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9:30 A.M., May 9, 2012
President's Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Akins, Beran, Bergstrom, Cass, Castille, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Mundy, Niroomand, Prince, Rice, Smith, Tart, and Walyuchow

Absent: Nelson, Norgard

Guests: Genaro Cortez, Tim Michalski, Eric Mims

Marketing Representative: Paula Cobler

Staff Council Representative: Elizabeth Corte

Student Affairs Representative: Dr. Denee Thomas

I. Organizational Business

-- Dean Tart moved and Dr. Akins seconded to approve the minutes of March 28 and April 3, 2012 as circulated.

II. Business

Dr. Castille congratulated Emily Bergstrom on being named the 2012 UHV Female Athlete of the Year and for the Lady Jags going to the NAIA Softball Championship in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Congratulations were also extended to Head Coach Keri Lambeth for UHV’s second appearance in five years at nationals in softball.

A. Campus Program for Minors—Genaro Cortez

Genaro Cortez, Safety Officer, presented a PowerPoint presentation to Cabinet on Campus Program for Minors, which is a new System-wide requirement resulting from State Legislation, Senate Bill 1414. This program is for any campus program that is

  • conducted by or on the UHV campus,
  • attendees are minors (under 18),
  • attendees are not UHV students, or
  • is two or more days in duration.

This new requirement will impact UHV employees who operate/supervise specific campus programs for minors, as well as employees, students, volunteers and contractors working with minors. Mr. Cortez will serve as Coordinator of Campus Programs for Minors who will ensure compliance with statute and the SAM policy, report to the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS), and provide written approval to conduct the program. The Human Resource office will oversee training and background checks.

Any university employee involved in campus programs for minors must have a criminal background check, complete sexual abuse, and child molestation training.

Program approval:

  • 21 days before program begins the program operator must submit a spreadsheet confirming various information to the coordinator
  • 7 days before program begins
    • training must be completed (will take approximately 1½ hours, 25 questions, required 100% on the exam),
    • paperwork has to be submitted to TDSHS by the coordinator, and
    • approval has been received from the coordinator

This new Campus Programs for Minors begins June 1. Any questions should be submitted to Genaro Cortez concerning this new program.

B. President’s Report—Dr. Phil Castille

Dr. Castille announced:

  • Dr. Fred Litton has accepted UHV’s offer and will be the next dean of the School of Education and Human Development. He thanked Dean Tart and the search committee for bringing in two strong candidates for campus interviews. Warm thanks were extended to Dr. Diane Prince for serving in the interim as dean; she will continue to serve until Dr. Litton arrives July 1.
  • Administrators will have a 2.5% merit pool and a .5% market equity pool to work with for their departments. This is not an across the board raise, but a merit raise. Supervisors must be able to justify recommendations for merit and/or market increases. There is a 5% cap on merit raises.

C. Academic Affairs Report—Dr. Jeff Cass

Dr. Cass reported on several student issues. He said the Commencement Committee had met for the first time and there will be some forthcoming changes to the commencement ceremonies. Dr. Cass stated that the SACS reaffirmation QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) is progressing at a good pace.

  • Theme selection has been narrowed down. Prospectuses for scope and assessments associated with each theme are also being developed.
  • Tag lines will be included as part of discussions in surrounding market strategies.
  • Themes and prospectuses, along with feedback regarding them, will be sent to Leadership Team for final selection sometime in July.

The last UHV Strategic Plan was in 2010 and does not cover downward expansion. Dr. Cass and Dr. Rice will head up a team to develop a new strategic plan. Dr. Cass said there will be a travel, tourism and film summit in Corpus Christi on May 15th, hosted by Representative Todd Hunter, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Del Mar College, UHV, and the Texas Travel Industry Association.

D. Network Services Review of Email Downtime, week of April 22nd—Eric Mims

Mr. Mims shared a handout that covered the detailed explanation of the server failure UHV experienced in April. UHV experienced a hardware failure of a major server that hosted two of UHV’s mail servers. Due to the problem, the email environment interpreted the event as a complete failure of the mailbox structure and refused all access attempts to email. The on-site monitor was sending notices of failure but was configured to only send notices via email through our own email environment and because of this no notice was received by any IT staff. Once the Network Service (NS) staff was made aware of the email issue, they were able to identify the failed server within minutes. NS staff spent most of one day with technical support from Dell but all attempts failed to restore the failed servers to an alternate location. UHV’s Network Services and System Services staff stayed on the phone with Microsoft, for 12 straight hours, until the environment was back up and running. IT is working on the creation of off-site hosted email access for emergency contact and notification when local servers or services fail.

E. Facilities & Finance Updates—Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran said UHV will have 8 projects coming in the next year. He said UHV’s FY 2013 budget will be going to the Board of Regents’ (BOR) meeting next week for approval; noting that UHV is the only university in the System with a 2.5% raise pool. He went on to explain that UHV’s raise pool was possible because of enrollment and tuition increases. The $12.4 million Academic and Economic Development Building will be completed in 3 phases. The 63,000 sq. ft. building phase 1 will be the first floor, which will have a 200 seat tiered auditorium, 60 seat tiered classroom, a multi-purpose room, the School of Business Administration, the Small Business Development Center, Career Services, and 2 classrooms. Phase 2 will be the expansion of Nursing and biology labs to the second floor. Phase 3 is currently unassigned space. Within 5 years, all floors will be completed. Ground breaking for this building will be this year. The next new building for UHV will be a new academic building. The request to purchase the Kresta Boat building will also be going to the BOR next week for approval. Mr. Beran announced that Jaguar Court will be ready to lease rooms for the summer in approximately 2 weeks. The Sugar Land Brazos Hall design for remodeling of 6 classrooms to offices is complete and bids are going out; this will be a 6-week project, with moving the first week of August. Boxes will be delivered to Sugar Land in order for those faculty members that will not be here this summer to pack their boxes early.

F. Freshmen Recruiting & Passport Days—Dr. Denee Thomas

Dr. Thomas said applications are ahead of last year, with 1,766 last year at this time and 2,359 this year. Applications accepted are 1,085 with a 10% acceptance rate above last year. For the first time, more than 50% of the applications have reached decision with (51.7%). The next Passport Day will be June 14th with hopefully nearly 200 applicants visit UHV. At the last Passport Day, we enrolled 88 students with assessments of the day being very positive. Early registration is new this year and there was a glitch concerning enrolling for summer and fall, which has now been addressed. At the June Passport Day, students will be encouraged to enroll for summer and fall simultaneously. The proposed dates for the fall Jaguar Days will be taken to Academic Council for review and approval. When asked how many proposed freshmen UHV will have for fall, Dr. Thomas said that, if each of the two scheduled Passport dates are full, the total number who enroll would be around 488, but it is unknown how many will matriculate in August.

G. Policy C 4-Work Hours—Laura Smith

Ms. Smith brought forward UHV Administrative Policies and Procedures Policy C 4-Work Hours for Cabinet review and approval. The policy language was changed to match the UHS Policy 02-A-20, concerning work hours. Tardiness statement changed to state that the supervisor has the responsibility to address habitual tardiness of employees and the call time was changed from 1 hours notice to 30 minutes notice if they are going to be late. A motion was made by Dr. Dahlstrom, and seconded by Dr. Akins to approve with editorial revisions.

Policy C-4 was approved, noting some editorial changes were to be made.

G. Policy C 4-Work Hours—Laura Smith

Mr. Walyuchow congratulated the Jaguar softball team for making the national for the second time, the first in 2009. UHV’s men’s golf program finished fifth at the Association of Independent Institutions Women’s Golf Championship, with the women’s program finishing in sixth place. UHV is making application to the Red River Athletic Conference; and hopefully in the next few years with the changes to their bylaws, UHV will be allowed to join—we are the only team in Texas not a member.

Ms. Bergstrom expressed concern over a possible trend of recruited freshmen that are transferring out and feels there is a need to understand why they are moving on to a different university. Dr. Thomas said data is being collected to find out the percentage of returning students.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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