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9:30 A.M., December 14, 2011
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Akins, Beran, Bergstrom, Castille, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Mundy, Nelson, Niroomand, Norgard, Prince, Rice, D. Smith, L. Smith, Tart, and Walyuchow

Marketing Representative: Cobler

Guests: Student Senate members-Clark, O’Bryant, Olukoya

I. Organizational Business

--Dr. Akins movedand Mr. Ferguson seconded to approve the minutes of November 9, 2011 as presented.

II. Business

A. Student Senate Proposal on Use of Student Email–Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard said she had met with Student Senate members and discussed the use of student email and how UHV can make this system better and more efficient for the students. The topics discussed were: 1) how we are using the email service, 2) announcement of events and reminders, and 3) forwarding UHV email to personal email.

Suggestions from the student meeting–

  • Develop ways for students to opt in and opt out of various emails.
    --The university will create various listservs that all students will originally be enrolled in. They will then have the option to “unsubscribe.” Each semester, students will be reminded of the listservs and the kind of information they provide so that they can re-evaluate their choices.
  • Calendar
    --Develop a dynamic calendar that will be placed on the homepage that lists all events. This was discussed and approved in Academic Council.
  • Forwarding UHV email to personal accounts

Cabinet discussion:

--UHV does not promote this practice mainly due to concern about FERPA issues
--No way to control/protect student information if is sent to personal email accounts.
--UHV student email will remain the primary official mode of communication, students will be told to use UHV email in their communications with UHV.
--Some schools use a standard message that lets students who communicate via personal email addresses know that the school will only reply to UHV email accounts.

B. Student Senate Fall Resolution–Emily Bergstrom

Ms. Bergstrom and Student Senate members Shorty O’Bryant, Lauren Clark, and Moses Olukoya presented a PowerPoint presentation on the Student Senate’s Fall Resolution. Last year was the first year the Student Senate proposed a resolution, online/face-to-face courses. These items have been addressed and the university is working toward a “50/50 Pledge” where the School of Arts & Sciences would offer 50% of their 12-course schedule to students, would be face-to-face in Victoria starting fall 2012. The Student Senate said they had received good feedback from surveys. This year’s Student Senate resolution is a student center.

Topics of discussion-

  • What is a student center?
    --A place located on-campus where students feel comfortable spending free time
    --Student life and recruiting offices are located in this building
    --A place that creates a “buzz” associated with destination universities
  • Why is this so important?
    --Student life and academic has been shown to be 50/50 when determining a student’s potential college of choice
    --Retention rates
    --Students need to feel that they have a place that is “theirs”
    --A central location for student life and student services
  • A Student Center at UHV
    --A few amenities
    --A bookstore
    --A lounge area
    --A study/tutoring center
    --A restaurant/coffee shop
    --A fitness center
    --Student organizational office
    --A multi-purpose room for events
  • How would this benefit UHV?
    --Attractive to prospective student
    --Create student worker positions
    --Will allow students to stay on-campus in between classes
    --Central location for all students oriented activities

In closing, Ms. Bergstrom announced she plans on meeting with Mr. Beran to continue the discussion on how students can create a place to call their own.

Dr. Castille commended the group on their presentation and asked if they would like to present this at an upcoming Master Planning Committee meeting.

Dean Di Leo summed it up by saying the students are wanting a site of destination pride.

C. Provost Search–Dr. Phil Castille

Dr. Castille said the Provost Search has moved forward, and he met with the search committee for a discussion of the three finalists. He commended the search committee for sending forward three highly qualified candidates; feedback from the campus indicates that all three received support. A decision has been made, and a draft contract is under review at the UHS Legal office; a formal announcement is forthcoming. He thanked the search committee for a fine job and announced the finalist will start on February 1, 2012 but will be on-campus for the January budget hearings.

D. Commencement Debriefing–Dr. Phil Castille and Dr. Margaret Rice

Dr. Castille said now that he has been through his first UHV commencement ceremony he has some suggestions on possible changes. The Commencement Committee will be discussing these and any other suggestions cabinet members would like to make for the spring commencement. Dr. Rice thanked everyone for his/her participation at the fall commencement. She encouraged anyone wanting to make suggestions to do so.

E. Academic Affairs Update–Dr. Don Smith

Dr. Smith announced the School of Education and Human Development will be starting course offerings in Gonzales in the spring. The School of Nursing will be offering courses in The Woodlands starting this summer. The UHS Board of Regents approved the new Spanish program and the BA in Finance at their last meeting and will be approving the MSN in Family Practice in February. Dr. Smith thanked everyone who worked on the revised Faculty Manual and said it passed in the Faculty Senate with 3 recommendations.

F. Finance & Student Housing Updates–Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran announced the sophomore housing dorm building will be built on what students can pay. The apartment style dorm rooms will be 900 sq. ft. apartments. He shared a handout with cabinet members that addressed a proposed multi-use facility to be built at UHV. The 60,000 sq. ft. facility would house the Regional Center for Economic Development, Allied Health, classrooms, students and academic support areas, and space for additional regional economic needs.

Dr. Castille said he had met with Representative Todd Hunter who could be over this district in the future depending on the outcome of the redistricting plans and invited him to be a member of UHV’s Master Planning Committee. Representative Hunter opted to wait until the decision has been made on the redistricting issues. He did request a meeting to bring him abreast and educate him about UHV on what our plans are and what we may be asking for in the future.

G. Enrollment Updates–Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard reported headcount at 2,892, 66% of what was budgeted; and total semester credit hours at 25,269, 69% of what we budgeted. We are ahead of where we were at this time last year. Ms. Norgard discussed moving fall 2012 open enrollment to April 16th; priority deadline would be April 15 to March 15 for financial aid. She proposed disbursement of financial aid to 10 days prior to the start of the semester; currently it is on the first class day. Ms. Norgard said she is looking at all dates and trying to push the entire calendar up and this should help with upper level and freshman enrollment. To date, 313 freshmen have already been accepted for the fall. Ms. Norgard said the Digital Measures student evaluation response rate was approximately 38%. As noted before, to encourage participation in the student evaluation process an iPad would be awarded to a student. The winning number, selected by the president, for the iPad was # 510 (our current Victoria student FTSE in the master plan). The lucky winning student is an education major and the plan is that the President’s office will make the award in early January, followed by a related press

Dr. Castille said that course evaluation response rates showed a big increase for the fall semester. He is appreciative of those who worked on getting a higher response rate, but we must continue to strive for increased student participation in our course evaluations. Giving away an iPad to encourage student participation in course evaluations was a great way to improve student participation.

H. Other Item Reports

Dean Di Leo said the School of Arts & Sciences is having an outstanding spring semester; semester credit hours are up as is the freshmen retention rate. There are 12 new students in the Publishing masters with a current program enrollment of approximately 25.

Dean Niroomand mentioned that 94 MBA students competed during the December MBA case competition in Sugar Land. The winners of the competition were announced and recognized during the MBA Conference Luncheon that was co-sponsored by the Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Over 220 people attended the luncheon and presentation by Mr. Farouq Shami who was invited to the conference as part of the “School of Business Administration Distinguished Speaker Series” sponsored by the Willis Group. The School of Business Administration hooded more than 100 MBA students and had 200 graduates in the Fall Commencement in Katy.

Dean Prince, Marshall Schott, Dick Phillips and President Castille met with the UH Dean of Education and discussed program offerings in Sugar Land. The UH Dean was not forth coming in proposals or viewpoints on programs. There were some thoughts on UHV and UH working together on an Ed. D. in the Fort Bend area. She also said that Victoria College was eager to work with UHV in Gonzales, Texas.

Ms. Mundy announced UHV had received $200,000 in foundation grants in the last 30-40 days.

Mr. Walyuchow said Academic Council had passed an extra process for drop procedures to tighten up the process for student athletes’ drop/adds. The Athletic Department received $68,000 from the Johnson Foundation for athletic training equipment (sports medicine).

Meeting was adjourned at: 11:50 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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