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September 10, 2013

Members Present: Butler, Cain, Castille, Hyde, Kellman, King, Leatherwood, Moreno, Oehlke, Rachid, Saenz, Scott, Shutt, Walker, Weber, Welder and Williams

Absent: Alcorn, Espinoza, Herman, Jacob, Loeb, McCrohan, O’Connor and Parikh

UHV Attendees: Matt Alexander, Wayne Beran, Jeffrey Cass, Paula Cobler, Faye Landry, Freddie Litton, Margaret Rice, Ali Tavakkoli and Kathy Walton

I. Welcome and Introductions

Chair Omar Rachid called the meeting to order and welcomed our new board members. Each member gave a brief introduction of themselves.

II. Organizational Business

  • Approval of Minutes – Richard Weber moved that the minutes from the June 4, 2013 President’s Regional Advisory Board meeting be approved as written and Janet Leatherwood seconded the motion.
    Motion Carried Unanimously
  • Confirmation of e-mail election of Crystal King. Keith Williams moved and Viola Saenz seconded to confirm her election to the PRAB Board.
  • Resignation of Member: Charmelle Garret resigned from the PRAB Board as her City of Victoria board meeting was conflicting with the PRAB meetings.
  • Revisions of the PRAB Bylaws are deferred to the next meeting.

III. Presentations

  • Dr. Fred Litton, Dean, School of Education and Human Development gave an overview of education in Texas. Our mission is to prepare certificated personnel for the 1200 school systems in Texas. Highlights of his presentation:
    • Undergraduates: offer B.S.I.S. courses
    • Graduate level: Administration & Supervision, Adult & Higher Education, Counseling, Curriculum & Instruction and Special Education
    • VOICE: (Victoria Online Initial Certification for Education) must have a bachelor’s degree - 96% pass rate
    • New this year: Autism Spectrum Disorders – 15 semester hours on-line with 11 students and Professional Coaching – 10 semester hours on-line with 12 students
    • Fact Sheet:
      Pass Rate – Texas Educator Certification Exam around 90% top 30% of the state Educator Preparation Programs

      TEA Survey – 98 -100% of our students (teachers) felt well prepared to teach. Survey was 52 items – UHV scores at or higher than the state average on all 52 items.

      School Counseling Program-only nationally accredited in the UH System: 1 of 12 in Texas; pass rate of 98%

      Locally ­– in VISD 75% of Principals & Assistant Principals are UHV alumni not to mention teaching and other professional staff

      School of Education faculty has adopted Stroman Middle School in VISD

      Dr. De Los Santos, one of our faculty, is on the VISD Board of Education – Faculty/Counselor of the Year for the State of Texas in 2012-2013

      Students – One of our students was an “Exceptional Teacher Candidate” (19 universities, one of 36 students) Spring 2013

      Nationally – This year 3 of our faculty won best paper presented at national conferences on Social Studies

      Another faculty won best presentation at the National Mathematics Education Conference

      BSCS, out of Colorado, is partnering with SoEHD with a $80,000 Contract for Science Education

      Globally – Last 2 years UHV SoEHD has presented papers at international education conferences in Canada, England, Sweden, Israel, France and Ireland. Reached out to ethnic communities in Houston
    • Teacher Shortage in Texas and the Nation:
      Dual credit course, “Art of Teaching” is offered in school systems and one community college this year

      2 + 2 Agreements with SoEHD this year with Victoria College, Wharton County Junior College and Houston Community College-Katy and Spring Branch

      Collaborations with Texas A&M Kingsville and other universities
      School System Cohorts in Counseling and Educational Leadership
  • Motion Capture Equipment
    Dr. Ali Tavakkoli, Director of UHV’s programs in Gaming and Simulation and UHV Faculty Senate Liaison for Faculty Computing, presented a presentation on the Jaguar Advanced Visualization Laboratory with Vicon Motion Capture equipment. He said we have 24 cameras that can over 1,600 sq. ft. that produces 120 frames per second, with four times the resolution of any other system. The cameras have screen resolution four times more than any other camera and have real-time tracking, performance capture and new age biometrics. This equipment will help UHV with recruitment and external funding.
  • Overview of Budget
    Mr. Wayne Beran, Vice President of Administration & Finance, gave an overview of UHV’s Operating Budget and how tuition and fees impact our budget process. State funding has decreased since 1990.

IV. President’s Remarks & Board Discussion

Dr. Phil Castille, President, stated that we asked for $88 million in Tuition Revenue Bonds. We testified a couple of times and by the time both houses agreed, UHV was at $78 million. Senator Hegar and Representative Morrison were very helpful in going forward. Special sessions were called for health care and water and transportation but the TRB’s were not added to the agenda. Process starts again in 2014 for the next legislative session.

Dr. Castille stated that the enrollment on the 12th class day is 4,529 – overall enrollment is up. UHV’s new freshmen enrollment is 311 students. Our dormitories have 461 beds rented – 90% capacity. We have approximately 1,200 face to face students in Victoria. We had our first freshmen start in 2010 and they will be graduating in 2014. Undergraduate headcount is up 9% and graduate headcount down by 3%.

--UHV has been preparing for its 10-year “reaffirmation of accreditation” review. The review process will begin in November and culminate with the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS) meeting in April 2014. Strategic Plan has been rewritten.

--UH-Clear Lake will start downward expansion in Fall 2014.

--Dr. Castille stated we will break ground for the Regional Economic Development building this Fall. We will need help with funding to complete the 3rd floor.

--YMCA has offered reasonable fees/membership for non-residential students.

--Susan Cain strongly recommended community support of the American Book Review (ABR).

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Submitted by: F. Landry
Approved: 12/3/2013