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10:00 A.M., August 8, 2012
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Akins, Beran, Cass, Castille, Cobler, Dahlstrom, Ferguson, Lagal, Mehan, Mundy, Norgard, Rice, Smith, Tart, Walyuchow, and West

Absent: Di Leo, Litton, and Niroomand

School Representatives: Tracey Fox, School of Arts & Sciences; Dr. Jane Fry, School of Education & Human Relations; and Jane Mims, School of Business Administration

I. Organization Business

--Mr. Walyuchow moved and Dean Tart seconded to approve the minutes of July 25, 2012 as written.

II. Business

A. President’s Report–Dr. Phil Castille

--Dr. Castille welcomed Paula Cobler, Interim Director of Marketing/Communications, and Billy Lagal, the incoming President of Staff Council, as new members of the President’s Cabinet.

--Dr. Castille was invited to tour Houston’s new Menninger Clinic, one of the nation’s leading inpatient psychiatric hospitals, which is in partnership with the Baylor College of Medicine. We are looking to see if UHV could possibly help them to meet their nursing needs–possibly involving psychiatric nursing.

--Dr. Castille reiterated that this is a 'count' year and that this is crunch time. He encouraged everyone to assist students and parents in whatever type of help they require. As a university, we can make a difference by taking the customer-friendly approach to serving our students at all levels, including graduate students–who may be admitted conditionally while they get all their transcript materials together. He urged recruiters, advisors and administrators at all levels to take a proactive approach to getting students registered.

--The UHS Board of Regents meeting is in the second week of August. Discussions are ongoing with the System leadership about our legislative 'ask' for the upcoming session. Our approach this time is to present a picture of the full cost of downward expansion, including capital projects and land acquisition. This figure may be in the range of $80M. We are seeking to put together a comprehensive, cohesive picture of what it will cost to support a draft Master Plan going forward.

B. Academic Affairs–Dr. Jeff Cass


--Dr. Cass stated freshmen enrollment now stands at 262. This does not include 30 people from Passport, 15+ athletes that have not signed up yet, nor the 89 applications that have been accepted but lack one thing or another. He believes UHV will have 500 total students as a result of downward expansion. This includes freshmen, sophomores, and rising juniors.

--Dr. Cass said UHV’s advisors have been involved in working on a recruiting option. This proposed option would allow new UHV graduate students a 2 for 1 special. For the first semester only, a new graduate student, after being admitted to UHV, would be allowed to sign up for 2 courses but only have to pay for 1 course. This primarily is to encourage those first-time graduate students to take more than 1 course.

Student Housing

There is housing requirements for freshmen and sophomores. Exceptions are possible if the student has a legitimate excuse even if they have already signed a dorm lease. Currently Jaguar Court is 60-70% full. Following Friday’s deadline for student housing, the dorms will be opened to Victoria College students who are, in the main, athletes. The dorms will not be open to just any VC students who show up but there is the possibility this may change.

Sugar Land

--Dr. Cass announced that the Sugar Land Brazos Hall move date has been postponed due to furniture delivery and IT phone transfers completion issues. The move dates have been rescheduled for September 6 and 7 for faculty and September 10 and 11 for staff. The project manager for the moves for UH and UHV are the same, so the UH move will not occur until UHV’s move is completed.

--A brief discussion followed concerning the need for signage, and a possible kiosk, in the Brazos Hall. Ms. Norgard noted that Victoria’s University West is also in need of additional signage to assist our students and campus visitors. Dr. Castille said he and Dr. Cass will follow-up on the kiosk and signage and talks will continue.

--Dr. Cass visited the UHSL library to discern whether or not the current layout of the library would meet students’ after-hours needs. Dr. Cass felt that other options for student support should be discussed.


Dr. Cass said he will be traveling to view possible facilities in Katy on August 21st to address IT, library, and parking issues.

SACS QEP Conference

Dr. Cass announced he and other UHV team members traveled to Atlanta, GA, to attend the 2012 Eighth Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) and accreditation training where they met with other academic leadership to address mutual core issues and discuss possible solutions to similar campus problems. Dr. Cass said UHV is where they should be on our QEP.

Student Fitness

Dr. Cass said the intramural field behind Jaguar Suites is not level and for student safety should be addressed by the Budget Committee. The fitness room is on tract and the card reader in Jaguar Hall should be up and running in a couple of weeks.

C. Finance Update–Wayne Beran

--Mr. Beran shared a handout that provided a 2-year snapshot of UHV’s waivers and exemptions. This document showed a 1-year jump up by $165,031. The most costly of the student waivers is the Hazelwood exemption. By 2014, our first cohort of graduates will have graduated and we’ll have to show the 4 and 6 graduate rates for the first time. Waivers are hurting us; we’re up from 2% to nearly 5%.

--Ms. Norgard noted that a potential increase in costs would be the Foster Care Waiver. If a student is in foster care, and doesn’t have funds for housing, the university will have to pay for their lodging in the dorm.

D. Enrollment Update–Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard announced an enrollment update had been sent via email.


--3,368 or 82% of budgeted headcount

--222 are new graduate students and 15 are post baccalaureate students

--1,387 graduate headcount, compared to 1,527 last year (graduate students that have not registered are being contacted)

Semester Credit Hours

--32,612 or 89.4% of budgeted SCH

Student Handbook

For the first time in years, UHV will have a new student handbook that has been reorganized and redesigned to give to our new freshmen.


--Tonight, UHV will host a “Night of the Jaguar” from 5-7:00 p.m. to assist anyone interested in any program. Areas to be covered are enrollment, advising, registration, immunization, financial aid and student housing.

--Passport Day, will be Friday, August 10th, from 12-3:00 p.m.

E. Recruiting to Military Bases–Dr. Keith Akins

Dr. Akins presented a PowerPoint presentation on the Military Tuition Assistance Program. He stressed that this pertains to currently serving personnel rather than veterans so the Hazelwood Act does not apply.

Military Tuition Assistance Program

  • Separate program for each branch of the service
  • Full participation requires separate MOU or contract with each branch
  • Tuition Assistant Program covers 100% of tuition, lab fees, enrollment fees and computer fees
  • There is no maximum monetary limit or time limit
  • Fully participating universities are represented at the Education Center located on each base
  • There are 15 bases in Texas
  • Example of coverage for the Army

--100% of tuition and fees up to $250 per semester credit hour and up to 4,500 per fiscal year

--Covers only active duty military personnel

  • Military Personnel in Texas

--A total of 195,120

  • This is not the GI Bill

--These are currently active duty people, not veterans

--Tuition Assistance Program will not be affected by the Hazelwood Act

--UHV is poised, due to online nature of our programs

Dr. Akins recommendations:

--UHV should apply for membership in the Tuition Assistance Program for each separate branch of service

--If accepted, we should set up a visitation circuit of the 15 bases in the state

Dr. Castille said UHV hopes to become a more vet-friendly campus, since Texas has a huge number of veterans; and this is a source of future enrollments with great potential. In order to better serve veterans, UHV may look to hire a part-time person in 2012-13.

F. DOJ Grant Overview–Dr. Margaret Rice

Dr. Rice provided a handout concerning the DOJ (Department of Justice) grant. It stated that the purpose of this grant is to develop and strengthen effective security and investigation strategies to combat sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking on campus, and to develop and strengthen victim services in cases involving these crimes against women on campus.

Dr. Rice briefly covered a summary of the “Must” statements of the grant.

1) Create a coordinated community response to violence against women on campus through partnerships with specific community based organizations and partnerships within the university. (Community Response Taskforce and Coordinated Crisis Response Team)

2) Establish a mandatory prevention and education program about sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking for all incoming students, working collaboratively with campus based and community-based organizations, and accounting for participation of each student. (Mandatory Training during Jaguar Journey/Freshmen Orientation and Online Webinar) 3) Train all campus law enforcement to respond effectively in sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking cases. (Training TBD)
4) Establish and strengthen programs to train all members of campus disciplinary boards to respond effectively to charges of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

Other Items

Mr. Walyuchow announced the soccer players have arrived and started practicing on Sunday. He thanked DeTar Hospital for providing the physicals for the 60 soccer players free of cost.

Ms. Mims, Assistant Dean in the School of Business Administration, said the school has been discussing awarding students that stay and complete their degree by paying for their capstone. She noted this information would have to be shared with the degree completers 4 years in advance.

Dean Tart suggested we push the $1,000 reimbursement from the state for those students that graduate on time.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:06 p.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton