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9:30 A.M., July 11, 2012
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Akins, Beran, Cass, Castille, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Litton, Mundy, Nelson, Niroomand, Norgard, Walyuchow, and West

Absent: Rice and Smith

Marketing Representative: Paula Cobler

  1. Organization Business

    --Dr. Castille introduced and welcomed Dr. Fred Litton, the new Dean of the School of Education & Human Development, and Ms. Jena West, the new Student Senate President, to the Cabinet.
    --Dr. Akins moved and Dr. Dahlstrom seconded to approve the minutes of June 13, 2012.

  2. Business

    1. President’s Report–Dr. Phil Castille

      This coming fiscal year is UHV’s 40th anniversary. UHV was founded in 1973; the Clear Lake and Downtown campuses were founded in 1974. Ms. Cobler has been asked to head the planning committee for this important milestone. Dr. Castille asked Ms. Cobler to provide an overview of what has been planned to date. The idea is to 're-brand' traditional UHV annual events as '40th Anniversary' events, and to add new events to the calendar for 2012-2013.

      • UHV’s 40th Anniversary–Paula Cobler

        Ms. Cobler briefed Cabinet members on what the 40th Anniversary Committee has been working on thus far.
        --The August 30th UHV Convocation will be the kick-off event for UHV’s 40th Anniversary. Chancellor Renu Khator will be in attendance to share in the festivities of the day.
        --There will also be a groundbreaking on August 30th for the sophomore dorm, Jaguar Suites.
        --Two different anniversary logos have been developed. One will be used for formal items such as stationary, and one will be used on fun items like T-shirts.
        --The new UHV jaX mascot will be unveiled at the August 25th soccer game and will put in an
        appearance at convocation.

      • Building Approval

        Dr. Castille reported that, at the June Coordinating Board Strategic Planning Committee meeting, UHV received approval for our new academic building that is to be built to the right of the “U” front drive. The next step will be for this item to be on the consent agenda for the July 25th THECB meeting.

    2. Academic Affairs Updates–Dr. Jeff Cass

      • Fall Numbers

        Dr. Cass reported the fall numbers of new and returning freshmen students and new sophomores are better. The continuous registration has pulled in about 10%. The next Passport Day is next Thursday with 83 currently registered to attend. Another Passport Day is August could help us reach the 300 mark for new freshmen for the fall. We’re already above last year. Those students that indicated any interest in Passport Days have been contacted.

      • Houston Community College (HCC)

        Dr. Cass said he is working with the deans and Zach Hodges, Houston Community College President, on 11 new courses that will be offered at the HCC Katy campus for the fall. He reported that everyone he has worked with at HCC has been wonderful. A reverse articulation has been sent to HCC for signature.

      • Administrative Changes

        --Dr. Uppinder Mehan will be joining the Academic Affairs office as the Associate Provost. He will be over students, teaching effectiveness, library, and research and sponsored programs.
        --Dr. Margaret Rice, Chief of Staff, will be working on the Department of Justice (DOJ) Grant and strategic planning.
        --Dr. Jill Fox, Director of Assessment, will continue to work on the Office of Institutional Effectiveness compliance audit.
        --Dr. Keith Akins, will be the Director of 1st-Year Experience.
        --Dr. Andrew Baerg, will be over the CORE curriculum redesign.
        --There will be an ad coming out shortly for the assessment person.

      • 1st Cohort Retention

        Dr. Cass reported we had 52% retention from the 1st cohort and indicated there is always room for improvement. At this point, we have 42% returning freshmen from the class of 2011. Ms. Norgard said her office is calling all 1st cohort students that did not preregister.

    3. Facilities & Finance Updates–Wayne Beran

      • Facilities

        Mr. Beran reported on several items that facilities are currently working on.
        --Kresta Boat property has been approved to purchase
        --Regional Economic Development building has been approved
        --Working on getting 2 apartment building negotiations
        --Negotiating with the owner of the corner lot on Ben Wilson and Red River
        --Remodeling at UHSL is moving rapidly & move-in date is scheduled for the 20th
        --TimeGate building is back on and moving along; hopefully this will be on the October BOR agenda
        --Day after ground breaking there will be heavy equipment moving in to begin Jaguar Suites; completion date is set for July 1, 2013
        --Regional Economic Development building is scheduled to begin in early spring, open by fall 2014
        --UHV is part of the discussion on a new event center in Victoria; part of this plan is for a new athletic center to be built next to the event center

      • Finance

        --The next legislative session will start again on the 2nd Tuesday of January

        • The Legislature has already asked what it would look like if they request 10% back
        • UHV will be requesting $88M in Tuition Revenue Bonds
        • Special Item requests will be the same, requesting funding for Nursing, Small Business Development Center, and Downward Expansion
        • The chancellor has requested to see this information by next week

        --The dorm swimming pool will be ready by fall
        --Jaguar Court will be open by August with some fitness equipment (Jaguar Suites will have a full-scale complete fitness facility)

    4. Enrollment Update–Chari Norgard

      • Enrollment

        Ms. Norgard reported on enrollment numbers.

        --Headcount is currently 2,766, 63% of the budgeted headcount
        --Semester Credit Hours are 24,955, 68.4% of the budged SCH
        |--451 new students, with 235 returning students
        --Headcount is 2,351, up by 3% from last summer
        --Semester Credit Hours are 14,452, slightly down, but did hit budged SCH at 99.9%
        --295 new students this summer; 5 freshmen and 139 graduate students

      • Jaguar Prep

        Ms. Norgard said a program called Jaguar Prep has been developed to encourage TSI (Texas Success Initiative) students to co-enroll at Victoria College (VC) in order to be academically ready to perform all college-level coursework. Currently UHV has 2 students that are co-enrolled with UHV and VC. The students that were contacted felt this was their last summer to spend with friends and were not receptive to the Jaguar Prep program. Ms. Norgard feels we need to start marketing this program a lot earlier next year and come up with a different way to sell the program.

      • Bacterial Meningitis

        Ms. Norgard reported 4 individuals, 1 UHV student, took advantage of the first round of the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Clinic in May. Twin Fountains did not have a good mechanism to verify student status so a better system is being developed.

      • Victoria College

        --Victoria College contacted Ms. Norgard about the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Clinic and she connected them with Twin Fountains
        --Meeting next week regarding VC interest in student lodging at Jaguar dorms
        --Have a Permission to Release Records form that allows VC/UHV to share student educational records (i.e., transcripts, etc.) with the student's permission so that students don't have to provide duplicate documents to both institutions

    5. Other Items

      Dean Tart announced Nursing is meeting with community college partners on how UHV can help them with their needs on RN to BSN program. She also stated the Provost’s office is going to develop an organizational chart for the university with regard to the changes in that office.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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