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10:30 A.M., May 22, 2013
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Cass, Castille, Cobler, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Faulk, Ferguson, Lagal, Lambert, Litton, Mehan, Niroomand, Olukoya, Rice, Smith, Thomas, and Walyuchow

Absent: Neill and Tart

Representatives: Ron Salazar, Faculty Senate and Natalia Ruiz, University Advancement

I. Organization Business

--Dr. Cass moved and Dean Di Leo seconded to approve the minutes of May 8, as amended.

  • Under section E, second bullet, the following sentence was reworded for a clearer understanding.
    She said she and others are working to assure that UHV is using social media effectively.

II. Business

  • President’s Report–Dr. Phil Castille

    • Tuition Revenue Bonds (TRBs)
      Dr. Castille reported that the House side added $8M+ to our $70M TRB package request. Nothing is confirmed at this time but UHV stands to receive more bonding authority than any other University of Houston System (UHS) campus if the TRB proposal is passed by the legislature.

    • Board of Regents (BOR) Action
      Dr. Castille said the BOR approved UHV’s requests for the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Master of Science in Biomedical Science in Professional Science degrees. They approved also the requests to purchase property near the university. These requests will still have to be taken up by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board this summer.

    • Student Government Association (SGA)
      Dr. Castille recognized and welcomed Moses Olukoya as Jena West’s replacement as President of the Student Government Association and a new Cabinet member.

    • UHS Changes
      --Dr. Castille announced that Dick Phillips has a new title, Associate Vice Chancellor for System Initiatives, and will be responsible for planning, operations, and outreach for off-campus programs in Sugar Land, Katy, Northwest Houston and elsewhere. --There is still no word on the UH search for Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The search has been narrowed to two candidates.

  • Academic Affairs Updates–Dr. Jeff Cass

    Two Plus Two Agreements
    Dr. Cass said 2+2 agreements have been developed and added to eight existing degree agreements which have been sent to Dr. Pat Vandervoort at VC, and is waiting for feedback. Sugar Land Issues --Dr. Cass said the bankruptcy of TimeGate Studios has slowed down the plans for a new building at UHSL and UHV’s gaming certificate program. According to Dr. Cass, there is now a new partner for the gaming building. --Dr. Cass said there is talk about redesigning the George building’s welcome center in order to make guest more aware of program locations on the UHSL campus. --He said he felt the enrollment figures are fine; they seem to be up a bit for the fall freshmen, with a little under a 20% increase.
  • Facilities & Finance Updates–Wayne Beran

    • Regional Economic Center for Economic Development
      Mr. Beran said work continues on the development of the Regional Economic Center for Economic Development building and input from different groups will be needed. That information will then be shared with the Budget Committee for review.

    • Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB)
      Mr. Beran reported the THECB’s has been reviewed by the Texas Sunset Act, which provides recommendations to the Texas Legislature that decides on whether an agency continues to operate. Following the recommendations by the Act, the THECB will no longer review capital project.

    • UHSL Welcome Center
      Mr. Beran said UH, Wharton, and UHV will participate in the Welcome Center at the Sugar Land campus, but UHCL has opted not to participate.

    • Tuition and Fees
      Mr. Beran said the tuition and fees agenda item was tabled until the legislative session is over. He said there will be a “special called” meeting on June 17 that will hopefully grant us approval of our request.

    • Victoria Events Center
      Mr. Beran announced that Chancellor Khator has signed a Cooperative Expression of Interest allowing UHV to assist Roth Construction on developing a business plan for the Victoria Events Center.

    • Personnel
      Mr. Beran stated three more officers are participating in an intense interview for the sworn peace officer position at UHV. This position is being funded by the Department of Justice (DOJ) grant.

  • D. Student Affairs Updates–Dr. Jay Lambert

    • Student Handbook
      Dr. Lambert reminded Cabinet members that Student Handbook changes were due on May 3 and if not already done, to get any changes submitted.

    • Financial Aid
      Dr. Lambert said there had been a discussion at the last Academic Council meeting concerning Financial Aid and these are changes being made:
      • --Use alternate email addresses of students to tell them to check their UHV account;
      • --The following queries will be developed:
        • for those students that have been awarded financial aid but has not registered;
        • for those students that have registered and applied for financial aid but have no award;
        • for those students that have not applied for financial aid; and
        • for those students that have applied for financial aid that still need tweaking
      • --A report of how much financial aid has been awarded week by week
      • --A housing cross reference that would indicate if a student had applied for a scholarship
      • --A priority query that would list all accepted freshmen

      In order to get a grasp on our students, Dr. Lambert said he felt this would provide a better system.

    • Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
      Dr. Lambert said that Laura Smith has been working on updating the UHV’s Administrative Policy for Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (C-5). UHV’s policy has been edited for consistency with language in UHS policies. Ms. Smith shared copies of UHS’s Equal Employment Opportunity and gave a brief presentation to Cabinet. There will be a “Family Restroom” (non-gender) in University West ready in approximately six weeks. The new Regional Economic Center for Economic Development will also host family restrooms.
  • Enrollment Updates–Dr. Denee Thomas

    Dr. Thomas said as of 5/22/13, UHV has accepted 1,464 applications and we’ve had 2,977 students apply compared to 2012 with 1,141 applications and 2,428 having applied. Applications completed are at 58%. We currently have 25 new sophomores taking face to face classes in Victoria in fall 2013. To date, 377 students have initiated housing.
  • Other Items

    Dr. Rice said that as co-chairs of the Commencement Committee she and Dr. Cass would like to thank everyone for a good commencement. To be SACS compliant, she said she would be sending out an email addressing the goals of the Office of Special Events. If requested, this office can assist other university departments by providing lists of caterers, university guest lists with addresses for invitation and sample of wording for invites and protocols.

    Ms. Smith announced the Facilities department is serving as the pilot for the new biweekly TRAM system. She said that she would be sending out a customer survey today to get feedback for improving the Human Resource (HR) office. She said that she is also adding a feedback link to the HR’s office web site.

    Dr. Salazar, representing Dr. Neill, said he appreciated Mr. Beran’s office purchasing software to implement electronic signatures. He felt a lot of people would benefit from this time saving technology.

    Ms. Koch said there were no major updates from her area that some things slow down a bit in the summer since more residential students go home.

    Dean Di Leo reported that 21 students accepted the UHV offer of “Two for One Special” for the summer. There was a brief discussion on May and January semesters.

    Mr. Walyuchow said mini-mesters effects eligibility for athletes. The national championship has wrapped up for the year. In their second game against Lubbock Christian University (LCU), the UHV Jaguar softball team lost, allowing LCU to advance to the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) Softball National Championships in Georgia. Vance Edwards advanced to the final round of the NAIA National Golf Championships where he finished tied for 20th out of 155 golfers.

    Dr. Castille said no cafeteria service will be available in Jaguar Hall this summer due to building modifications. The remodeled area once completed will be twice its current size. Each dorm room also will be equipped with a microwave. A limited amount of catering will be available over the summer.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:00 noon
Submitted by: Kathy Walton