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9:30 A.M., September 10, 2012
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Cass, Castille, Di Leo, Ferguson, Litton, Mehan, Mundy, Neill, Niroomand, Norgard, Rice, Walyuchow, and West

Absent: Cobler, Dahlstrom, Lagal, Smith, Tart

Jeremy Shapiro attended in Ms. Cobler’s absence
Karen Locher attended in Dr. Dahlstrom’s absence
Harry Bashaw attended in Mr. Lagal’s absence
Dr. Neill represented Faculty Senate and Dr. Tart in her absence

  1. Organization Business

    --Dr. Cass moved and Dean Niroomand seconded to approve the minutes of August 22, 2012 with the following corrections.

    • Under Enrollment, the word “new” was added in front of freshmen
    • Under Zapping of Students, it was requested that the word “zapping” be placed in quotes
  2. Business

    1. President’s Report–Dr. Phil Castille

      --System Presidents’ meeting
      Dr. Castille reported the System Presidents’ meeting on September 7th was a busy meeting, involving preparations for the LBB (Legislative Budget Board) public hearings in Houston on September 21st, and the UH Board of Regents retreat in October. He said enrollment at UHV is a success story and expressed thanks/congratulations to the Academic Affairs leadership, Student Affairs, Student Life, Recruitment, Admissions, Financial Aid, and everyone involved for all their hard work.

      --School of Business Administration Reception
      Dr. Castille announced he had attended the SBA reception on September 7th at UHSL where the SBA Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 BBA Conference Winners and Winning Teams, MBA Conference Winning Teams and MSEDE Outstanding Projects were honored, along with the Bloomberg Teaching and Research Awards. He congratulated Dean Niroomand on having this public ceremony, to which public office-holders and other community leaders are invited.

      --President’s Regional Advisory Board (PRAB)
      The first meeting of the new academic year for PRAB will be September 11th, followed by a reception in the Multi-Purpose Room. Four new members are coming on to the PRAB, and we are looking to revitalize this group. Margaret Rice has led the effort to recruit new members and to organize meetings; Dr. Castille thanked her for her work on these tasks.

      --2012 Senate Higher Educational Committee
      Dr. Castille announced he will be attending the meeting of the Senate Higher Educational Committee in Austin, where Chancellor Renu Khator will be testifying. Testimony will include topics such as financial aid, the bacterial meningitis vaccination requirement, support for research universities, and other topics.

      Dr. Castille said he had visited with the chancellor concerning the signage at the UHSL campus. He said that the chancellor named Associate Vice President (AVP) Dick Phillips as the person in charge of facilities at UHSL, and that he will now report directly to her. Therefore, she told Dr. Castille to work directly with AVP Phillips on marketing/signage at UHSL; if they are unable to agree, then she will be the person to resolve any conflict and make a final decision.

    2. Academic Affairs–Dr. Jeff Cass

      Dr. Cass expressed his appreciation for the daily enrollment information he received thus allowing him to be able to track enrollment. He said there appeared to be a communication problem with the dorm information; apparently, rooms were counted instead of beds indicating a higher number of occupants than there actually was.

      --Sugar Land Office Moves
      Dr. Cass said the Sugar Land moves went very well and thanked Karen Sanders for a splendid job. He said UHV is still short space and there will be further discussions with Dick Phillips on the use of space at this campus.

      --Director of Online Learning
      Dr. Cass spoke to Faculty Senate on the SACS need for a Director of Online Learning. This position would have oversight of online courses–faculty members would continue to own the course. He said there needs to be a set criteria that faculty members establish and a design model to meet the best practices needs. This position will be advertised this semester.

      --Associate Director of Alumni Relations
      The committee made an offer this week but applicant did not accept.

    3. Facilities & Finance Updates–Wayne Beran

      --Regional Economic Development Building
      Mr. Beran said on September 6th a committee consisting of 4 individuals from UHV and 3 from UHS met for interviews with 5 architectural firms on the Regional Economic Development building. This building is slated to begin by mid spring and be completed by Fall 2014.

      --Commuter Buses
      Mr. Beran said our current buses cannot be used for out-of-town trips due to the condition of the buses, although if there is a need a bus could be upgraded. The buses will soon have a new look once they are “wrapped” with UHV information. He reported the buses seem to be working very well, no complaints from students. There was a short discussion on the possible need to have a safety class for students on pedestrian traffic.

      -- Editorial in Victoria Advocate
      Mr. Beran followed up on the editorial in the Victoria Advocate by County Commission Gary Burns on the need for a Victoria events center. The UHV Athletics department and others have been contacted on what they foresee as the university’s needs for a sports center next to an events center.

    4. Enrollment Updates–Chari Norgard

      Total: 4,413 is up by 1% over last year’s 4,375
      Graduate: 1,705, down 4% from last year’s 1,787

      --Semester Credit Hours
      Total: 38,027 is up by 2% over last year’s 37,288
      Graduate: 10,288, down 5% from last year’s 10,830
      Undergraduate: 27,739 is up by 5% over last year’s 26,458

      --Freshmen Cohort
      Number returning from Fall 2011: 97 of 181
      Number returning from Fall 2010: 56 of 218

      --“Zapped” Students
      Number of “zapped” students that re-enrolled: 168 of 289 (students “zapped” for nonpayment have until September 24th to pay)

      Spring registration opens on November 19th.

      --Campus Quest
      Ms. Norgard said Steve Soutullo, UHS Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Access and Success, will be visiting UHV on September 13th. He will be touring the campus and dorms and attending various meetings at the university.

  3. Other Items

    Mr. Walyuchow said he is working with the City of Victoria on an agreement for the UHV softball team to play at Rosebud Stadium this season. The ladies have already begun their practice and the baseball team will begin theirs in October. He said the soccer team is 3 to 4 games ahead of most other teams.

    Dr. Rice brought to everyone’s attention a time change of the upcoming President’s Regional Advisory Board meeting on September 11th. This year’s Cabinet Retreat has been scheduled for October 8 and 9--exact times will be forthcoming. Spouses are invited to attend the evening meal. This year’s retreat will include a consultant/facilitator, Rose Mary Fry. Her consulting work with us is funded by a grant from the Trull Foundation.

    Ms. Mundy announced UHV had received a grant for $60,000 from the George Foundation for the 2nd degree BSN and asked UHV to do an additional request for the RN to BSN Nursing degree.

    Dean Di Leo invited everyone to hear the first guest speaker of the Fall 2012 American Book Review Reading Series. This year’s series will start on September 13th with Steve Tomasula. Dean Di Leo announced that TimeGate Studios will offer in conjunction with UHV the only post baccalaureate gaming certificate in the nation. He briefing discussed the ZUST initiative stating UHV is working out a 2+2 plan with this Chinese university. This agreement will involve at least 50 new Chinese students a year for five years, with UHV possibly netting 6,000 semester credit hours per semester when the agreement is in full operation.

    Ms. West said the Student Government Association (SGA) met yesterday and plan to continue the “Meet the Leaders Event” again this year. The event date has yet to be scheduled but will be held at noon in the Jaguar Hall Common Area. The SGA’s 1st Annual Charity Kickball Tournament for breast cancer has been scheduled for October 11th at 6:30 p.m. Ms. West said it is important to keep students involved in the community. It was suggested that possibly a Susan B. Coleman 5K run/walk event would be a worthwhile cause for our students to be involved in. There was a brief discussion concerning the “Information Fair” held on August 30th. It was suggested that the event be liaison with the Chamber next time and be held at Jaguar Hall due to outside weather conditions.

    Mr. Bashaw, representing Mr. Lagal, said the Staff Council is interested in doing a 5K run/walk in the cooler months and have already talked with Victoria College to joint host the fund raising event. He said Staff Council is interested in organizing a much needed “update” to the employee lounge which is located on the second floor next to School of Education. It is our hope to make this an inviting place for staff to relax and enjoy their meals in a comfortable (and not so dated) environment. The vice presidents stated they will work with Staff Council on updating the University West, second floor Employee Lounge.

    Dean Litton reported he had a very good turnout of students and School of Education and Human Development faculty members for the school’s first “Town Hall” meeting for freshmen and sophomore students interested in teaching. Dean Litton said the school will also hold a “Town Hall” meeting in Cinco Ranch.

    Ms. Locher, representing Dr. Dahlstrom, said Banned Books Week will be September 30-October 6 and will be tied to the freshmen seminar and community readers. She said a group of library staff visited Katy to check on interlibrary loans and faculty needs and they came away with a very good feeling. The library will host the University Branch Academic Library Liaisons who are coming to observe an instruction session on September 11th.

    Ms. Norgard reminded everyone of the upcoming Hispanic Heritage reception on September 18th, in the Multi-Purpose Room. The Cultural Council has partnered with VC and us for several years on this event but due to funding are closing their doors.

Dr. Cass motioned to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Ferguson.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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