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9:30 A.M., September 11, 2013
President's Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Akins, Bashaw, Cass, Castille, Cobler, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Lambert, Litton, Niroomand, Olukoya, Rice, Salazar, Smith, Tart, Thomas, and Walyuchow

Absent: Beran, Dahlstrom, Mehan, and Rutzen

Representatives: Vera Akinkuoto, Student Life; Charles Alcorn, University Advancement; Gail Crockett, Library; and Val Walden, Administration & Finance

I. Organization Business

--Dr. Tart moved and Dr. Akins seconded to approve the minutes of August 28, as circulated.

II. Business

A. Policy Approval

  • C-32 Employee Wellness Program—Laura Smith
    • A motion was made by Dr. Cass, seconded by Dr. Akins to approve the policy as written.

      Policy C-32 was approved by unanimous vote

B. President’s Report—Dr. Phil Castille

Story in New York Times
Dr. Castille shared an article from the New York Times titled “Are Tenure Track Professors Better Teachers?” This story reports on an eight-year study by Northwestern University in Chicago that surveyed the classroom teaching of tenured/tenure-track faculty versus lecturers and adjunct faculty. The published findings show that freshmen taught by non-tenure line faculty are 1) more likely to take a second course in the discipline and 2) more likely to make a higher grade in the second course. He cautioned that this is only one study at one private, elite university, so the results may not be relevant for teaching institutions such as UHV. But he said that the public has grown skeptical of many aspects of American higher education, so we must all be careful to actively promote student success.

President’s Regional Advisory Board
Dr. Castille said the first PRAB meeting under new president Omar Rachid and with five new members was a very good meeting. The informational presentations shared with PRAB members consisted of School of Education & Human Development by Dean Litton, Motion Capture Equipment by Dr. Ali Tavakkoli, and Overview of Budget by Mr. Beran and were well received and appreciated by the members. The meeting was followed by a reception.

Dr. Castille announced that all schools will need to contribute to a common budget/cost center for the Office of Marketing & Communications; two schools already do. He reminded everyone that all ads have to come through Marketing for review before being placed.

C. Enrollment Updates

—Dr. Denee Thomas

Dr. Thomas announced the following enrollment stats:

  • Total headcount, as of this morning, was 4,516 (101.1% of the budgeted headcount), which is up 2.6% over last fall and up 3.2% over two years ago,
  • Total graduate headcount is down by 12.2%, with undergraduate headcount up by 4%,
  • Number of new students is up by 6.2%,
  • Thanks to Mr. Lagal’s team of working with students that were “Zapped,” the re-enrollments figures were 12 out of 104, compared to 168 out of 289 last fall,
  • Freshmen numbers are up by 15.5% over last year,
  • Slight upswing in returning student numbers, and
  • There are 14 students (8 sophomores and 6 juniors) that are first-time-in-college students that came in as sophomores or juniors.

D. First Year Academic Experience—Dr. Keith Akins

Dr. Akins reported close to 300 freshmen students showed up for the first ABR Reading Series event and 150 had to be turned away due to the limited seating in the Alcorn Auditorium. He said there are far fewer complaints this semester and when they are reported, he forwards them onto Dr. Lambert’s office who handles them immediately. In return, we are receiving wonderful reactions from the students. He said it has been great working with Brandon Lee, Manager of the American Campus Communities. He also thanked Technology Services for their assistance in helping with student issues.

E. Academic Affairs Update—Dr. Jeff Cass

Dr. Cass reported that the SACS Compliance Report has been shipped out. He thanked Faculty Senate and the deans on their assistance. He said early November the off-site team will review our submission and provide feedback. Crystal Baird, SACS Liaison, will visit UHV in late November and will be available to help us to address any off-site findings in the Focused Report, if SACS is able to send the off-site findings prior to her arrival in Victoria.

Dr. Cass said the Victoria campus is now UHV’s largest teaching center for face-to-face students, increasing 300% from four years ago. • Advising Dr. Cass announced in Spring 2014, Student Affairs will hire its first success coach as part of a plan to centralize student advising for freshmen and sophomore students, even if students have declared a major. Once the student begins taking upper-division courses, the advising will pass directly to the schools.

--Dr. Cass said UHV has received preliminary approval for the Masters in Computer Science from the Provost Council. --The Health Studies program request is at The Coordinating Board and should be completed shortly. --He thanked Ms. Cobler for providing information to the people in Fort Bend for the fall issue of the Fort Bend Journal in which the School of Business Administration is highlighted.

F. University Advancement Updates—Dr. Charles Alcorn

Night for the Jaguars
Dr. Alcorn reported the Night for the Jaguars Nolan Ryan event was quite successful. He said there was good attendance by the people in Victoria and the event was a great friend-raising opportunity. He reported UHV netted approximately $30,000 on gross revenue of $42,000+ including in-kind gifts and that Mr. Ryan commented that he was “mightily impressed” with Coach Puhl’s program and players, and the Victoria community as a whole.

Dr. Alcorn said this past fiscal year was a remarkable year for fundraising at UHV—the OUA goal was $700,000 and we raised $1.8 M. He thanked the deans that helped to make this happen. He said this was the single largest year in fundraising history at UHV. The annual giving campaign “One for All—All for One” for Victoria and Sugar Land kickoff events are next week in Victoria and Sugar Land.

The ad for the Director for Annual Giving and Alumni Relations is posted and a search committee, chaired by Dr. Cass, has been established.

UHV Ambassadors
Dr. Alcorn closed by saying that all of President’s Cabinet are wonderful ambassadors for the university. He said University Advancement is trying to reintroduce UHV to the community and encouraged everyone to share the UHV story with community members in order to keep the school top-of-mind.

G. Athletics—Mr. Ash Walyuchow

Thanked everyone around the table and the community members for their help on making the Nolan Ryan event a success. He said he received wonderful comments from the community about hosting the event at the Riverside stadium and seeing all the student athletes on the field. He said there was a wealth of information gathered at the event that can be used for planning other events. Mr. Walyuchow said student athletes were encouraged by Nolan Ryan’s speech about being prepared for life after sports.

H. Other Items

Dean Di Leo said the School of Arts & Sciences’ enrollment is up by 10%, with Computer Science undergraduate program being the star. The Digital Gaming program has grown from 40 to 80 students in one year. Dean Di Leo said the ABR Reading Series first guest speaker, Elizabeth Hand, was too much of a success and approximately 200 people had to be turned away due to limited seating. For the next speaker, an additional room will be set up for broadcasting the event.

Dean Niroomand reported that the School of Business Administration has enrolled a large number of new graduate students to make up for a record number of MBA graduates in the last year. He mentioned that the SBA has 54% of graduate students at UHV. Dean Niroomand also reported the record number of business undergraduate students that has surpassed 1,040 enrolled for the first time in UHV history. Dean Niroomand said on October 3, the SBA will be hosting their Awards Banquet where they will recognize their MBA and BBA Conference competition winners, those inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, and recognize the recipients of the Bloomberg Business Week Teaching and Research Awards.

Dean Litton said the two new concentrations in the School of Education & Human Development has double digit enrollment this semester. The VOICE post baccalaureate program last year had five students and this fall has sixteen students. On November 8th, the Victoria Independent School District, Regional Service Center, and the SoEHD will host the Education Technology Conference here at UHV.

Dean Tart said the November Fall Forum in Sugar Land will be connected with the Sigma Theta Tau International honor society induction ceremony. She said March 2-5 will be the reaffirmation of accreditation for SoN. Dean Tart said she is excited about the new degree in Health Studies. She announced Nursing is moving high stake exams online. UHV IP addresses change making it difficult for students to take these exams on the Victoria campus.

Dr. Lambert announced Dakota Doman has been hired as the Director of Student Life & Services to replace Lindsey Koch. He also announced Power Lifting has been established as the first sport club for students. He said there are all types of sport activities being organized for students such as flag football and basketball.

Dr. Cass expressed his appreciation to Laura Smith for her role in Corporate Cup.

Dr. Salazar expressed kudos to shared governance and the Faculty Senate/IT resolution.

Mr. Bashaw announced the next Staff Council meeting will be on September 12. For those staff members that wish to attend but have difficulty leaving their desk, attendance can now be via Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect also replaces ITV for those who office in Fort Bend.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton