nursing not School of Business Administration.

      • Master Plan goes out to 2020 - so the UHV Master Plan will have to be addressed.

      • Accreditations cannot be transferred if another university came in and took us over. They would have to start from square one.

      • How will Victoria be successful without School of Nursing?

      • What will we be doing to make UHV succeed?

      • Let us keep our programs here and build on them.

      • The Board of Regents will have the final decision.

      • This is a "work in progress."

      Dr. Phil Castille said this could be a win/win situation for UHV.

      Vice Chair Margery Loeb reiterated our role as members of PRAB is to help Dr. Phil Castille.

  4. Presentations

    Dr. Jeffrey Cass, Dr. Uppinder Mehan and Dr. Jill Fox presented and developed the QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) before the SACS site visit this April.

    Two major components of the reaffirmation process:

    • Compliance - demonstrate that we follow state and federal regulations; 119 standards that had to be responded/addressed. Our focused reports required response to early questions from off-site team.

    • Quality Enhancement Plan - core standard ( show and enhances learning environment) and comprehensive standard (recommendation and tutoring)

QEP began more than two years ago: The theme is Living and Learning - trying to extend the classroom into a residential space and interactive space in Jaguar Village. Residential Learning Communities are designed for academic success, social development and personal growth through faculty and staff interaction, and campus community partnerships. This plan provides support for our first-year students through: linked courses, student engagement, student success, learning and teaching institute and living and learning commons.

SACS team will visit for two days with campus community, provide its recommendation, and open up another opportunity for response.

Ms. Kathy Oehlke, PRAB member, discussed how Kenedy is working with their community and encouraging students to use the scholarships available to continue their higher education.

Dr. Phil Castille discussed the two types of scholarships: need based and merit scholarships.

Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Submitted by: F. Landry
Approved: 6/3/2014

SACS Reaffirmation 2014