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9:30 A.M., August 10, 2011
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Akins, Beran, Bergstrom, Dahlstrom, Ferguson, Nelson, Niroomand, Norgard, D. Smith, L. Smith, Tart, and Walyuchow

Absent: Di Leo, Mundy, Rice, and Rossow

Marketing Representative:

Guests: G. Cortez and T. Michalski

I. Organizational Business

--The July 27, 2011 minutes were approved as written.

II. Business

Dr. Smith welcomed new members to the President’s Cabinet, Dr. Keith Akins, Faculty Council President, and Lawrence Nelson, Staff Council Chair.

A. Review of Policies–Genaro Cortez

A-15 Smoking

Mr. Cortez indicated the main change to this policy is that UHV now has restricted smoking in all areas of the campus and Jaguar Hall except where specifically designated and posted as smoking areas. The updated details are consistent with the city ordinance. Smoking is not permitted–

  • in any university building owned, leased, managed or controlled by the university
  • in any residence hall owned, leased, managed or controlled by the university
  • in state-owned vehicle or in vehicles leased or rented in the name of the university

Smoking is prohibited at all times in shuttle buses, escort vans or in any type of campus utility vehicle.

Designated smoking area locations–

  • University Center, southwest corner of patio area
  • University West, southwest corner between building and sidewalk
  • Jaguar Hall, east side of courtyard and southwest corner of building
  • Facilities Services, behind the building
  • Totah Building, southwest corner of building

A motion was made by Mr. Beran, seconded by Ms. Norgard to approve the policy as written. Policy A-15 was approved with 11 yes votes and 1 no vote.

A-41 Alcoholic Beverages Use on Campus–Genaro Cortez

Mr. Cortez noted this policy had not been revised since 2000 so nothing was documented concerning student residency facilities. The policy has changes to each section and should be reviewed before any university activity, whether student or a sponsored event, where alcoholic beverages will be distributed. The possession, consumption or distribution of alcoholic beverages either on the premises or within student residency facilities is prohibited.

Significant Changes to the Policy include:

  • Hosting of an approved student event where alcohol will be served should be at venues other than residence halls.
  • Campus–for purpose of this policy, the term “campus” includes all properties, grounds and facilities owned, controlled or managed by the university.
  • Security should arrive 30 minutes prior to the event and stay until 30 minutes after the event. Security may be scheduled through the Campus Safety and Risk office and will be at the expense of the host.
  • A copy of the signed application must be visibly posted in the serving area.

“Events that Qualify for Alcoholic Beverages”

  • Events for students, including events planned by faculty or staff and sponsored by student groups or organizations registered with the Office of Student Affairs. Events for students involving alcohol shall be scheduled at venues other than student residency facilities.
  • After hours events hosted by the university for employee and/or community members.
  • After hours contracted events hosted by community groups, i.e., Chamber of Commerce.

“Who May Serve Alcoholic Beverages at Campus Events”

  • UHV Dining Services (managed by Aramark)
  • Community groups who have reserved the Multi-Purpose Room for an event
  • Caterers and other providers hired by the university
  • Registered student groups or organization through their university sponsor
  • Faculty or staff groups

The Alcohol Beverage Use Application has been revised and can be found at http://www.uhv.edu/fin/policy/A/a-41.aspx. There was some wording in the “Responsibilities of the Parties” section changed to bring the policy up-to-date.

The “Insurance Requirements” now includes a requirement to provide a certificate of insurance including General Liability and Liquor Liability coverage to be delivered to the Business Services Department at least 5 days prior to the event.

A motion was made by Mr. Beran, seconded by Mr. Walyuchow to approve the policy with noted changes. Policy A-41 was unanimously approved with changes.

B. Revised UHV Marketing Policy–Paula Cobler

Ms. Cobler brought the revised UHV Marketing Policy back to cabinet for discussion.

Highlights of the items discussed –

  • Departments should inform the Communications Manager at least 24 hours in advance if the media plan to visit campus. If media arrive on campus without prior notice, the Marketing Department should be notified as soon as possible.
  • News releases should be sent at least one week prior to release to the Communications Manager. There is specific wording that will be required to be included at the conclusion of all press releases.
  • For photos to be taken at an event, the unit should call the Communications Manager at least one week prior to the date needed.
  • All marketing material should include the university logo and should either be reviewed by the Creative Services manager or designed or by the Creative Services team under the supervision of the Director of Marketing.
  • All advertisements (except for classified-type job advertisements), both print and electronic, should include the university logo and should either be reviewed by the Creative Services Manager or designed by the Creative Services team under the supervision of the Director of Marketing. Schools, departments and offices should submit final copies of all advertisements to the Marketing Department.
  • General criteria for all news releases, marketing and advertising materials as well as press releases include that:
    • The piece should effectively represent university values;
    • The piece should address one or more of the university’s strategic initiatives; and
    • The quality of the piece should reflect well on the university.
  • There are specific EEOC and ADA statements that should be used in all UHV brochures and advertisements UHV pieces.
  • Organizations utilizing UHV facilities may be required to carry a disclaimer when publicizing their event and/or activity.

This policy will be brought back to cabinet for approval after the 10 days posting period. There was also discussion on the use of the university’s seal and public relations.

C. Jaguar Court Update–Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran reported he had a meeting last week with 15-20 local architects with the System Facility Planning Office for a discussion on Jaguar Suites. He said there was a lot of interest and questions asked prior to submitting their bid for the 250 bed dorm. This item will go to the Board of Regents next week for approval. Jaguar Suites, the UHV sophomore dorm, is scheduled to be ready by fall 2013. Mr. Beran once again expressed his appreciation for the way the American Campus Community allowed UHV to utilize their contractors which allowed for everything to move more quickly in the remodel of Jaguar Court. Since Jaguar Court is a leased property, UHV has to work with the city on various issues. He reported the major issue of the second floor support walk way has been corrected by adding more support and the pouring of the cement is scheduled for tomorrow. The opening is scheduled for August 18th. Mr. Beran said everything is moving quickly and this is going to be a great building-facility will be fenced for security. UHV has 3 items on the Board of Regents' agenda, sophomore housing, new president and budget approval for FY 2012.

D. Enrollment Updates–Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard said an email from Trudy Wortham had been distributed this morning with enrollment updates for Fall 2011 with a headcount of 3,771 and semester credit hours at 33,406. An update on Jaguar Hall shows so far, there are 139 signed leases with 55.3% occupancy. Jaguar Court will house returning freshmen and upper level sophomores, with 18 signed leases to date. Move week is a week from Friday, with New Student Orientation scheduled for next Saturday and Sunday. To date there are 173 freshmen registered for fall, 2,050 applications (which is up 142% over last year), 835 accepted students and 195 denied students; the remainder of the applications are incomplete. Student Affairs will contact those students that have been accepted but that have not registered. She said it appears the economic situation is affecting freshmen enrollment. To date we have 300 sophomore applications, with 109 being accepted and 29 are currently enrolled. This is a 50% return rate.

Dr. Akins asked if UHV is targeting returning military. He feels this is a huge untapped audience.

E. Other Item Reports

Mr. Walyuchow announced the upcoming athletic fundraiser, A Night for the Jaguars. This event features Gary Mule Deer on August 23rd at the Victoria Country Club. About 100 tickets are remaining. Tickets are selling for $100 each or $175 for a couple; this includes dinner, live and silent auction with a lot of memorabilia. He noted this event has been well received by the community.

Dean Tart said the School of Nursing is planning an internal open house on August 17th, 1-2:30 p.m. in their new location in University Center.

Mr. Beran said the UHV Master Planning Committee meetings are on hold until the new president arrives.

Dean Niroomand announced the School of Business Administration will be hosting a reception in honor of the Spring 2011 MBA Conference Winning Teams, the BBA Conference Winner, 2011 Beta Gamma Sigma Inductees and the faculty recipients of the Bloomberg Teaching and Research Awards. This event will be on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 6–8 p.m. in Room 103, Brazos Hall, Sugar Land.

Meeting was adjourned at: 10:55 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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