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President's Office

9:30 a.m., Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Beran, Dahlstrom, Ferguson, Devick-Fry, M. Harrison, LaBrecque, Mundy, Niroomand, Norgard, Ruschhaupt, Rice, Rossow, D. Smith, L. Smith, Tart, Zafereo, Walyuchow

Absent: Di Leo

Marketing: Ellis

I. Organizational Business

--The October 13th minutes were approved as written.

II. Business

Revision to Smoking Policy–Dr. Don Smith

A draft of the current UHV Smoking Policy was reviewed and discussed. In view of Victoria College’s ban on smoking on their campus, smokers have increased on the UHV campus. To deal with the issue for non-smokers, and yet be flexible for those that do smoke, changes were made to the UHV policy. Smoking will no longer be permitted in any common areas such as entry ways, sidewalks, playing fields, etc. Smoking will only be permitted in specifically designated areas. This university smoking policy applies to the University of Houston-Victoria, as well as any other off-campus facilities under its control, administrative management or supervision.

Academic Efforts Underway–Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque

Dr. LaBrecque discussed:

  • HB-2504 continues and the completion of the updates is scheduled for spring and available by early November, after the Spring 2011 Course Schedule is distributed, for faculty to upload their spring courses.
  • The Faculty Manual Committee meets regularly and continues to work on revisions. The senior faculty member on the committee is providing both wisdom and historical context.
  • Transition from Black Board to Learn 9 will be assisted by a 4-day on-campus training for faculty and Online Support Techs. Faculty will pilot Learn 9 in the summer with the complete rollout by the fall semester.
  • The 2010 Academic Program Reviews have been completed and distributed to faculty for evaluation.
  • Curriculum development is ongoing and the Undergraduate Affairs and Graduate Studies Committees are meeting this week. A new Arts & Sciences masters program is being held up due to the new paperwork. The school deans are responsible for this paperwork.
  • Dean Reports:
    • Dr. LaBrecque reported that Dean Di Leo was making a presentation in Germany.
    • Dean Niroomand said the university and school had received good press coverage on the Princeton Review naming UHV School of Business Administration as number 3 for minorities. He provided updated statistics on the school’s growth and school’s activities.
    • Dean Rossow reported that the School of Education and Human Development has developed a Cyber Bulling Task Force that will help with understanding and preventing cyber bulling. Dean Rossow will be speaking on cyber bulling in Arizona to their administration and in Vancouver to an international group. He is also assisting VISD on their district policy on cyber bulling.
    • Dean Tart announced the School of Nursing has increased enrollment by 50 over this time last year, 167 currently compared to last year at 117. There are 62 students in the MSN program, 2 in the MSN Bridge, 65 in the RN to BSN program, and 38 in the Second Degree BSN program with a 77% retention rate. For the spring semester, the Second Degree BSN program will admit 60 students. Dean Tart is currently working with 3 community college partners on articulation agreements.

Jaguar Hall Update/LAR–Wayne Beran

Mr. Beran reported that there is a slight dip in our upper level recruiting since most of our recruiting efforts were for the first 200 freshmen and sophomore this year. He reiterated the need to maintain our upper level and graduate students.

Mr. Beran asked Mr. John Ellis, Marketing Director, to share the feedback results concerning how freshmen heard about UHV. Mr. Ellis reported that the top 6 methods applicants identified were: 1) *Word of Mouth–up to 53%, 2) Direct Mail–up to 41%, 3) Recruitment Events–up to 19%, 4) Google Search–up to 21%, 5) Self-initiated Inquiry–up to 17%, and 6) Email Message–up to 11%. (*Word of Mouth, all marketing/recruiting tactics, including PR, influenced this response. Note: Percentages will not equal 100% due to the participant’s ability to select more than one factor.) A marketing survey taken during freshmen orientation showed students main factor for choosing UHV was: 72% wanted to be part of the First 200 freshmen, 69% academic reputation and 69% cost of attending.

Mr. Beran reported at the last Chief Financial Officers meeting that Senator Alden reported that a 7-10% cut is coming to higher education, with a possibility of all Special Items being cut. For UHV that would mean with Special Items a 7-10%, 2.2 million a year; without Special Items, 1.4 million a year cut in funding.

Mr. Beran also discussed upcoming renovations plans. Once Jaguar Hall is ready to accommodate Athletics, the School of Nursing will move in their location in University Center (UC), as well as, add a Patient Simulation Center in UC 101, 102 and 103. Biology faculty will move to the other side of the building to rooms 122 C, D and E. In University West (UW) Financial Aid will move in with Admissions, LEAD will take over the Adjunct Faculty offices on the first floor and 10 feet of the Training office. Research Administration will move into where SoN was located. The SBA dean’s office will be reconfigured. A private area is being developed in the Student Success & Enrollment Management office for Dr. Jesse Aros.

Currently there are 252 beds in Jaguar Hall and next year additional housing will be needed for sophomores. UH System will be building a new UHV dorm, probably next door to the current dorm, that will be open by August 2012. But for the one year gap, Mr. Beran is working with Nancy Garner, of Woolson Real Estate, in getting UHV 160 beds to accommodate sophomores for the upcoming year. This arrangement may require that we subsidize the summer months to ensure the agency does not lose money.

Enrollment & Student Success–Chari Norgard

Ms. Norgard reported that we had our first student issue that involved local law enforcement. A protocol is being established on how to document these cases. The official file will be housed in the Student Affairs’ office. Any police issues will be worked through Genaro Cortez, Safety and Risk Manager, with the official reports being maintained in the Student Affairs office. Student issues will be handled by Lindsey Koch, Director of Student Life and Services. The Student Code of Conduct is also being revised. The new Academic Success Referral system received 498 submissions of mid-term grades; with 405 different students; 49 different faculty; 3-21 semester credit hours (SCH), 15 students were taking between 18-21 SCH (7 students in Arts & Sciences, 4 in Business Administration, and 4 in Education and Human Development); 28 students were graduate or PB. The Academic Success Referral received 507 referrals from 9/12-10/26/10. The majority of the referrals, 271, were received 10/18-10/26/10. The 49 faculty referrals were on 403 different students; 108 freshmen, 44 sophomores, 223 juniors and seniors, 28 graduate and PB students. The referrals covered were 229 failures to complete or turn in assignments, 201 weak performance on quizzes/exams, 53 frequent absences/minimal logins, 16 for poor participation and 6 lack of understanding. Ms. Norgard stated they will be looking into a way to follow these students to check if a successful completion of the course was obtained. To date 175 students have withdrawn from the university, 47 in August, 74 in September and 54 in October. Of the 175 students, 6 were freshmen, 11 sophomores, 63 graduates and 95 were PB or graduate.

Development Report–Mark Zafereo

Mr. Zafereo reported the Advancement office continues work on refining a list of names for Campaign Victoria. A mass mailing will go out to individuals and another mass mailing will be sent to businesses. There are some grant proposals out that we should know about in November in the $10,000-$25,000 range.

Policy Review: C-13, Staff Performance Appraisals–Laura Smith

Ms. Smith provided a recap of the Staff Performance Appraisal policy changes. Minimal changes were made to the policy; the main change was the calendar date of when the appraisals take place. Another item that changed was the option of the employee filling out the “Job Performance Appraisal Form” and bringing it with them to the interview to discuss with their supervisor, is now at the department head’s discretion, as long as it is consistent within the department.

Dean Rossow moved and Dr. Dahlstrom seconded to approve the changes to the Staff Performance Appraisals policy.

Other Item Reports

Ms. Ruschhaupt reported she felt a lot had been gained from the Student Senate officers’ trip to Washington, D.C. There were multiple choices of seminars to attend, and Ms. Ruschhaupt said she attended various meetings on women’s leadership. One other seminar she mentioned that she felt was going to be helpful was on the development of different types of committees. The Student Senate is working on reestablishing their senate to be like the University of Houston’s. Ms. Ruschhaupt said the Student Senate will be growing in the next couple of years and they are working on getting ready.

Mr. Walyuchow announced November 6th will be the final soccer game of the season and encourage everyone to attend the game and participate in the tailgate party at The Cage. He said the Advocate had a good article on UHV soccer players working with the local Challenger league on learning to play soccer. Last week there were 8 of the Challenger league players at practice and this week there were over 30. The Challenger league kids will play at the November 6th men’s half time and the adults will play following the men’s game.

Dr. Devick-Fry reported she and Dr. Sardessai attended the University Faculties Executive Council (UFEC) meeting. Dr. Devick-Fry responded when asked that she is chairing the System’s UFEC this year. The next UHV Faculty Senate meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 5th.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton