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September 13, 2011

Members Present: Butler, Cain, Castille, Clapp, Garrett, Herman, Hyde, Jacob, Jaso, Leatherwood, Marshall, O’Connor, Salazar, Walker, Welder and Williams

Absent: Alcorn, Baynum, Duncan, McCrohan, Parikh, Rachid, Rubio and Weber

UHV Attendees: Wayne Beran, Emily Bergstrom, Faye Landry, Chari Norgard, Margaret Rice, Adrian Rigsby, Kathryn Tart, Kathy Walton and Ash Walyuchow

  1. Welcome, Introductions and President’s Remarks

    Chair Janet Leatherwood called the meeting to order and welcomed our new UHV President Philip Castille. Dr. Castille shared some background information on himself and his career. He introduced and welcomed Roger Welder as the new University of Houston Board of Regent member from Victoria and Charmelle Garrett to the President’s Regional Advisory Board.

    Dr. Castille said he was glad to have this advisory board and appreciated the time and support they give to UHV.

    With our downward expansion, we have exceeded our expectations with double digit increases in enrollment from last year and this year.

    A copy of the Master Plan for UHV for 2015-2030 was provided. Dr. Castille said UHV will run out of space in 2014-2015 and discussed the handout that showed a proposed 63,000 sq. ft. academic building to the north of University Center. Dr. Castille said a Strategic Planning committee will be established to assist with this endeavor which will include community, faculty and staff.

    The Victoria community cares about education, realizes the importance of its higher education institutions and is supportive of its university. UHV has vast potential to become an outstanding residential university, drawing students from nearby urban areas, while offering new options for students in the crossroads region. The last year has been one of unprecedented changes as we moved from an upper-level commuter institution to a residential campus. We have had a year of accomplishments and learning. We made changes, based on what we learned last year and had a much smoother start in every way this fall; and, all reports have been positive about our new freshmen and their orientation into college life. At this time when we are making dramatic changes to accommodate residential students, we must stay focused on our many upper division and graduate students the majority of whom are located in the Fort Bend area. Some are taking face-to-face or ITV; many are online; and, a growing number are taking “hybrid” courses which combine face-to-face and online.

    Chancellor Khator expressed when she was in Victoria this summer that the UH System views Victoria as a significant component of the expanding UH System. UHV offers the only “College Town” option for UH System students.

    Dr. Castille expressed opportunities for PRAB leadership by being advocates in the community.

  2. Organizational Business

    Approval of Minutes – Hernan Jaso moved that the minutes from the June 7, 2011 President’s Regional Advisory Board meeting be approved as written and Keith Williams seconded the motion.

    Motion Carried Unanimously

    Janet Leatherwood confirmed that the President’s Regional Advisory Board was in agreement and the

    board confirmed the e-mail election of Charmelle Garrett to the Board and introduced her as a new

    PRAB member.

  3. Presentations
    • Ms. Emily Bergstrom, President of Student Senate introduced Student Senate officers: Bre’Neka O’Bryant – Vice President; Ashleigh Kellis-Carr, Secretary; Paige Ruschhaupt, Treasurer. The Student Senate wants to be helpful and has several ideas for fundraisers, such as Halloween and Valentine cookies and Christmas stockings. They plan to do some community service, work with Children’s Museum, Hispanic Heritage events and the bike program. They also now have representatives at the Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch campuses. They have met with UH Main campus and will be collaborating with the other campuses. Dr. Thomas Cox, Student Senate Advisor, and several of the Student Senate members plan to travel to Washington, D. C. to a Student Senate conference.
    • Mr. Ash Walyuchow, Athletic Director introduced Mr. Adrian Rigsby, Soccer Coach for both men and women’s programs. He gave a brief update on soccer:
      • Men’s 5 wins and 1 loss
      • Women’s 4 wins and 2 losses
      • Recruited 35 students in each program from Victoria, Houston, San Antonio, the Valley, Australia and England
      • Attendance has tripled at the soccer games
      • Provides student life opportunities
      • Home games – 9, a good split between “home” and “away” this year.
    • Mr. Walyuchow gave an update on athletics:
      • 13 golfers; 24 baseball players; 30 softball players; 70 soccer; expecting more to transfer in January
      • Total student athletes – 137
      • Soccer, golf and softball tournaments will be in Georgia; baseball at Cal State San Marcos, CA.
      • Golf – 2nd place for 1st tournament
      • Flags at the soccer field indicate the home countries of our players
      • New dance club (30 members)
      • Student Cheer Club (meets this evening 20 students)
      • Psi Chi providing refreshments at the soccer games
      • Night for the Jaguars – raised over $50,000
      • NAIA with Champions of Character – provides student leadership opportunities
      • Morgan Dunn O’Connor offered to pay for a tailgate and t-shirts for a bus from Victoria to go to a UH Cougar football game. It is a great social and athletic experience for our students. Chari Norgard will talk to the Student Affairs personnel in Houston to get this moving.
    • Ms. Chari Norgard gave an fall enrollment headcount:
      • 4,373; 6.7% increase over last fall enrollment – 2010 4,095
      • 218 Freshmen 1st year and 118 returned this fall – 54% typical
      • 182 freshmen; 129 sophomores
      • All campuses on Mode of Delivery: Online Only - 2,045; F2F and Online– 889;
      • F2F Only – 637; F2F and Hybrid – 175; ITV and Online – 132; ITV, F2F and Online – 129;
      •  ITV only – 119; ITV and F2F – 75; Hybrid and Online – 57; ITV and ITV/Hybrid and F2F – 47;
      • F2F and Hybrid and Online – 45; All other combinations - 23
      • 182 students in Jaguar Hall, 10 resident assistants; Jaguar Hall holds 252 students; Jaguar Court will hold 171
      • Freshmen student orientation “The Jaguar Journey” started on a Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday
    • Mr. Wayne Beran presented FY12 Budget:
      • State General Revenue – $20.4 million - 41.5%
      • Tuition - $13.6 million - 27.4%
      • Fees - $4.3 million – 8.8%
      • 70% of the $34.0 million is tied up in salary and wages
      • FY11 budget total was $49,724,992; FY12 budget total is $56,241,665
      • Allocation of new resources for FY12: Student Access; National Competitiveness; Community Advancement and University Infrastructure and Administration
      • UHV had a 1.6 million decrease – 6% decrease, but Downward Expansion funds helped us come out in the positive
      • New gaming program – TimeGate gave $500,000 for gaming simulation – UHV now offers bachelor degree in this field

        Kay Walker asked how money is handled for endowments – minimum $10,000 - this goes to Houston and bundles with UHS funds to invest it for us, but it is always UHV’s money. All campuses do the same thing. It provides a greater buying power.

        Morgan Dunn O’Connor asked about the Annual Giving Campaign in University Advancement.

    • Dr. Kathryn Tart gave an overview of our School of Nursing Program.
      • Thanked the board for their support
      • 100% of students recommend the School of Nursing to their friends
      • 80 affiliation agreements
      • 12 faculty; 6 adjuncts; 8 ½ staff – faculty enjoy working for UHV
      • 171 students – 72 MSN; 47 2nd Degree; 48 RN-BSN; 4 RN-MSN
      • 16% Male – Nationally 9%
      • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) has given approval for the School of Nursing to have a dual degree – MSN/MBA
      • RN-BSN students Victoria – 16; UHS Sugar Land – 24; UHS Cinco Ranch – 8; highest % from Victoria College – 24%
      • Articulation agreements with Lone Star College, Wharton College and Victoria College
      • 2nd Degree students are only in Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch – 40% have a degree from a UHS university. A 2-4 year journey is reduced to 12 months in this program.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m. followed by a tour of the School of Nursing Lab on the first floor of the University Center Building.

Submitted by: F. Landry
Approved: 12/6/2011

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