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9:30 A.M., May 25, 2011
President’s Conference Room
Meeting Minute

Members Present: Beran, Dahlstrom, Devick-Fry, Di Leo, Ferguson, Harrison, LaBrecque, Mundy, Niroomand, Norgard, Ruschhaupt, Rice, Rossow, D. Smith, L. Smith, Tart, Walyuchow

Guests: G. Cortez, G. Fanelli, K. Myers

I. Organizational Business

--The May 11, 2011 minutes were approved as written.

II. Business

A. UHV Business Continuity Plan–Genaro Cortez

Mr. Cortez reviewed the significant changes to the Business Continuity Plan. Noting that titles had been changed where applicable, sections have been added to cover new units, a few changes to the communication priority list, and two new units were added to the Recovery Team section. The Business Continuity Hurricane Plan for FY 2012 was also discussed. Mr. Cortez said a new section “Emergency Shutdown Procedures” was added, noting this step has always been in place but was not documented. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have changed the lead times for watches and warnings: an announcement by the NWS (National Weather Service) that tropical storm watch conditions are possible from 36 to 48 hours and that tropical storm warnings are possible from 24 to 36 hours. Mr. Cortez said we will be receiving notices 12 hours sooner than before. The size of the tropical cyclone forecast cone has also been adjusted. There will be a meeting with Victoria City/County of Office Emergency Management (OEM) to introduce their staff and discuss mandated evacuation of Victoria County due to hurricanes with the Emergency Response Team, American Campus Communities and Aramark.

B. Summer Hours Discussion: Changes to switchboard call processing message, and event schedule considerations–Joe Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson passed out a proposed Friday afternoon automated summer system greeting to cabinet members for their review. He also requested that the release of grades next semester be on a Monday not on a flex Friday. It was decided that Mr. Ferguson would work with Paula Cobler, Interim Director of Marketing, on the wording and bring it back to cabinet. Mr. Ferguson will also compile a list of issues that the switchboard operator deals with and will share this information prior to the next cabinet meeting so we can discuss them then

C. Academic Efforts Underway–Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque

Dr. LaBrecque passed out a Victoria Bach Festival brochure, noting there are free noon concerts, and for a nominal fee, concerts in the evenings. Guest rooms to host some of these musicians are still needed. Dr. LaBrecque said since this was her last meeting as Provost she would like to share the following significant accomplishments made in the Academic Affairs office from fall 2006 – 2010.

  • Established Office of Research and Sponsored Programs: 2007
  • Phased in new faculty workload expectations: Fall 2007 (completed in 2009)
  • Raised salary increments for faculty promotion from 2% and 3% to 4% and 6%: Fall 2008
  • Implemented Turn-it-in, a plagiarism detection tool: Spring 2009
  • Submitted Carnegie Civic Engagement Application: Spring 2009
  • Hosted faculty and staff assessment meetings with Marilee Bresciani: Spring 2009
  • Transitioned from WebCT-Campus Edition to Blackboard Vista Learning Enterprise 8: Spring 2009 pilot and Summer/Fall 2009 University-wide roll-out.
  • Implemented SEDONA faculty data system university-wide: Summer 2009 (SBA was already using SEDONA)
  • Opened Brazos Hall, the second building at the UHS-Sugar Land campus: Summer 2009
  • Submitted SACS Substantive Change Prospectus for Downward Expansion: Fall 2009
  • Developed new core curriculum: Fall 2009
  • Started using SharePoint for Promotion and Tenure and Third-Year Review processes: Fall 2009
  • Revised faculty development leave policy: 2009
  • Submitted Fifth-Year Interim Report to SACS: Spring 2010
  • Conducted first grantsmanship workshop: Spring 2010
  • Implemented course syllabi and CV portions of HB 2504: Fall 2010
  • Transferred faculty development and travel funds to schools: Fall 2010
  • Conducted a 5-month series of program assessment workshops: Fall 2010
  • Piloted Digital Measures for online end-of-semester course evaluations: Fall 2010; university-wide roll out in Spring 2011
  • Updated end-of-semester course evaluations: Spring 2011
  • Began training for transition from Blackboard Vista Learning Enterprise 8 to Learn 9.1: in progress; pilot is scheduled for Spring 2012
  • Completed UHV Progress Card for review by UH-System Board of Regents (BOR): Annually since 2008
  • Personnel changes:
    • Jeffrey Di Leo, Dean, School of Arts of Sciences: Fall 2007
    • Holly Verhasselt, Assistant Provost: Summer 2008
    • Kathryn Tart, Dean, School of Nursing: Fall 2008
    • Farhang Niroomand, Dean, School of Business Administration: Summer 2009
    • Lawrence F. Rossow, Dean, School of Education and Human Development: Fall 2009

She closed by saying Student Affairs had multiple organizational and strategic changes related to downward expansion and Chari Norgard will report these initiatives at another meeting.

Financial & Housing Updates–Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran reported on last week's BOR meeting, UHV received the authority to buy the 2.5 acres of land behind Jaguar Hall and the Regency Motel lease will go back to the BOR in August for review. There will be a BOR meeting on June 3rd to discuss the changes to the undergraduate and graduate tuition and fee increases for the UHS campuses. Mr. Beran said in August the construction of the sophomore housing will be approved by the Board of Regents. UHV will also seek approval by the Board for the purchase the blue building behind Jaguar Hall where Facilities Services will be relocated; Athletics will move into the current Facilities location. TimeGate Studios, our partner in the gaming industry, is pushing to build a building at the UHSSL campus. Mr. Beran noted that the Texas Senate will be taking 5% from each university and 1.2% for insurance for employees. All campuses will take a 25% hit in special items, as well as all system offices will take a 25% hit. He ended by saying we will be able to keep our downward expansion money until we reach 6,000 FTEs.

Dr. Smith said all UHS campuses will be taking a 4.5% tuition increase to the BOR for approval. He reminded cabinet members that the 4.5% designated tuition is different from state tuition. Dr. Smith said there was a good reaction to the presentation that Ms. Norgard did at the BOR meeting and that UH and UHV were the only ones that presented. [4.5 was the correct percentage at the time but it was later changed to 3.95 for undergraduates and 4.95 for graduate students. -- D.S. 6.2.11]

E. Enrollment & Student Success Updates–Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard announced that everyone should have received an email update on Summer 2011 enrollment this morning. Summer headcount is 2,242, budgeted headcount was 2,657. The summer Semester Credit Hours (SCH) is currently at 14,443, budgeted SCH was 16,307. Current enrollment figures for the summer freshmen are 1,871 applications, of which 716 have been accepted and 84 prospective signed up for registration. An enrollment list of UH students that applied, but were not accepted for one reason or another is 5,516, 225 have applied with us and 12 are currently enrolled. The new Pathways program supported by the Chancellor that will be used next year tries to keep students in the System and supports timely degree completion. Students that are denied from UH will receive a letter saying they have been denied, but the letter will note they have been accepted at UHD and UHV if they meet admissions requirements. Ms. Norgard reported she had met with Dr. Smith to discuss setting up a housing committee consisting of students (that will serve 1 year), faculty/core faculty and staff (that will serve 2 years), Mr. Beran (or designee), a member of the Victoria real estate and a parent. She is getting ready to appoint these committee members and they will meet at least once a semester. She is working also on changes to the Scholarship Committee and setting up the membership for that.

Other Item Reports

Ms. Mundy reported Robin Cadle is working on a packet to give to students that will be a benefit to students and the donors. She said Dean Tart sent the Research office a list on research interests for the School of Nursing and asked if the other schools had similar list. Ms. Mundy said there is a possibility for UHV participation to help to direct the strategic efforts of Victoria if a student would like to serve on the Events Committee of the Main Street Project and/or the Economic Strategic Planning Committee.

Mr. Walyuchow
said he was pleased to report the UHV softball girls ended their season 11th in the country out of 220 softball programs. The baseball program did not end up ranked, as it was more of a rebuilding year but did make it to conference finals. The golf program has been busy recruiting and soccer is finishing up their recruiting. There will be an August 23rd Athletics fundraiser titled “A Night of the Jaguars Featuring Gary Muledeer,” at the Victoria Country Club.

Mr. Beran and Mr. Walyuchow announced there is now an agreement with the Victoria College Bookstore to be the UHV official site of Jaguar Gear. UHV will receive 50% of the profit. This change will start closer to the start of the fall semester.

Meeting was adjourned at: 11:05 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton

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