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9:30 A.M., October 23, 2013
President's Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present:
Akins, Bashaw, Beran, Cass, Castille, Cobler, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Lambert, Litton, Mehan, Olukoya, Rice, Rutzen, Salazar, Smith, Tart, Thomas, and Walyuchow

Absent: Niroomand

Representative: Charles Alcorn, University Advancement

Guest: Tim Michalski

I. Organization Business

Dr. Cass moved and Dr. Akins seconded to approve the minutes of October 9 as written.

II. Business

A. President’s Report—Dr. Phil Castille

  • System Presidents’ Meeting
  • Dr. Castille reported on the Chancellor’s System Presidents’ meeting.

    o Three new UHS regents were announced -- Durga Agrawal, Paula Mendoza, and Peter Taafee.

    o Upcoming BOR retreat -- short business meeting will be held prior to the retreat in which UHV has a CS Master’s degree program approval request on the agenda.

    o Progress Cards -- each institution in the System and UHS receives a Progress Card. UHV showed major improvements in key enrollment areas, especially minority enrollments.

    --Chancellor addressed the following topics

    1. Research expenses are down across the System;
    2. Transfer student graduate rates are down;
    3. Enrollment across the UHS as a whole was not as robust as the five other university systems in the State of Texas—although UHV grew at the fastest rate of any UHS institution, with growth of about 4% this fall;
    4. African American enrollments are a concern across the System; there’s a possibility that Chancellor Khator will create a “Blue Ribbon Task Force” to take a regional approach to see that all higher education institutions in the Houston metro area are addressing this issue. Dr. Castille noted that African American students at UHV had increased by 38% since 2009;
    5. Students are still graduating with 150 hours across the state; UHS has a problem in this area, which occurs mainly because of excess hours taken by transfer students from community colleges. However, taking so many extra credits delays UHS four and six year graduation rates.
  • Tuition Revenue Bonds for 2015
    Legislative lesson learned—UHV needs to ask for TRBs that include the teaching enters like Sugar Land and Pearland.

  • Committee Appointment
    Dr. Castille announced he has been appointed to The Higher Education Coordinating Board Negotiated Rule Making Committee to look at performance based funding, which will comprise 10% of our next state budget by legislative act last spring. Regional public institutions like UHV have a major stake in this issue since the current system really only rewards the state’s largest institutions on an enrollment basis, making all the smaller campuses “donor institutions” to the biggest schools. Dr. Castille said he would like to see mission-based performance funding, which would take into account our role as an access institution, admitting first-generation and other at-risk students. Schools like us need a performance funding system that includes “momentum points” and “milestone markers” to indicate that we are promoting student success among low-income students.

    He reminded members at the table that enrollment and retention is EVERYONE’S job, and we all must understand that UHV’s future success depends on these performance issues. We sought Downward Expansion, and now we “own” it. UHV cannot be successful without increasing our enrollment, and retaining and graduating more students. He stated that we all need to get the word out to those people not at the table to let people know what the expectations are so that everyone feels a sense of urgency about performance-based funding.

  • Ethnicity
  • According to our registrar, UHV’s ethnicity is changing rapidly and becoming more diverse. Since 2009, Hispanic enrollment has almost doubled, and other minority groups have increased enrollment substantially.

  • Faculty Senate Resolution on Technology Services
  • Dr. Castille said the Budget Committee met with the Technology Services co-leaders after receiving a Resolution regarding IT improvement from the Faculty Senate. Discussions about increases in both personnel and equipment are ongoing. The Budget Committee will approve out-of-cycle increases for Technology Services pending an agreement between the Senate ad hoc committee and Technology Services, even though this is a lean-budget year. Dr. Castille said this is a very good example of Shared Governance in action, as the administration responds positively to needs expressed by the Faculty Senate.

    B. Policy Approval—Tim Michalski

  • A-34 Public Information (Open Records)

  • Mr. Michalski said this policy closely matches the System policy on Open Records. The following steps are required for all Open Records requests 1) requests must be in writing, 2) all requests must be submitted to Business Services, and 3) Business Services will submit them to System Legal. He stressed there is a limit on time to produce the requested information. Information taking 36 hours or more will be charged.

    A motion was made by Dr. Salazar, seconded by Dean Litton to approve the policy as written.

    Policy A-34 was approved by unanimous vote.

    C. Academic Affairs Update—Dr. Jeff Cass

  • WCJC 2+2 Agreements
  • Dr. Cass said the Wharton County Junior College (WCJC) 2+2 agreements have been reviewed and he is waiting on a couple of reviews from the deans.

  • Quality Enhancement Plan
  • Dr. Cass requested everyone take time to review the SACS Quality Enhancement Plan so another draft can be developed. The final report will be due in February.

  • Ceremonies Committee
  • Dr. Cass said the fall commencement ceremony will be hosted at the Merrell Center in Katy in December. He announced he will be making a recommendation on behalf of the committee to the President to eliminate the reception in order to increase capacity seating by 800 seats on the floor.

    D. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

  • Fixed Tuition Rates
  • Mr. Beran said due to HB 29, fixed tuition rates will be coming live next fall and every freshman will have to opt in or out of a fixed based tuition. The parameters are being worked on; but in order to finish in four years, a student will have to take 30-hours a year and maintain a “C” average or will lose the option of the fixed base tuition. There are still many questions to be addressed concerning fixed tuitions; i.e., how to avoid a separate tuition cost for every student, and whether mandatory fees will also be fixed.

  • Regional Economic Development Center
  • Mr. Beran said December 2nd is the target date set by the System for ground breaking for the Regional Economic Development Center. He said UHV was awarded a grant back in 2004 for $800,000 that was not used and had to be turned back in. Mr. Beran will re-request this funding but now that the economy is better due to Eagle Ford Shell, Caterpillar, and expansion of the plants, the funding will be harder to get because this area of Texas does not have a depressed economy.

    E. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

  • Sugar Land Welcome Center
  • Dr. Lambert said the Welcome Center in Sugar Land is being put on a slight hold, as it will be discussed at the upcoming Board of Regents meeting on October 31st.

  • Judicial Process Wording
  • Dr. Lambert is working with the other System campuses to include wording in our judicial process that will bring more consistency from campus to campus.

  • UHV Mobile App
  • The schedule for our university mobile app is moving forward. Last week 11 students tested the IOS version of the app. There will be a tentative soft-launch in January. A full launch will be based on a new Oracle release and PeopleSoft bundle updates.

  • Safe Zone Training
  • UHV’s first Safe Zone training was held on October 9th, with 24 staff and faculty in attendance. We are planning training in Sugar Land on November 1st.

  • Jaguar Day
  • Our first Jaguar Day is set for November 2nd, with most of the schools having already signed up. He expressed his appreciation for their participation. As of today, 30 students have signed up. Last year we only had 27 signed up and with 10 days left, this is very encouraging.

  • Student Activities
  • Student Life and activities are plugging away to get our students involved. UHV’s students are looking for ways to get involved. Last Tuesday we had a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, with over 65 students participating.

    F. Enrollment Updates—Dr. Denee Thomas

  • Enrollment Report

    The Student Success Center has emailed all midterm grade report list and our new Success Coach Ashleigh Kellis-Carr, Mara Cooper, and Cheryl Worley met with 39 freshmen and 11 others.

  • Spring 2014 Applications
  • Registration for spring and summer opens November 18th. Last year, we had 36% enrolled on the third day of registration (1,630), with 140 of those being new students. There was a brief discussion on pushing up UHV’s registration date to match the other UH campuses.

  • Summer 2014 Applications
  • Summer applications received are 21, with 2, or about 10% accepted.

  • Fall 2014 Applications
  • Fall 2014 freshmen applications are at 697, with 123 accepted, or 17.6%. For same date in 2012, we are up 29% for applications, and 86.4% for accepted students. She stated that it was interesting to remember that four years ago at this time; we had not yet opened our freshman applications.

    G. University Advancement Updates—Greg Rutzen

    Mr. Rutzen said the University Advancement office is busy on fundraising letters, working on--the second annual giving letter and the second announcement for the One for All and All for One campaign. The search continues for the Annual Giving Director. (Dr. Cass stated phone interviews would be conducted on October 25th.) Mr. Rutzen requested if there are any potential donors at the President’s Annual Report that Cabinet members would like for him or Dr. Alcorn to meet, please provide a brief profile of who they are and what their philanthropic interest might be.

    H. Other Items

    Dr. Mehan said the System Art Acquisition Committee will meet on November 5th to select between two artists proposals.

    Dean Tart said the School of Nursing is working on their self-study in preparation for the Commission on Collegiate Nursing visit in March. She said the school will receive $25,000 from The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board funds appropriated for Nursing.

    Dean Di Leo said the School of Arts & Sciences is working with Marketing on the biomedical program. He said there is a new program in the works, a bachelor’s in Political Science. He believes the MS in Computer Science program will be approved at the upcoming Board of Regents’ meeting. The school is moving forward with the Turkish cohort with a bachelor in Psychology and Computer information System.

    Dean Litton said on October 25th the Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) Region 3 Conference will be held here at UHV where regional high school students will work on competitions all day. The winners of the contests will advance to San Antonio. He thanked the UHV community for the overwhelming response the School of Education & Human Development received when requesting volunteers to serve as judges.

    Dr. Salazar said the inaugural meeting of the School of Business Administration Advisory Committee will meet on October 25th. The Advisory Committee comprised of a dozen prominent business members will provide guidance for new programs for the school.

    Mr. Ferguson announced Technology Services is in the testing phase of using your UHV username and password to access PeopleSoft. When we complete testing, you will be able to access PeopleSoft, Blackboard, email, Library, and all other local applications using your UHV username and password.

    Mr. Walyuchow said the October 20th women’s soccer “Pink Out Game” was a great success, had a crowd of over 200. By October 25th, we should know which teams qualify for the soccer tournaments. He met with Claud Jacobs to discuss the upcoming UHV Claud Jacobs Intercollegiate Invitational Golf Tournament on February 15-16th. For this tournament, the men’s and women’s events should host 15-16 teams. The men’s event will be held at the Victoria Country Club and the women will play at The Club at Colony Creek. These events are scheduled to bring in approximately 200 golfers and coaches to the City of Victoria, this doesn’t include fans. Mr. Walyuchow said the Athletics online store has expanded its product line and there are more items now available. He suggested everyone check out their new products at

    Meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
    Submitted by: Kathy Walton