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9:30 A.M., May 23, 2012
President's Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Akins, Beran, Bergstrom, Cass, Castille, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Mundy, Nelson, Norgard, Rice, Smith, Tart, and Walyuchow

Absent: Niroomand and Prince

Guests: Genaro Cortez, Lindsey Koch, Carolyn Mallory, Tim Michalski, Denee Thomas, and Trudy Wortham

Marketing Representative: Paula Cobler

School of Business Administration Representative: Jane Mims

School of Education & Human Development Representative: Jane Fry

I. Organizational Business

-- Dr. Akins moved and Mr. Walyuchow seconded to approve the minutes of May 9, 2012 as circulated.

II. Business

A. Annual Business Continuity Plan — Genaro Cortez

Mr. Genaro Cortez, UHV Safety Officer, brought forward the revisions submitted for the Annual Business Continuity Plan for approval by the President’s Cabinet. He said there were not many changes this year except for titles/names. The PIER (Public Information and Emergency Response) was updated to match the Student Handbook. It was requested that there be a statement included that indicated parents can voluntarily sign up to receive emergency messages. After a discussion by cabinet members on various points in the plan, Dr. Castille requested that Academic Council review/resolve and bring document back to cabinet. A motion was made by Dr. Cass to approve with minor revisions and was seconded by Mr. Beran.

Annual Business Continuity Plan was approved, with minor revisions.

B. Academic Affairs—Dr. Jeff Cass

Dr. Cass invited Lindsey Koch, Director Student Life & Services; Carolyn Mallory, Director of Financial Aid; Denee Thomas, Senior Director Enrollment Management; and Trudy Wortham, Registrar; to attend the meeting to share in the discussion on freshmen recruiting efforts. There were various discussions on ways to get everyone thinking about how to get students to UHV. The main topic was that we need to be continually enrolling students who show up on campus or require online support. The Jaguar Passport Days have proven successful, but we need to do more to ensure that we meet our enrollment goals. For students who cannot make Passport Days, multiple portals should be available, through which we can address all student issues. The third Passport Day is set for July 20th.

Dr. Cass announced that he was waiting for feedback from the deans concerning the Director of Core Curriculum Redesign for the Coordinating Board requirement to revamp the entire core by 2014. The core curriculum for downward expansion for SACS has been accepted at a previous visit. Dr. Cass said he felt the student opinion survey was successful and we received some very interesting information. Information Technology is conducting a survey at Cinco Ranch. Faculty Senate would like to discontinue Digital Measures but we are under contract until 2015. There was a discussion on the pros and cons on whether to continue with Digital Measures or move to a Compliance Assist module. It was noted that the way to access Digital Measures was very difficult but has now been embedded in the courses. The decision was to use Digital Measures and adjust the software to meet our needs for the fall semester to increase the student response rate on faculty surveys, but if it does not meet our needs, we can consider changing the evaluation system before the contract for Digital Measures expires.

C. President’s Report — Dr. Phil Castille

Dr. Castille reported that UHV was successful at the last Board of Regents' (BOR) meeting in getting the FY 2013 budget approved, including approval for a 2.5% merit raise for faculty & staff. In addition, purchase of the Kresta Boat yard property on S. Ben Wilson Street was also approved. UHV plans to move University maintenance and facilities operations there. This property also will provide us with a southern access to our residence halls on Hwy 59 as well as several acres of parking behind the residence halls. We also received final approval from the BOR for the new Regional Economic Development Building, a three-story facility to be constructed on Ben Wilson St., just south of the soccer field. It will be UHV's first new academic building in Victoria in two decades, a result of student enrollment growth due to downward expansion in 2010. Plans are for the new building to house the School of Business Administration, the Small Business Development Center, and other offices and classrooms, as well as a new multi-purpose room and auditorium. UHV will seek final approval this summer from THECB. Dr. Castille also briefly discussed UHV's draft Master Plan, noting that due to an oversight UHV holds less usable property in the northeast corner of our site than originally was thought. The BOR has given UHV authority to amend the Master Plan and look to expand in the future east and south on Ben Wilson St. When questioned about the timeline for completion of UHV's Master Plan, Dr. Castille said an updated version of the draft Master Plan should be available by the start of the Fall semester.

D. Facilities & Finance — Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran shared an updated rendering of the new sophomore housing dorm; that will house a second floor fitness center. He also shared a handout of UHV’s Capital Projects that consisted of new construction, major repair, and rehabilitation; with $24.7 million being budgeted for FY 2013.

E. Enrollment Update — Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard reported that the contract with Twin Fountains will be completed this week. A Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Clinic will take place on May 31, 3-5:00 p.m., in University West Conference Room B. The university’s Contingency/Tuition and Fees funds will cover $40 of the $118 fee for the students’ vaccination cost—total cash cost to students will be $78.00. Ms. Norgard said as students are contacted to register and pay they will be informed of the vaccination clinic. Ms. Norgard said Twin Fountains and Dr. McNeill have been very delightful to work with and feels this is a good arrangement for the university. The contract with Twin Fountains is for one year.

F. Other Item Reports

Mr. Walyuchow said the Jaguar softball team came up a little short at their second trip to the nationals. He said he was very proud of the efforts of the softball team, and that they are good representatives of the university. The team will be losing a few players this year but the history and legacy continues to build. He reported on the Red River Conference by saying that UHV is the only NAIA school in Texas not a part of the Red River Conference, but we’re making progress. The sticking point on us being part of the Red River Conference is that we do not offer basketball. When UT-Brownsville dropped out, UHV used the argument to keep up the number of teams needed to go to conference, they make an exception and allow UHV to join without basketball—they are still thinking about this. UHV will be potentially be hosting 3 athletic conference tournaments here next year, we are working out logistics with Riverside Stadium for baseball.

Ms. Mundy shared a membership handout on The Club at Colony Creek. She announced that if UHV employees were interested in a membership, to please contact her because if 6 or more were interested they could get a discounted membership. Currently there is no application fee being charged. She said there have been a lot of improvements to the greens and the club house.

Dr. Castille announced that the Budget Committee has approved a title change for Amy Mundy to Interim Director of Advancement. In the Office of University Advancement, there is some reorganizing going on, openings to fill, a vice president to recruit, and a consultant’s report to digest.

Dean Tart announced there will be an End of Life Education Seminar and luncheon hosted by the School of Nursing and the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Healthcare Division on May 24, 2012, at the UHSL campus.

Dean Di Leo said the bachelor’s program in Creative Writing will start this fall. He said the School of Arts & Sciences had interviewed Beverly Lowry for the Writer-In-Residence position and that she had been to UHV as a guest speaker for one of the American Book Reviews. He also thanked Dr. Castille and Dr. Cass for UHV’s sponsorship of the Texas Film Interactive & Tourism event that provided a forum to spot light UHV’s gaming program.

Ms. Mims, representing Dr. Niroomand, said The Willis Group awarded the School of Business Administration with additional funds. The Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation attended our BBA and MBA conferences to recruit. MD Anderson is talking about placing 10 of our students as interns at their facility.

Dr. Akins announced the Community Readers book of the year will be the Hunger Games.

Ms. Norgard requested everyone read the email from Lindsey Koch titled “Student Life: A Year in Review” that provides a great summary of student life at UHV.

Dr. Dahlstrom said he will be attending a library meeting in Sugar Land to discuss the contract with Fort Bend County Libraries for library services at the Sugar Land campus and will report back to Cabinet with the results.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:05 p.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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