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President's Office

9:30 a.m., Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Meeting Minutes

Present: Barr, Beran, Di Leo, Garino, Hudson, LaBrecque, Niroomand, Rice, Rossow, Schnebly, L. Smith, Tart

Absent: Dahlstrom, Ferguson, Norgard

OUA Representative: Mundy

I. Organizational Business

Dr. Tart moved and Ms. Smith seconded to approve the minutes of March 24, 2010 as presented.

Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business

2010 Summer Flex Schedule – Laura Smith

Ms. Smith shared a copy of the proposed 2010 Summer Flex Schedule Guidelines. This is UHV's 6th year to participate in a summer flex program. This year's summer flex schedule will begin Wednesday, May 19th and end Tuesday, August 3rd to coincide with bi-weekly payroll and to ensure all offices are covered on Fridays in August. Ms. Smith reiterated that the schedule is not an entitlement, but rather a privilege that can be granted by supervisors if unit workload obligations can be met. Those employees who deviate from the summer flex schedule will be required to submit an approved alternate Work Schedule Request form. As in the past, the following offices will maintain the standard 8 hour day schedule, Monday through Friday—President's office, University Switchboard and the Information Technology Help Desk. There may be additional offices that opt to continue their standard 8 hour work schedules.

Ms. Smith made a motion and the motion carried unanimously to approve the 2010 Summer Flex Schedule.

"New to UHV Videos"

Dr. Hudson asked John Ellis to assist by pulling up the "New to UHV Videos" now on the UHV website. These videos are interviews of some of the students that visited UHV at the first Jag Open House.

University of Houston Furlough Program 2010

There was a brief discussion concerning UH's cost-saving measure that will be implemented on furloughs and how/if it will impact anything UHV has going with UHSSL or UHSCR. Under UH's program all full-time and part-time faculty and staff will be required to take a one day of leave without pay during the fiscal year 2010. Employees with an annualized salary of less than $30,000, H-1B Visa holders and 100% grant-sponsored employees are exempt from the furlough program. Dr. Hudson stated UHV is not planning any furloughs unless mandated to do so.

Athletic Programs

Dr. Hudson asked cabinet to remind their employees to support our athletics programs by attending games, congratulating our teams and coaches and participating in Jaguar Fridays.

III. Roundtable

Ms. Norgard's report, in her absence, was presented by Dr. LaBrecque. As of 4/13/10, 286 freshmen have been accepted with 896 applicants received — 600 of those applicants have been contacted for assistance in completing the application process. Currently there are 48 prospective students and 160 guests that have responded they will be attending the April 17th Jag Day. On April 27th there are 271 high school students from Madison High School coming to UHV for tours. There are potential visits being planned by Scarborough and Beeville High Schools. Ms. Norgard requested all deans and advisors be available all day the 2 weeks prior to the Fall semester and the 2 weeks after.

Dr. LaBrecque reported that at the budget hearing in Houston last week, UHV had to tell the regents where there would be short falls in our budget if required to make a 10% cut in the university's budget. There is also a possible 2% budget cut planned for the fall. She indicated there might be some belt tightening required.

Dean Tart reported the School of Nursing will host their first Hands of Caring ceremony on April 17th to welcome Second Degree BSN students to UHV. Besides a tour of the facility, guests will get to know faculty and staff, and be invited to a UHV ballgame. The Pinning Ceremony will be at 11:30 a.m., on May 15th, following the commencement ceremony. Victoria will see their first ever MSN students to graduate and the Pinning Ceremony's guest speaker will be the Chief of Nurses at Citizen's Hospital.

Ms. Smith said Nancy Penry sent out an email on SkillPort eLearning and that informational workshops will be forthcoming. UHV has had SkillPort eLearning in the past, but due to cost discontinued the service. UH has purchased the licenses and has invited all campuses to use this service. Ms. Smith reported that Dr. Damodaran is using a book for one of his classes off of SkillPort.

Dean Rossow reported that he has been speaking with various colleges on the Adult and Higher Education program. Dr. Thomas Cox has visited with Wharton College and they have expressed an interest in a number of their faculty pursuing degrees. Dr. Cox is putting in a number of new courses for freshmen and several of these courses have been approved by the Curriculum Committee and will be included in the Education field. New with the Adult and Higher Education courses is the inclusion of hands on with SureBet serving as mentors. The School of Education and Humanities continues to study the feasibility of a doctoral option; noting a warm reception with Texas A&M Kingsville. Dean Rossow announced the school is working on a DN3.

Dean Niroomand reported he will be attending the 2010 AACSB International Conference and Annual Meeting April 17-21 in Anaheim, CA where UHV will be recognized for the maintenance of accreditation. Dean Niroomand congratulated Dr. Joseph Ben Ur on winning the service award.

Dr. Schnebly announced that due to not having a quorum, the Faculty Senate had to abort this past Friday’s meeting, and will try to meet again this Friday.

Ms. Barr reported the USSEC met with all campuses represented. A decision was made to meet more often so the constitution will need to be changed. She announced the Survey for Day Care has been sent out with a deadline of April 19th. So far there have been 148 responses to the survey but she would like to see at least a 50% return.

Mr. Beran reported on Jaguar Hall. He stated Dr. Hudson, Dr. LaBrecque and he met with Dr. Carlucci concerning this project. Bids are going forward on the roof, sprinkler system and dorm room remodeling. The roofer is scheduled to start around April 26th. He also announced some bids are coming in lower than expected. Mr. Beran said he is scheduled to meet with the Senior Director of Facilities for American Campus Community (ACC) this week at the dorm site. ACC will meet with students at Saturday's Jag Day. The start-up budget for American Campus Community has been cleared and everything is moving along.

Dr. Hudson said UHV is looking at additional parking behind Jaguar Hall.

Ms. Mundy reported that because of the overwhelming support of the community, the university has surpassed this year's fundraising goals. She reported that fundraising letters for Campaign Victoria support were sent out to the community and dates are being set for students to make follow up phone calls. A detailed report will be given next month for Campaign Victoria. Ms. Mundy highlighted the article by Jan Scott on the UHV China Program in the latest Victoria in Motion magazine.

Mr. Garino announced he had passed his board and is now working at DeTar Hospital and received congratulations from the cabinet members. He reported the Student Senate had worked the last Jag Day and would be working the upcoming Jag Day as well. They will also be assisting with the 271 student tours on April 27th. He reported next semester they will return to having Senate members assigned to work specific hours in the Student Senate office.

Dr. Rice reported she and Dr. Thomas Cox met with Gaye Lynn Scott, Dean of the Social and Behavioral Sciences at Austin Community College and Ms. Scott is interested in doing a workshop intro to the Adult/Higher Education program. She also said Lone Star College has some faculty members that need more master's level hours in their discipline in order to be prepared for SACS. Dr. Rice attended the Texas Women in Higher Education Conference where Dr. LaBrecque presented a panel discussion. She announced the guest speaker for the Spring 2010 Commencement will be State Representative Geanie Morrison. There will be a minor change to the commencement procedures; names will not be placed on the seats for faculty members and administration unless they have a speaking role. There will be a live feed at The Victoria College Allied Health building for those that have health reasons cannot sit outside for the commencement ceremony.

Dean Di Leo announced Dr. Richard Gunasekera had received the award for outstanding researcher. Dr. Gunasekera is working with Nancy Penry on the summer DNA camp. Dean Di Leo encouraged everyone to attend the 25th De Leon Symposium on April 24th. The School of Arts and Sciences will host their Spring Fling on Friday at 5:00 p.m. Centro Victoria continues to participate in events around the state. The last speaker of the Spring 2010 Reading Series will be Bret Johnston on April 22. Dean Di Leo announced that David Felts creates all the wonderful ABR posters.

Dr. Hudson thanked Dr. Macarena Hernandez for speaking at Rotary. He reported UHV will again ask for Special Item Funding for Nursing, LEAD and Centro Victoria. He stated SBDC is sometimes funded by Special Item Funding and we will ask again. Crossroads Commission continues to meet and their plan and vision is extremely powerful for this university. The Board of Regents' meeting will be held at UHV on May18th. Dr. Hudson reminded everyone to be sure to vote for Cuero as America Coolest Smallest Town at

John Ellis said to watch for a press release on the Jaguar Pledge.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m.
Submitted by: Kathy Walton