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9:30 A.M., September 25, 2013
President's Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Akins, Bashaw, Beran, Castille, Cobler, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Lambert, Litton, Mehan, Olukoya, Rice, Rutzen, Salazar, Smith, Tart, Thomas, and Walyuchow

Absent: Alcorn, Cass, and Niroomand

Guests: Mara Cooper and Dakota Doman

  1. Organization Business
  2. Dr. Akins moved and Mr. Walyuchow seconded to approve the minutes of September 11, as revised.

    --Dr. Thomas requested changes to wording to indicate thanks to everyone.

    Thanks to Mr. Lagal’s team for increasing the freshman class. Many thanks to everyone for the work with the “Zapped” student list. The recovered students were 12 out of 104, compared...

    --Dr. Salazar requested to submit rewording.

    Dr. Salazar offered kudos to IT leadership for cooperating with the Faculty Senate in making recommendations relating to student retention, faculty engagement and course quality.

  3. Business

A. Introduction

Dr. Castille invited two new professional staff members in Student Success to Cabinet to introduce. They are Mara Cooper, replacement for Sandra Heinold, as the Director of Student Success; and Dakota Doman, replacement for Lindsey Koch, as Director of Student Life & Services.

B. President’s Report—Dr. Phil Castille

  • “Zap” Rate

Dr. Castille said delaying the “Zap” date as suggested by Dr. Cass proved to be a positive effect on fall enrollment. It gave students more time to make financial arrangements, without the early penalty of having their enrollments cancelled.

  • Budget Committee

Dr. Castille said the Budget Committee is responding to a Faculty Senate request to review services provided by IT. The Budget Committee has asked a special ad hoc committee appointed by the Senate to work with Joe Ferguson and Randy Faulk to develop a prioritized list of expenditures to improve services. When this list comes forward, the Budget Committee will consider an out-of-cycle allocation to IT to address these priorities, which may include purchase of equipment and extending personnel services.

--The Budget Committee is confident that this fall’s strong enrollment will enable the administration to provide merit raises during FY14. But the committee will wait for the spring enrollment number before formally beginning the merit raise process.

  • Summer School

Dr. Castille said it does not appear that face-to-face classes are going to be as big a money maker for Summer School as we had hoped. With Summer 2014 beginning a “count year,” UHV needs to pull out all the stops on our online courses and use our resources where we can to increase summer school enrollment.

  • Texas Tribune Festival

Dr. Castille announced he was invited to serve on a panel with four other presidents of Texas regional public universities at the 2013 The Texas Tribune Festival in Austin. This panel will specifically address the needs and priorities of non-flagship universities. Dr. Castille said this will allow him to get UHV’s name out in the public and bring attention to non-Tier One campuses. Other universities represented are Sam Houston State, UT Pan American, and Prairie View A&M.

C. Facilities &Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

  • New Fiscal Year

Mr. Beran said it is the time of the year when normally your fund balances will roll-forward for the next fiscal year and then a portion will revert back to the institution to be used for reallocation. In order to cover the deficits in the shortages in tuition and fees revenue in spring 2013, most units’ funds will be rolled back at 50%. Departments and schools could possibly have a greater reduction if more than amble funds were deemed to be available. The school salary lines that are not filled are being pulled back at 100%, but no position funding will be affected in the fiscal year. Mr. Beran went on to say that with the SACS audit coming, the deficit lines must be cleaned up in the just ended fiscal year 2013. Reductions will be completed in September and the remaining departmental local funds will roll-forward shortly thereafter.

  • New Building Name

Mr. Beran requested help in naming the new Regional Economic building that is to break ground this fall.

  • Additional Signage

Mr. Beran said the digital displays being handled by Technology Services for the Victoria campus will also be used in the Brazos and George buildings on the UH Sugar Land campus. The timeframe for getting these up and running will be spring for Victoria and shortly thereafter in Sugar Land.

  • TimeGate Building

Mr. Beran said with the TimeGate Building not happening, Mr. Phillips at the UHSL campus is in desperate need of another building. The new proposed building will be scaled back in size and probably be relocated next to the library. He said everybody is in need of more space.

  • YMCA Child Care Center

Mr. Beran said Tim Michalski continues to work with the YMCA and is moving forward with the day care. Victoria College is on board and UHV will be also. The building the YMCA plans to use for the new child care center is next to their current location and will be gutted and rebuilt.

D. Student Affairs Updates—Dr. Jay Lambert

  • Jaguar Days

Dr. Lambert said Jaguar Days are being revamped.

  • They will be moving to Jaguar Village,
  • Lunch will now be served,
  • Want to create a “fair” type feel
    • There will be tables from all major administrative departments
    • Tables for student organizations
    • A table from each academic department (would like to have the deans and a recruiter at each table), and
    • The dates of Jaguar Days will be November 2, January 25, February 15, and March 1.
  • Fall 2014 Freshmen/First Time in College Goal
    --Dr. Lambert said they have set a goal of 400 for freshmen/first time in college and strongly anticipate 390 to 420 students. As started this summer in Student Affairs, they will continue to monitor those students that have been accepted for financial aid as a top priority. In this case, they will have those who have been offered aid as their second priority. Student Affairs will continue to send these names to the college recruiters as well.

--For the first time Student Affairs will be monitoring FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) data to see how many students list UHV as first and second on their applications. Last year we did not enroll 103 students who list us first on their FAFSA. Some schools see as high as 90% enrollment rate of these students. We will continue to send these to the college recruiters as well.

--The UHV Guarantee has been revamped; it is now a housing scholarship. We think this will help mitigate the sticker shock of the cost of housing, especially for those students who are considering living at home because it is free.

  • Jaguar Village

Dr. Lambert said Jaguar Village has 617 rental beds, with 460 rented for 74.55% occupancy. Student Affairs strongly anticipate being over the 100% at the start of the semester and leveling off at around 95% this time next year.

E. Enrollment Updates—Dr. Denee Thomas

  • FAFSA Applications

Dr. Thomas said 60% of the fall 2013 freshmen class ranked UHV first or second on their FAFSA applications. 10% of class ranked UHV eighth or ninth on FAFSA applications.

  • Enrollment Stats Comparison’s from the 12th class day--
    • Down 0.6% overall headcount
    • Down 0.6% graduate headcount
    • Down 0.52% undergraduate headcount
    • Up 1.1% over budgeted headcount
    • Down 0.7% new students
    • Down 0.5% returning/former students
    • Total of 128 students “Zapped”/27 re-enrolled, so we lost 101
    • Total SCH down by 2.5%
    • Total SCH up by 2.9% over budgeted SCH
  • Applications

Dr. Thomas said freshmen applications received for fall 2014 are at 154 with 13 having been accepted; for spring 2014, 88 received with 8 having been accepted.

  • Enrollment Management Team
    The Enrollment Management Team that meets with Dr. Thomas are working on a proposal for a “Zap” process for the future and how best to communicate to the students.
  • Freshmen Recruiting Team

Dr. Thomas said the Freshmen Recruiting Team priority is to get in touch with students that expressed interest and give them as much personalized attention as possible.

F. University Advancement Updates—Greg Rutzen

  • Leads

Mr. Rutzen said he appreciated the leads provided by a faculty member and a staff member that he expects will lead to endowed scholarships.

  • “One for All & All for One” Kick-Off Meetings

Mr. Rutzen reported there were 65 participants in Victoria at the September 17 “One for All & All for One” kick-off campaign gathering and 40 participants at the Sugar Land campaign meeting on September 23. So far, University Advancement has received 51 gifts for a little over $28,000.

G. Other Items

Dean Di Leo said he along with Jeff Blodgett and Fort Bend County leaders spent a little over a week visiting four cities in Turkey to explore business, cultural, and educational opportunities. He hopes the travel will lead to international programmatic development with Turkey for UHV. Dean Di Leo said the School of Arts & Sciences enrollment is up 2,000 hours--up by 12.5% from last fall.

Dean Litton said on Friday, October 25, the School of Education & Human Development will be hosting a recruiting event for a future teacher’s competition. There will be between 150-200 students that have expressed an interest in teaching on our campus. The winners of the competition here will go onto San Antonio.

Dean Tart said Saturday, September 28, they expect 300 people to attend the Memorial Herman System event at UH Sugar Land entitled “Care 2 Chat about toddler, tween and teen health”. This civic engagement and interprofessional collaboration outreach is cosponsored by UHV School of Nursing. Dean Tart shared some new information, for new programs instead of the Coordinating Board sending forward it now has to come from the Provost office. She said the Robert Wood Foundation APIN grant is recognized nationally as an innovative step for RN-BSN progression to include “Concept-Based” curriculum-webinars, connections with practice partners about the nurse of the future, and diversity in nursing education. Information about the resources provided to nurses across the state are located at

Dr. Akins announced the next Community Readers event is September 25 with Dr. Justin Bell discussing “Philosophies of Enlightenment and Democratic Government.”

Dr. Dahlstrom stated we will once again be hosting our fourth annual Banned Books Week and said the “Read-Out” featuring Dr. Castille and others will be on September 26 at 10:00 a.m. He reported the Library Instruction Lab is up and running and shared a flier that contained information on how they can assist students with Library resources and who to contact to schedule a face-to-face session or an online instruction session.

Mr. Walyuchow said the soccer poll shows UHV as the 33rd ranked team in the country. He encouraged everyone to come and see the UHV soccer teams in action on September 26 at the Cage. He thanked Mr. Beran and Facilities department for their work and support of the soccer field—the field is in great condition and is being noticed by other visiting schools. The Claud Jacobs Invitation Golf Tournament is scheduled for February 16-18, 2014 and Mr. Walyuchow said there will be 15 men’s team and 15 women’s teams; approximately 200 golfers and coaches. He said he has already been contacted by Candlewood Suites and Homewood Suites about housing these teams from all over the United States.

Dr. Mehan announced the first Provost’s Lecture Series will be a little different this time. On October 13, at the Fine Arts Center, the lecture series will premiere the movie “Texas Before the Alamo” that was partially filmed in Victoria and Goliad counties preceded by a panel discussion.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton