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9:30 a.m., Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meeting Minutes


Present:  Barr, Dahlstrom, Di Leo, Ferguson, Garino, Hudson, LaBrecque, Niroomand, Norgard, Rice, Rossow, Schnebly, L. Smith, Tart


Absent:  Beran


OUA Representative:  Cadle


Guest:  Val Walden


I.  Organizational Business


-- The minutes of January 24, 2010 were approved as circulated.    
Motion Carried Unanimously

II. Business


Proposed Travel Reimbursement Procedures – Val Walden


UHV Comptroller Val Walden addressed cabinet about a more efficient process in handling local funded travel.  She noted state rules will not allow UHV to make changes but in an effort to eliminate the need for so many manual signatures, two new travel forms were proposed for use with local funding reimbursements.  The Travel Expense Report form will now include a Mileage Reporting form and will only require one signature in place of the former forms requiring two signatures.  If the traveler is seeking only a mileage reimbursement then the new Mileage Only Reporting form will be used.  In both cases the Voucher will still have to be prepared but will not require the traveler’s signature, eliminating another signature.  Also, supervisor approval will now be accomplished through electronic workflow, eliminating the need for the supervisor's manual signature on the reimbursement forms.  Ms. Walden reminded everyone that a Yahoo map can be used in place of the odometer reading on the Mileage Only Reporting form. 


III. Roundtable Discussions


Dr. Hudson provided a Jaguar Hall update in Mr. Beran’s absence.  UHV will be outsourcing the basic management to contractors.  City Council approved installing a sidewalk at Jaguar Hall to the corner of Ben Wilson and Business 59.  They also approved pedestrian traffic light buttons at Ben Wilson/Business 59 and Ben Wilson/Red River Street.  He announced the budget committee has finished its work so budgets will be returned to the departments shortly.  Just under a 3% raise pool is included pending Board approval.


Dr. LaBrecque reported the 5th-Year SACS Interim report is ready to be mailed.  She announced UHV has hosted a UHV/VC retreat for deans and academic administrators.   Agenda items discussed included:  ways to cooperate to help students graduate, Memorandum of Understanding for Co-enrollment, partnering on Title V grants, plus new initiatives at UHV for enrolling freshmen.  She announced that VC requested that the Book Store be added to the UHV web-page.  Dr. LaBrecque said this year’s Promotion and Tenure applications have been completed with 4 promotions to professor, 1 award of tenure and 6 promotions to associate professor with tenure.


Dean Tart reported that 4 SoN faculty members had presented at the Parry lecture, Political Realities and Professional Change:  Creating a Mandate for Transformation at the Texas Medical Center.  The nursing dean from Drexel University is consulting with regard to the Health Care Professions and Doctorate of Nursing Practice.  

Events coming up in the SoN—

  • April 17  Hands of Caring Ceremony for students, faculty and parents and will be connected with the April 17th Jaguar ballgame;

  • April 23  Nursing Simulation Workshop in Sugar Land; and

  • May 6-7  Nursing Spring Forum in Victoria with M.D. Anderson on the 7 most common types of cancer in women.


Ms. L. Smith said the Budget Committee has approved the compensation consultant’s recommendations which include reclassifications, title changes only, and classifications to remain the same.  The approximate cost of reclassifications for FY 11 is $35,000.  The appeals will be due by noon on March 22nd.  Ms. Smith reminded cabinet members that once a new position has been awarded it will still have to be reviewed by the consultant before a title or salary is decided upon.  She stressed the need for supervisors to read the Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) before submission to the consultant to be sure it is an accurate description of the position’s duties.


Ms. Norgard provided a handout on freshmen applications by major and a percentage comparison with 1 week ago.  Total applicants as of 3/9/10 were 746, a 6.70% increase over last week.  (The breakdown:  684 freshmen, 62 sophomores.) Admitted freshmen are at 175 and sophomores at 22.  Incomplete applicants 463, 1 denial, 21 are under review and 64 still need to be processed.  Currently UHV has 51 applicants with undeclared major and undeclared school.  Ms. Norgard encouraged deans to develop a plan to help these students.  Over a 1,000 phone calls have been made to all applicants that have been accepted, as well as those with incomplete applications to offer assistance.  Ms. Norgard expressed her appreciation for all the help received and encouraged everyone to respond to emails from Denee Thomas and her.  She expressed the need for more information from the Athletics’ department concerning athletes.  March 27th Jaguar Days update—


  • Postcards have been mailed to all applicants

  • Schedule

    • 1:30 p.m. registration where the applicants will have a chance to talk to schools, admissions,  bursar’s office, and take a tour of the campus

    • 4:00-6:00 p.m. informal social at the Rosebud Stadium tailgate and a chance to visit with faculty and staff (students will be given tickets for food to Support the Friends of Baseball)

    • Depending on the RSVP reviews after Spring Break this event will be scaled back or ramped up if need be

    • Some local downtown business have contacted the university about having gift bags for the students

    • Website:

Dean Rossow reported the School of Education and Human Development has established a literacy task force with the help of the IT department has purchased web cams for all faculty and they are working on purchasing web cams for their students.  The school is working toward becoming a P-16 research center.   The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs (CACREP) have sent their recommendation and Dean Rossow reported all things requested are easily doable.


Dean Niroomand mentioned that five faculty members from the School of Business Administration will serve as the Advisory Committee and will be involved with the TxPEP (Texas Principal Excellence Program) project during the summer. Additionally more faculty members will participate in the development of 10-1 hour Webinars for TxPEP which could also be used for teaching their own classes.  Nine SBA faculty members participated in the Southwest Decision Sciences Institute meeting in Dallas March 2-6, 2010.  He reported that UHV is among the largest MBA programs in Texas with over a thousand MBA students.


Dr. Schnebly reported the meetings she attended at the Texas Council of Faculty Senates had speakers from all over the state.  She indicated that most of the issues addressed were about budgets.  This Friday UFEC will have a meeting and she assumes that budget will be the main agenda item.  Faculty Senate will host a retreat this week at the Northside Center, in El Campo. 


Dean Di Leo announced the Centro Victoria group have been very active and currently are in El Paso today.  Currently the School of Arts & Sciences has a few employment offers out to candidates.  Jake Silverstein, third speaker of the ABR Reading Series, spoke on March 8th to a large noon group and then met with the publishing students before returning to Austin.  The March 25th Reading Series speaker will be Curtis White.


Ms. Barr asked if anyone would like to be the guest speaker at tomorrow’s Staff Council meeting; Ms. Norgard and Ms. Cadle volunteered.  There was a brief discussion about what happens when you Google University of Houston-Victoria on an iPhone. 


Dr. Dahlstrom mentioned the need for publicity/link on our web site for events and the need to keep it up-to-date in a timely manner.


Mr. Garino said the Student Senate would like to have the senate office housed at Jaguar Hall.  When asked if they would be giving up their office on campus he responded by saying yes.  He indicated the need for an ITV conference meeting room at Jaguar Hall but due to cost this will not be available.  Mr. Garino was asked what the Student Senate would like to see at Jaguar Hall and responded by saying a student lounge/game room with a pool table and big screen TV for movie nights.  He announced Student Senate members would be working Jaguar Day.


Ms. Cadle announced UHV had received a letter from CASE that our submission of Most Improved Annual Giving program (One for All – All for One Staff and Faculty) has been selected to receive an award at the CASE IV District Conference on March 29, 2010 in Austin.  Ms. Cadle, as a new member of Leadership Texas Conference, will be attending her first meeting in Dallas, on March 22-24.


Dr. Rice informed cabinet members that Dr. Rick Harrington had spoken at the last PRAB meeting on why some students prefer face-to-face classes and other prefer online classes.  PRAB members were very interested in his research and discussion followed his presentation.  She announced she had been to San Antonio to visit with students in the “Advancement Via Individual Determination” AVID Program which focuses on helping students prepare to attend a four-year university.  The AVID teachers and the students were pleased to know about UHV.  The cost and location make UHV very attractive.


Mr. Ferguson said UH is continuing to move forward with moving their secondary data center to Victoria, which is currently housed in Dallas.  The benefits for UHV will be better backup system for our servers, UH will pay for the redundant backup link for the LEARN network allowing UHV access at no cost, and provide a better working relationship with the UH IT operations staff.  He reiterated the changes required when resetting passwords-at least 8 characters long, alphabetic characters (upper or lowercase), numeric numbers (0-9), special characters, and the password cannot contain the user's name or parts of the name that exceed 2 consecutive characters.  Passwords expire every 90 days.  He reported IT is still working and on track in the development of 1 username and 1 password for all systems.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Submitted by:  Kathy Walton