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9:30 A.M., June 8, 2011
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Devick-Fry, Di Leo, Ferguson, Harrison, Mundy, Norgard, Ruschhaupt, Rossow, D. Smith, L. Smith, Tart, Walyuchow

Absent: Dahlstrom, Niroomand, Rice

SBA Representative: J. Mims

Marketing Representative:

I. Organizational Business

--The May 25, 2011 minutes were approved as written.

II. Business

A. UHV Progress Card–Dr. Don Smith

Dr. Smith shared a copy of UHV’s progress report, accountability and performance review of the institution, which was discussed at the last Board of Regents meeting. He noted that for the most part the changes are not significant and that we will need a few years’ accumulated data to get a more meaningful read, but that the data will in time provide useful information. A couple of areas mentioned were the “Student Satisfaction” for exiting seniors (UHV’s rate was 94% last year and 96% this year--though the column still says “pending”, which is the highest in the state); and the “Course Completion Rates” with a rating of 93.9%.

B. Financial & Housing Updates–Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran reported UHV is in a better position for formula base funding than most universities. On the Special Items funding, everyone lost 24-36%.

Dr. Smith said even if UHV funding for this next year remains the same without any more changes in Legislature, UHV will still not be close to what we would have received had these been normal times.

Mr. Beran presented a PowerPoint presentation on “UHV Student Housing Timeline.” He showed a modest growth rate for the next 5 years, allowing for those students that would be exempt from student housing and the figures showed a possibility of 580 bed shortage by

The proposed student housing plan for–

  • Fall 2011, there are 250 beds available in Jaguar Hall, with 88 beds available for sophomore housing in 6 apartments close to UHV. The overflow student housing plan for freshmen and sophomores for fall will be to lease the Regency Hotel, located next to Jaguar Hall, with approximately 200 additional beds.
  • Fall 2012, Capstone Companies, a student housing company, is exploring purchasing the two apartment complexes across the street from UHV that would provide us with approximately 200 beds that will be used for sophomore and upper-level housing.
  • Fall 2013, the new UHV apartment style dorm next to Jaguar Hall will be open with approximately 250 beds.

With this plan, by fall 2013 there could be 850 + beds available for student housing needs.

C. Enrollment & Student Success Updates–Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard said everyone should have received an email today from the registrar with the latest summer headcount and semester credit hours. She reported we have received 1,929 freshmen applications, with 756 accepted and a little over 400 on the firm list. Sophomore applications are at 209, with 96 accepted. The female to male ratio are close. At this time, we are at 58% Hispanic and 21% African American. There are 254 Texas counties with UHV pulling from 98 counties. We have applicants from 14 other states and 27 countries. UHV’s first generation college students are at 40%. Ms. Norgard said with UHV’s small class and location we have all the right pieces to draw in students. With such a high number of first generation college students, this next year UHV will focus on helping parents because they have no frame of reference to help them understand how higher education operates. Ms. Norgard said as incoming freshmen register they will take the survey “College Success Inventory” by Noel Levitz to help identify risk factors. At the next cabinet meeting, Ms. Norgard will present a PowerPoint presentation on “Student Success through Residential Life.”

Other Item Reports

Dean Di Leo reported the School of Arts & Sciences has candidates coming to campus to fill positions. He hopes to have most of the positions filled by early July.

Dr. Smith said a schedule is being arranged for Chancellor Khator and Dr. Philip Castille to visit Victoria. On Friday, June 24, they are scheduled to meet with community members and on Monday Dr. Castille will attend an open meeting with faculty, staff and students at UHV. More details will be shared as they become available.

Meeting was adjourned at: 10:40 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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