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President's Office

9:30 a.m., Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Dahlstrom, Devick Fry, Ferguson, Di Leo, M. Harrison, LaBrecque, Mundy, Niroomand, Norgard, Rossow, Ruschhaupt, Rice, D. Smith, L. Smith, Tart, Zafereo

Absent: Walyuchow

Marketing: Cobler

Guest: Motal

I. Organizational Business

– Mr. Zafereo moved and Dr. LaBrecque seconded to approve the minutes of November 10, 2010 as presented.

Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

Public Information Request Protocol–Susie Motal

Susie Motal, Business Services Coordinator, shared a handout with cabinet members on The Public Information Act. Karen Clarke in the University of Houston System (UHS), University Relations office handles any Public Information or Open Records requests. Individuals on the UHV campus do not handle these requests. Requests should be directed to the university’s web site The Public Information Act provides information on the Rights of Requestors, Responsibilities of Governmental Bodies and Procedures to Obtain Information. The UHS legal counsel decides on whether to act on a request or not, this is not an internal decision. Ms. Motal submits monthly reports to the Attorney General’s office on UHV’s Open Records requests.

Cabinet Retreat Discussion–Dr. Margaret Rice

Dr. Rice announced a change in the upcoming Cabinet Retreat. The retreat will now be a one-day retreat in Victoria at the Spirit Inn of Mission Valley on January 11th. The day’s agenda will begin with an 8:30-9:00 a.m. coffee, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. meeting and 4:00-4:30 p.m. possible historic presentation.

Academic Efforts Underway–Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque

Dr. LaBrecque reported this is final exam week and commencement will be Saturday, December 11th, at the Katy Merrell Center. She and Dean Tart have met with UHS and are working on the submission paper for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program. Dr. LaBrecque announced she and Dr. Holly Verhasselt, Assistant Provost, attended the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY. She has also been visiting with the deans on getting ready for UHV’s next SACS report. One thing that will have to be addressed is the need for UHV to set up its own policy on substantive change.

Dean Reports:

  • Dean Rossow was the keynote speaker at the Arizona Association of School Superintendents meeting on the legal development in services for electronic devices. He is working on the articulation agreement, currently with UHS legal, with Texas A&M Kingsville on doctoral studies. The School of Education and Human Development faculty members are working on Frequently Asked Questions for this new program. The first cohort is scheduled for fall 2011.
  • Dean Tart reported this week the School of Nursing obtained funding from:
    • The George Foundation donated, $48,000 for the Second Degree BSN students
    • Vivian L. Smith Foundation donated, $50,000 for a faculty position
    • The MG and Lillie Johnson Foundation donated, $125,000 for scholarships

    Dean Tart expressed her appreciation for the development officers on both campuses for their assistance in these endeavors.

  • Dean Niroomand reported the School of Business Administration has 1,200 students, with 300 on the waiting list and 5 new adjuncts. He said he is in the discussion stage with Texas A&M Kingsville concerning an online MBA collaboration.
  • Dean Di Leo said enrollment is up and the School of Arts & Sciences searches are moving forward.

Enrollment and Student Success–Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard informed the cabinet that 707 freshmen applications have been received with 54 having been accepted so far. To date we have 3 freshmen registered for the spring, with 12 others meeting with advisors. There will be 20 students moving out of the dorm in the spring; 11 transferring, 3 dismissed for disciplinary issues and 6 for various other issues. Of those 20, 15 will be lost revenue with 5 having to pay for their lease. Ms. Norgard will be preparing a freshmen snapshot once the semester is completed and grades have been submitted. She reported there will be 3 students staying during the winter break due to holding a job in Victoria.

Development Report–Mark Zafereo

Mr. Zafereo announced that University Advancement continues to work on Campaign Victoria. Noting that money is tight, some donors are still contributing but in lesser amounts. The individual letters have been prepared and mailed.

  • Foundation Report

    Ms. Mundy said grant funding continues to come in and she is currently working in Victoria and Sugar Land on a Doctoral of Nursing Practice (DNP) grant. Ms. Mundy apprised cabinet members that she will be in Washington, DC, on January 5th attending the swearing in ceremony. On the alumni front, she and Robin Cadle passed out alumni cards and talked to graduate classes about being a part of the UHV Alumni Association.

Financial and Jaguar Hall Updates–Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran reported the last portion of Jaguar Hall is shaping up and that the President’s Regional Advisory Board (PRAB) members met there for their December meeting and toured the dorm. Hopefully UHV will have 252 freshmen next year, so housing will be needed for the second-year students. Mr. Beran and others are working with Woolson Realty on rental properties for next year for the second-year students within 5 blocks of campus. Woolson Realty is working on a strong marketing plan to offer to these students. The second-year students would still have access to all facilities at Jaguar Hall. Once the new efficiency style dorm proposed by UHS is built, sophomores will move back to Jaguar Hall. UHV is working with Victoria College to encourage their students to eat at Jaguar Hall and our students to eat at The Cove. Mr. Beran addressed the state biennial reductions. The change in the FY 12-13 base compared to the FY 10-11 base is $5,237,169, a -20% difference. There is a possible tuition increase but it would be very minimal if any. He stated due to UHV’s growth pattern we are in better shape than most but we will still be facing a couple of tough years.

Other Item Reports

Dr. Smith stated that in preparing budget requests, we have to continue to fund growth and productivity and will have to cut as necessary to reduce cost to balance the budget.

Ms. Ruschhaupt said she has a television interview about the UHV Student Senate’s Giving Tree and reminded everyone of the deadline of December 14th for donations.

Mr. Ferguson said new photographs for the new ID cards are being taken today and tomorrow.

Mr. Harrison reported that Staff Council’s ad hoc turkey drive collected $355.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton