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September 11, 2012

Members Present: Alcorn, Butler, Cain, Castille, Garrett, Jacob, Leatherwood, Loeb, Parikh, Rachid, Rollins, Saenz, Salazar, Scott, Shutt, Walker, Weber and Welder

Absent: Espinoza, Herman, Hyde, McCrohan, O'Connor and Williams

UHV Attendees: Matt Alexander, Wayne Beran, Jeffrey Cass, Paula Cobler, Faye Landry, Amy Mundy, Margaret Rice, Adrian Rigsby and Kathy Walton

Guests: Audrey Rollins

I.     Welcome and Introductions

Chair Richard Weber called the meeting to order and welcomed our new board members. Each member gave a brief introduction of themselves.

II.    9/11 Time of Remembrance

Margaret Rice spoke briefly concerning the 9/11/2001 tragedy. The Marketing Department design a bookmark for the Time of Remembrance which was placed in members’ folder.

III.    Organizational Business

  • Approval of Minutes – Omar Rachid moved that the minutes from the June 5, 2012 President’s Regional Advisory Board meeting be approved as written and Jan Jacob seconded the motion.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

  • Confirmation of e-mail election - Nine out of sixteen voting members confirmed election of Jan Scott to the PRAB board.

IV.    Presentations

  • Ms. Amy Mundy, Interim Director of University Advancement presented Presidential Scholarships as merit based scholarships and information on grant funded programs in UHV’s four schools.
  • jaX, our mascot, visited the meeting and was introduced to our members of PRAB
  • Mr. Adrian Rigsby, Soccer Coach for both men and women’s programs gave a brief update on soccer and also discussed ways in which UHV athletes volunteer in the community:
    • Men’s 3 wins and 4 losses
    • Women’s 2 wins and 3 losses
    • Recruiting efforts - 60 young men showed up for a tour and practice
    • 45 students in soccer
    • Last Spring, UHV athletes volunteered for Relay for Life – 40 kids assisted in this event
    • Last Fall, UHV male athletes raised over $3,000 by participating in Movember, a mustache growing charity event, held each November that raises funds and awareness of prostate cancer research.
  • Mr. Wayne Beran, Vice President of Administration & Finance, gave an overview of Jaguar Suites – sophomore housing which will add 635 beds. Each suite will be approximately 900 sq. ft. and will have 4 bedrooms and two baths. Each student will have their own bedroom, share a bath with another student and all four will share a common living and kitchen area. The total project funding of $11,500,000.
  • Mr. Beran, also, gave an overview of UHV’s Legislative Appropriation Request that will be presented to the Legislative Budget Board next week:
Special Item Funding:
Downward Expansion$4,200,000
Master of Science in Nursing$742,500
Center for Regional Outreach$336,656
Small Business Development Center$431,000

Exceptional Item Funding:
Downward Expansion$1,800,000 (for full funding)
SBDC/Economic Development Center Initiative$400,000 (for building)
Centro Victoria$1,000,000 (provide students with material & training)

Tuition Revenue Bond:
Campus Expansion$88,150,000 (this is for acquisition of land and facilities remodeling and expansion.)

The following universities received legislative funding for downward expansion in past years:
Texas A&M Corpus Christi received $156,000,000
Texas A&M International received $177,000,000
Texas A&M Texarkana received $96,000,000
University of Texas Permian Basin received $130,000,000
University of Texas Tyler received $79,000,000
University of Houston-Victoria received $25,000,000

  • Dr. Margaret Rice, Chief of Staff, deferred her presentation on the Department of Justice Grant Report until the December meeting to give ample time for the president’s remarks.

V. President’s Report and Discussion

Dr. Phil Castille, President, stated that the enrollment on the 10th class day is 4,413 – 1.5% increase over last fall. The greatest growth is in Victoria. The School of Education and Human Development has taken a hit in enrollment because of teachers losing their jobs. Our enrollment is up in the other schools. UHV’s new freshmen enrollment is 275 students. Our core curriculum is taught face-to-face and over 50% of our students take face-to-face. Student Life continues to be a work in progress. We need a real Student Life Center and intramural field. The university has come a long way but still have some issues to address.

50/50 pledge: The University has made a “50/50 Pledge” in which the School of Arts & Sciences offers 50% of their 12-course schedule face-to-face in Victoria.

UHV is trying to increase scholarships and fundraising. A Vice President of University Advancement will be hired along with an Associate Director of Annual Giving.

UHV’s MBA Program is the largest program in our partnership with Houston Community College (HCC)- Katy.

In Mr. Beran’s presentation, he reported a new academic building will start in January 2013. This will be our first new building since 1999. The UHV Master Plan work is in progress and will be shared soon.

Reaccreditation is a huge piece of homework for UHV. Our accrediting body is the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS) and reaccreditation process occurs every ten years. We are preparing for our next review in 2014. A new Strategic Plan and a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) are being developed.

UHV employees received a merit raise this year. Employees could receive up to 2 ½ % merit raise added to base pay. Morale is very important and with downward expansion our staff has been asked to do more.

On August 30th, Chancellor Khator attended our convocation and the groundbreaking of Jaguar Suites.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, UHV is rated the third in the nation in student enrollment growth.

The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m. followed by the PRAB, Faculty and Cabinet Reception in the Multi-Purpose Room in the University Center Building.

Submitted by: F. Landry
Approved: 12/4/12

SACS Reaffirmation 2014