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President's Office

9:30 a.m., Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Barr, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Hudson, Mundy, Niroomand, Norgard, Ruschhaupt, Rice, Rossow, Schnebly, L. Smith, Tart, Zafereo

Members Absent: Beran, LaBrecque

Guest: Alexandra (Zandy) Baker

I. Organizational Business

-- The minutes of April 28, 2010 were approved as circulated.
Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

Laura Smith requested the minutes reflect that Maria Garcia, Human Resources Assistant, did not resign as she previously reported in the April 28th cabinet minutes.

Dr. Hudson –

  • Welcomed Mark Zafereo, the new Senior Director of University Advancement and Paige Ruschhaupt, the new Student Senate President to cabinet;
  • Reported the Board of Regents retreat used a united agenda consisting of report cards, master enrollment plans and each university had a short presentation;
  • Announced UHV’s budget was approved by the board, along with the raises (there will be a 2.5% raise pool and the process will probably require a short turnaround);
  • Stated the Crossroads Commission on Education met yesterday to draft up their final recommendation
    • --Thanked Dr. Olga Chapa for serving on the Crossroad Commission committee,
    • --Told the cabinet the final report of the commission will go to Representative Geanie Morrison and where it goes after that is unknown;
  • Requested Wayne Beran put together a PowerPoint presentation on space issues;
  • Reminded everyone that UHV has measures in place for approval of travel, taking people out to lunch and membership dues (check all membership dues carefully and articulate very clearly the value to the university) ;
  • Discussed UHV’s only vacant lot, where the stakes are out front, and the plans for a new soccer field, hopefully to be completed by opening season
    • --Announced Soccer Coach Adrian Rigby spoke at Rotary where he said we should have a robust season;
  • Reported the entrance to campus will change;
  • Announced Ash Walyuchow will be joining cabinet; and
  • Stated Jaguar Hall is on schedule and will be ready for freshmen students.

III. Roundtable Discussions

Dean Tart reported there were 75 participants at the Nursing Forum. She also reported 5 outstanding nursing students were recognized at the Houston Chronicle nursing luncheon; one of those was a UHV student. Dean Tart noted a lot of good ideas are coming from the alumni meals. The School of Nursing (SoN) received $30,000 from the Hamill Foundation for the Sugar Land campus. The SoN is in process of hiring the M. G. & Lillie A. Johnson Foundation Endowed Chair for Doctorate of Nursing Practice program (DNP). The school has plans to have a proposal to Academic Council this year for the DNP program.

Ms. L. Smith announced Susan Nester, UHV’s compensation consultant, will be on campus July 15th to speak to Staff Council members on the market study. Since it has been several years since Ms. Nester visited the UHV campus she will also be asked to speak at a managers/ supervisors meeting that afternoon; watch for email announcement.

Ms. Norgard reported the summer enrollment for 10 week and 5 week at 2,150 with the semester credit hours at 13,649 (this does not include spring 8 week); noting we are up over this time last year. There were 161 students zapped, 72 of those have already re-registered. Ms. Norgard reported that PeopleSoft (PS) academic advising process is starting and that staff from each school will be participating in order to have the training necessary for degree plans to be entered into PS by the go live date of September 13th. Admission and Records will be posting transfer credit--going back several years. Ms. Norgard said this is a huge undertaking but the university will benefit in the end. Her report on downward expansion: 1,250 freshmen applications, of which 424 have been accepted–263 Arts & Sciences, 102 Business Administration and 59 Education & Human Development. The “firm list” consists of 240, 41 are athletes, 39 sophomores and the rest freshmen. To date there have been 117 housing applications with 27 having paid deposits. There are 195 sophomore applications with 81 accepted. She reported the calling effort continues and looks for another peek of the application process now that schools have closed and students have graduated. Ms. Norgard closed by saying the biggest thing coming down the pike is Freshmen Orientation.

Dean Rossow announced the School of Education & Human Development’s Summer Symposium 2010 is directed to the new virtual push in education and he expects 100s from across the state to attend. UHV is a state leader in virtual literacy. The new chair of Teacher Literacy is Dr. Jill Fox. The Access to Success program, provided by the Greater Texas Foundation, has been turned over to the Math/Science educators to take greater advantage of the Math and Science boost for teacher aides. Dean Rossow said he had attended a VISD council meeting on bullying. Middle school teachers will be taking training in bullying prevention. The School of Psychology presented at yesterday’s meeting on the legal aspects of bullying and at the next meeting Dean Rossow will present.

Dean Niroomand reported Dr. Jifu Wang, Associate Professor and Department Chair, will be leaving UHV. Dr. Massoud Metghalchi, Professor, is stepping down after eight years of service as Department Chair and will be on Faculty Development leave during fall 2010 to conduct research. Dr. Ron Sardessai is appointed as the Interim Associate Dean for the next academic year. Dean Niroomand reported that the summer enrollment for the School of Business Administration (SBA) has increased by about 6.4% while the number of sections offered is reduced by about 10%. SBA’s last summer teaching budget has been cut by 20 % by offering 4-6 fewer sections while satisfying a larger number of students at both the graduate and undergraduate level. A new Faculty Development and Evaluation Plan (FDEP) was developed and voted on by the faculty. It was passed by a vote of 21-6-1.

Dr. Schnebly announced the senate and school elections have been completed. As of August 15th, Dr. Jane Fry will take over as President of the Faculty Senate and Dr. Ron Sardessai will assume the role of Vice President.

Dr. Dahlstrom mentioned the service agreement for the Sugar Land branch library is complete. Dr. Dahlstrom also expressed thanks to John Ellis and his staff for the Victoria Advocate ads publicizing the Korean War Conference that will be hosted by the Library on June 24-26.

Ms. Barr briefed cabinet members on:

  • Yesterday’s USSEC Staff Council meeting had to be rescheduled due to it being the first class day; next meeting is scheduled for July 8th ;
  • Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch campuses will now have At Large board members serving on the executive board for UHV Staff Council;
  • The Staff Council will be selling raffle “donation” tickets for $1 or 6 for $5 to win a 6-month “reserved for only you” parking space–two spaces will be given away, both staff and faculty may purchase a ticket. The funding raised will be used for Staff Council events and expenses;
  • There will be another Staff Council food drive for the Golden Crescent Food Bank on July 19th and 30th. Teams will be broken out in seven groups made of the four schools, Ms. Norgard’s department, Mr. Beran’s department, and Dr. Hudson’s department. The winning team will receive a brick in their name. The special item and contest will be for bottled water with the prize being a “traveling” pink flamingo. Both groups will get a staff council ice cream party;
  • Staff Council elections will be held July 1st through July 8th; nominations are being taken until June 24th. New officers will take over in August;
  • The next USSEC meeting is scheduled for July 8th and Staff Council meeting July 15th(Susan Nester, compensation consultant will speak); new USSEC officers will take over in September;
  • The Rock Port Sea Fair is scheduled for October and requested UHV provide an emcee at the chef’s table demonstration tent; and
  • SBDC will host the Southwest Texas Regional SBDC Director’s meeting on July 15th and 16th –about 25-30 people.

Ms. Mundy provided a quick update on Campaign Victoria noting we were up to $244,000. She read sample comments from donors. Comments are online at the Campaign Victoria site ( Ms. Mundy passed out a handout that showed UHV’s outright gifts at $741,656, pledges are $179,050 with a total new commitment of $920,706. UHV’s FY 09-10 goal was $600,000, making us 153.45% of our goal raised year-to-date.

Dr. Hudson thanked everyone for his or her leadership in UHV’s fund raising participation. He said we have raised our goal every year; this is an extraordinary group achievement.

Ms. Ruschhaupt reported the Student Senate is in transition. Senate members will be working on a fund raising event during the summer and will be involved in orientation.

Dean Di Leo stated the School of Arts & Science faculty members were limited to 2 courses this summer. He told cabinet members he was proud of the Arts & Sciences faculty that by limiting the number of courses the school was able to significantly reduce expenses. Dean Di Leo reported the Provost Council met and approved the first reading of the BFA in Creative Writing but the bachelor's program in Spanish did not make the first reading. The Provost Council liked the proposal but required 2 Ph.D. faculty members be hired before they will approve the program. The school searches are winding down and they are geared toward 200 students. Most of the classes will be between 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with a few afternoon and evening classes. The American Book Review is working on their fall schedule and will also be working with the Junior League, Trinity Episcopal and Bronte Club. Dean Di Leo reminded everyone of the week of music with the Victoria Bach Festival, June 8th –12th, and encouraged everyone to attend.

Dr. Rice thanked everyone for their cooperation in dealing with the commencement time change due to the severe weather Victoria experienced the morning of commencement.

Mr. Zafereo said he was in the process of analyzing what his responsibilities are and working with Amy and Robin. He is excited to be here.

Mr. Ferguson acknowledged the significant email problems UHV has been having, believes the problems have been fixed and the causes of the problems taken care of. There are still a few issues on the student side. He reiterated that UHV IT will never ask for your email password and recommended that you never, ever, give your password to anyone. The IT Department was successful in migrating students’ Blackboard access to the UHV email account/password (students now have only 2 passwords instead of 3). He stated students need to use their UHV email accounts.

Dr. Hudson concluded the meeting by thanking everyone that attended the awards reception and he expressed his appreciation for everyone’s patience concerning commencement.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

Submitted: Kathy Walton