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9:30 a.m., Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meeting Minutes



Members Present:  Barr, Beran, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hudson, Mundy, Norgard, Ruschhaupt, Rossow, Schnebly, Tart, Zafereo, Walyuchow


Members Absent: Dahlstrom, LaBrecque, Niroomand, Rice, L. Smith


I.  Organizational Business


 --Mr. Ferguson moved and Mr. Walyuchow seconded to approve the minutes of July 14, 2010 as presented. 


 Motion Carried Unanimously


II. Business


Dr. Hudson said he would be traveling to Austin today to attend various meetings and to discuss legislative appropriations requests.


III. Roundtable Discussions


Mr. Ferguson reported the single account/single password for PeopleSoft should be ready by the end of August.  When asked about where we were on wiring for Jaguar Hall he responded the conduit would be installed under Highway 59 in the next couple of days, then the cable would be pulled the following week.  The dorm rooms will have direct network access and the building will be wired for Wi-Fi.  On questioned about Cinco Ranch access, he replied that the campus is not yet connected with fiber.  The local fiber company is still working on getting fiber service to the area, but has provided  microwave equipment to give them high speed connectivity until the fiber is complete. 


Mr. Zafereo reported he and his staff members are currently working on FY 2011 fundraising plans.  He is also working on the legislative planning process. 


Mr. Walyuchow stated the soccer field is 2 weeks ahead of schedule but with the current rain, it may slow us back down.  He responded to a question concerning the field’s size by saying it would be 60 feet from sideline to sidewalk and an 8 foot fence would be along the highway side.  If needed later on, netting would be added.  As announced at the last meeting, Whitney Stromgren, the women’s golf coach, had resigned an ad would be posted today for the position.  Brian Williamson, the men’s golf coach, has agreed to help out until a replacement is found.  Mr. Walyuchow passed out the men’s and women’s soccer schedule for the upcoming season.  Paul Ebner created the FY 2010 baseball and softball record books that Mr. Walyuchow also shared with cabinet members.   


Dean Di Leo said enrollment for the School of Arts & Sciences is up by 15% for upper division with 107 freshmen students. Sophomore students are harder to determine but it looks like they are currently at 119.  He expressed congratulations to Dr. Siva Somasundaram for receiving funding of $17,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, for his cancer research.  He announced the UHV/ABR Reading Series for Fall 2010:  September 2, John Dufresne; September 23, Diana Lopez; October 21, Amelia Gray; November 4, Ann Weisgarber; and December 2, E. Ethelbert Miller.  Dean Di Leo and Dr. Tom Williams were interviewed by KEDT/KVRT public radio station about the American Book Review’s “bad books” issue and what makes a book good or bad.


Ms. Ruschhaupt mentioned the press release on how Student Senate members have been volunteering their time.  She announced there will be a Texas Student Association meeting on Saturday, July 31. Student Senate members continue their volunteering efforts by helping KIDZconnection and Stuff the Bus.  Ms. Ruschhaupt expressed the Student Senate officer’s appreciation for the needed funding to allow all the senate officers to attend the September Washington, D.C. conference. 


Ms. Barr reported on results of a brief poll held at the last Staff Council meeting on whether UHV should have a non-smoking campus or not.  Results:  Sugar Land said the 12 foot rule is working for them and that Wharton County has to be considered, Cinco Ranch felt if UHV had a different policy from Houston that it may not be doable at their campus, and the Victoria staff present at the meeting thought the designated area away from the entrance was enough. She provided a recap of items the Staff Council had accomplished this year.  Election results for FY 2011:  Chair, Miles Harrison; Vice-Chair, Lawrence Nelson; Secretary, Jamie Lincke; At-large Representatives, Matt Alexander; Emily Seale; Rosie McClusker and Angela Cowan. She closed by announcing this would be her last meeting as Staff Council Chair and that Miles Harrison would join President’s Cabinet at the next meeting.


Dr. Hudson thanked Ms. Barr for her leadership and service to UHV and noted that the Staff Council had accomplished a lot this year.


Dr. Schnebly reported she sent an e-mail to "All Faculty" asking for feedback about a ban on smoking. Twenty or so faculty members did respond to her email concerning the topic. Of the twenty, about one third were concerned that smokers should not be made to feel as if they are second-class citizens and that a place should be a designated that would allow people a location to smoke on campus. Two thirds of the respondents were in favor of banning smoking on campus. There will be a Faculty Senate meeting on August 27th.  Dr. Jane Fry will take over as President of the Faculty Senate after August 15th.


Dr. Hudson said he would talk to other presidents about how the smoking issue is being handled on their campuses.  He also said we will continue to take input on this item.


Ms. Mundy stated she has been working on FY 2011 funding initiatives and talking to the deans about their needs.  Currently we are at 156% of our fundraising goal for FY 2010.  She announced a $6,000 gift from Albert and Mary Dick that hopefully can be used for incoming Victoria freshmen.  The golf scholarship luncheon has been scheduled for September 9th where the teams will have lunch with donors and students.  UHV has had a request for a host family for a China student.  Ms. Mundy will be compiling a list of host families.  Local nonprofit agencies have called requesting Student Senate members to speak at meetings and/or possibly having a student serve on their board.  She mentioned there is 2+2 funding available for students but they must fill out the 2+2 agreement form to qualify for these funds. 


Mr. Beran briefly covered UHV’s Legislative Appropriation Requests (LARs)—continuation of funding for Nursing, Small Business Development Center, regional outreach, asking for the 5% cut ($1.3 million) back, downward expansion funding for the next 2 years and Tuition Revenue Bonds for a new building.  He reiterated about not taking fellow employees to lunch because it is now a System policy.  Discussed various issues concerning the Jaguar Hall—mold removal, air in the room must match the outside air (66 rooms have been released so far); traffic survey for possible alternate entry off Ben Wilson and where to move sophomores next year if we need the space.  Mr. Beran is working on the Coordinating Board’s Space Usage Efficiency (SUE) report.  SUE scores show how efficient a university is using the classrooms and labs.  The SUE score is critical as this system drives the classroom space.  UHV needs to be more efficient in room assignments so changes will take place this fall and faculty members will no longer be able to request classrooms. 


Dean Rossow reported the Texas A&M Kingsville Ed.D. in Educational Leadership partnership is moving onto the next level.  He shared a copy of the degree plan for this degree.  A&M Kingsville will send their faculty to Victoria so students would not have to go to Kingsville for classes.  UHV faculty would teach the specialty courses and possibly later on teach the core courses.  This partnership will provide experience for UHV.  Students graduating from this partnership would receive an Ed.D. from Texas A&M Kingsville, but UHV would get the semester credit hours.  Dean Rossow stated he feels there is a demand for this degree in Victoria.   


Ms. Norgard said Trudy Wortham would be sending out an email today with the current enrollment figures.  She reported to date we have received 1,419 freshmen applications, of which 546 have been accepted and 107 have enrolled.  The firm list consisted of 363 freshmen and sophomores.  So far, UHV has received 162 housing applications of those133 have paid deposits.  Ms. Norgard noted that 42 athletes still need to turn in paperwork.  She reported they are expecting a huge crowd at tomorrow’s orientation—60 students with guests, possibly 180 attendees.  August 19th is the planned move-in date for the dorm but as routinely happens a contingency plan is being developed.  Ms. Norgard briefly discussed leasing a van to use for shuttling students back and forth, although the LEAD van is still a possibility.  She also stated that student workers can be used as shuttle drivers.  In talking about the UHV bicycle pool, some bicycles will be on campus and some will be at the dorm for to/from usage—helmets will be required. 


Dean Tart announced the School of Nursing (SoN) has hired Kathleen (Kay) Reeve as the new Johnson Endowed Chair for Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP).  Dr. Reeve comes from the UT Health Science Center in Houston.  Dean Tart has been working with Lone Star Community College for a RN to BSN program articulation agreement.  The SoN will have a faculty meeting on August 17th at the Cinco Ranch campus.  Dean Tart asked for furniture for the public areas for the UHV students and visitors on the 3rd floor at the Sugar Land campus. 

Dr. Hudson reminded cabinet members to be aware of the costs of memberships.  Last year UHV spent $67,000 and currently the cost is at $70,000.  He asked they review a report that will be distributed and work on cutting cost for next year. 


Meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.

Submitted:  Kathy Walton